Monday, November 3, 2014

3 Months!


Annabel Jane May. You are growing way too fast. Can you believe that you are already three-months-old?

Take some time... let it soak in...

What a BIG month for you. 

I feel like this month we are finally moving out of the holy-pajamas-we-just-had-a-baby-and-I'm-so-tired-I-slur-words stage and more in to the wow-you-have-a-personality-and-sleep-8-hours-straight-I-basically-adore-you stage. That change? It's been beautiful. Especially the longer sleep with Mommy back at work. My social networking has been the most ridiculous overload of Annie May presence. 

But come on... 

Wouldn't you instagram the pants off of that cute little face too? 

Annie. We are starting to figure you out a bit and as a result, you are starting to stick pretty consistently to a predictable three times a day nap schedule, 4-hour feeding spaced day. Don't get me wrong, kid. You definitely have your quirks.

Like those dang blankets. You always always always want them covering your entire face. Like all the time. It's so weird. 

Lucky for us, we were ready for it. Seems you have a lot more in common with your big brother than just looks.

Gabriel 2008

We have to trick you into face covered goodness just like we did way back then.

So. What's up this month?

You still love to sleep.


You have some strong opinions about tummy time.

We take them in to consideration. Glance back at your slightly dinted head and veto all your alternative ideas. Tummy time is non-negotiable. So... we strip you naked to your happiest state of existence and sneak it in.

Geez, how you love naked time.

And hats. You seem to like those too.

Naked-sleeping in a monkey hat with a blanket on your face. Your 2nd month in a nutshell.

It's been killer.