Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grand Central Station

It is funny how different your perception of married life is when you first jump into it. And regardless of the successful (or unsuccessful) marriages you may have witnessed, you still plunge right in to it with the tiny notion that yours is going to be nothing less than perfect. No? Just me? Realism and myself never did maintain much of a friendship.

And while 6 years is just a tiny dip into what I intend to be my journey of this married life, it has been long enough for my perception to change. I may have started in a waltz but look down now and it seems that I am mid Bossa Nova. Which is good... because I am all for embracing the Brazilian side of living.

I am now latched on (seems to me the MOST used word EVER these days in my world) to the belief that marriage is not perfect. In fact, it is far from it. I would almost go as far to say that marriage is down right messy at times. Shared living space? Joint checking? Dirty underwear on the bathroom floor... No? Then toss in late night feedings, sick toddlers in your bed (that may or may not greet you with spew), job changes, zip code changes, schedule upgrades, funding downgrades and a green mini van named "Olive" that definitely seems to have a love affair with hidden goldfish. See? Messy. Just when you think that you have a handle on the newest version of now, something in the universe throws you a curveball... a surprise of some sort to kink it a little off kilter. And let me tell you, we have definitely had our share of surprises.

Now don't let me darken your race to the alter because when I say marriage is messy, imperfect, challenging... I am also saying that marriage is real. Real raw emotions. In fact, I think it is the most important real relationship you can have with a person. Your spouse shouldn't be the person you hide your bad hair, bad day, bad attitude from. In fact, ideally--- that should be the person you want to be with the most in all of those situations. At least I do.

So yes, while my marriage has been plunging in a direction I may have no map for and the world sometimes feel a little too chaotic for my liking... I can just take pause and embrace this person right here with me... who happens to be learning the Bossa Nova too.

And that part of marriage? Well, that sure does feel just about perfect.

Here's to the next year of adventure.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Eastery Fun

I am writing this post with a sleeping baby curled up on my chest and really just have to note---this is the BEST feeling ever. Excuse any typos... this is a cuddle as I type sort of post. Annnddd... I might nod off mid post in which I will resume once I wake up. We don't sleep much these days.

Easter this year was very different than the years past. Quite honestly, this was our first big holiday in Austin. With Lucy still so little we opted out of some quality (as in beyond dreadful) driving down I 35 and instead embraced pjs and cinnamon rolls at home. While the pace was a bit perfect for two very sleep deprived parents, we sure did miss our family and the kiddos definitely can't wait to see cousins here in just a few short weeks!

It was exciting to see our out of town friends that have family in Austin because it meant that in addition to visiting their own family for the holiday they also came to love on some Mays. Fifields, Allison and Figgs... we just loved our visits so much!

Our Godson, Jude, was going to join us for pre-eastery celebrations but unfortunately had to miss due to some allergy/cold junk... luckily we still got to spend time with his parents! I know that Lucy is going to love meeting Jude someday soon!

 Saturday afternoon was the perfect chance to color some eggs...

 It seems our kids have become quite the egg finders this year. They were WAY quick to find eggs.
 In the afternoon, we took our lunch to a new park I had been wanting to visit. It was breezy and warm but not too hot--- perfect time to be outside and really nice to have a family date. Why don't all playscapes come with a sun shade? It sure is nice to know that this slide will never reach a MILLION degrees and burn little bottoms. Smart. Smart.
 We give thanks this Easter for so many blessings.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend too!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

An old friend

Breakfast this morning was really exciting. In fact, Molly would probably go on to say that it was the MOST.EXCITING.EVER. Was it the awesome frozen waffles that I popped in the 'Hoster' this morning? While, Gabey was rather smitten with the syrupy delight, I would not deem it worth of most.exciting.ever status.

You see, waffles and Mommy were greatly trumped this morning by the return of an old friend.

Our Henry.
Henry is our elf on the shelf. This past holiday season with Henry was fantastic. Our children loved looking for Henry every morning and often times I would catch them whispering secrets (without touching!!) to Henry when I passed by. We were all a little sad when Henry returned to the North Pole. We knew though that we would see Henry again though because you see... Henry left a promise.

Right next to Santa's cookies was a letter left behind from Henry where he thanked Molly and Gabriel for all the holiday fun. He stated how much he enjoyed watching My little pony and Pinheas and Ferb in the morning. He also told Molly and Gabriel that he would return sometime in April to check in and meet Lucy once she arrived.

And today was that day. Definitely was a BEST.BREAKFAST.EVER. sort of magical morning with Henry. Have I mentioned how much fun it is to have small children?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday was my first day home with our terrific threesome. Lucy decided to challenge me a little and gifted me with a mere 45 minutes of sleep the night before. Thank you, Lucy. Strange enough, I woke up and we had a GREAT first day home with Mommy. Thank you, coffee.

We are FINALLY seeing our old lovable May children again. Molly has rediscovered her listening ears and has returned to the sweet girl that we know and love... with a side of sauciness for good measure.

And Gabriel did not pee in the kitchen, sleep in the wall, sleep under his bed and act out in CRAZY daredevil stunts. He returned to the silly boy that keeps us laughing all day.

And while I know we will continue to have not so wonderful days to come and moments where I feel completely outnumbered--- I will take days like today and savor the joy that it had to offer.

Bunches of joy.

No longer new.

Look who is now two weeks old!!! My goodness, maybe it is the sleep deprivation or perhaps just the constant busy life with our little Mays but---- those two weeks sure did come and go really quickly.

I have to say, Lucy is the PERFECT fit for our little family. Isn't her chubby face the best?!

Lucy had her two week check up today. Our doctor was REALLY impressed with her weight gain. The goal was to regain her birth weight (7lb 15oz) and she was a healthy 8lb 12 oz. Wowzers. Our little lady loves to eat! To give you an idea, Gabriel was 8.6 at his 2 week check up and Molly was 8.1. Lucy continues to be the most mellow little baby ever. It seems the louder the house the deeper she snoozes. She lived in quite the noisy environment for the first 9 months which I am sure has helped. Her bili levels were great and she has been given a clean bill of health! Our pedi is scheduling a ultrasound to check off her hips in 2 weeks based on my history of CHD... but it is felt that her hips are great! So fun to look at her and see little traits of her siblings in her looks and personality. 

Two weeks in and we couldn't be more excited to have Lucy here!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

To sleep or shower.

It is funny to realize the things that you are willing to sacrifice in order to get a few extra minutes of sleep with a newborn. I think that the most defining moment of my day today was when Molly informed me that I stunk. It was a real winning moment and one that I quickly took pity on all our weekend visitors. Thanks for putting up with my stench, friends.

Weekend visitors? Oh yea. Pictures? I promise they are coming in the next few days as my sister was AWESOME and took them so I didn't have to. Remember the whole sacrificing for sleep thing? Picture taking lost that bid.

My mom was here from Monday to Saturday of last week and I have to say that the help/mommy love was AWESOME. Our other weekend visitors included my sister/nieces, brother/girl friend, The Bakers and a few of my awesome Child Life co-workers. Between visitors, phone messages, emails and dinner drop offs from our neighbors/friends ---we feel very loved! I don't know that we will ever be able to adequately express the gratitude we feel!!

And so this next phase officially takes off tomorrow as it is my first day solo with the May brood. I might be in for a rude awakening but I am feeling ready for it... I finally did get in that shower and what a difference that makes!

Pictures from last week to come!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life with Lucy

Well, we are home and finally feeling a little more settled. Rested? Um, not quite but a bunch more settled. The rested part is coming--- eventually.

Life with Lucy home definitely started a little germy. Remember that respiratory virus I had the week before... well, it spread like the bubonic plague. Our first day home and Molly was off to the doctor with day 4 of fever. The next day, was this little man for a respiratory infection that has settled in his chest. And our Lucy lady, well she has become quite the little glow-worm. She has had a doctor appointment for the past 4 days in a row to measure her bili levels. We are so thankful to take this bed home because being away from my other sick Mays would have almost been unbearable... while perhaps a safer option for Lucy.
LOTS of hand washing and some awesome infection control... I have this Lysol wipe (the purple one) that I couldn't imagine life without.
And while all that seemed a little intense, I have to say--- we are well! Molly is fever free, Gabe's chest sounds great and Lucy's levels are headed down. Things are a lot more carefree.
Molly and Gabriel are IN LOVE with their sister. Both however, have been a little annoyed with their parents. Apparently, telling a VERY excited big sister that she can't kiss her new baby sister deems you worthy of public enemy number one status. And Gabriel's regression is really strange and quite a post for another time. I'll just leave you with the fact that we found him in the wall after removing the vent and going for house adventure. Apparently, big brothers are thrill seekers?

To help Molly through the hard first days, we decided that she could help me with Lucy's first bath. I mean, her hands are in soap the entire time, right? MOLLY WAS ECSTATIC. Lucy... well...
She was skeptical but went with it...
And while she wasn't so sure she loved this whole bathing thing, she kept it cool and allowed an opportunity for Molly to have some fun. Such a supportive sister.
With the illness finally out, it meant that we had some time to celebrate a very special birthday girl!!! Best thing about this birthday party was that it was on our street and involved farm animals. We just love our neighbors so much...

This party was the PERFECT distraction for our kids, walking distance and provided this Mommy some MUCH needed down time--- and by downtime, I mean nursing and then taking a shower.

So it is Sunday and we are really looking forward to a great week! Nonnie arrives tomorrow for the week and we can't wait! We have just loved all our visitors. Note, if you visit--- Mays lack personal space and will definitely show you all their "tricks".
Here's to our second (almost) week with Lucy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lucy Ellen May

April 5th has come and gone and look at us now...
"May, party of FIVE, your table is now ready..."

And to think... it all just started with this.
Today, almost 6 years later, my heart is so full of love it could burst. Our complete little family. Now, we just grow in love and life together and embrace the adventures that come our way.

New adventures. Like a Lucy kind-of-love adventure.

Lucy decided to make her beautiful entrance into this world at 5:06 pm, April 5, 2011 weighing in at 7 lb 15 oz and 21 inches long. And she looks JUST like her newborn siblings. Curly hair, puffy face and the spitting image of a smoosh-smoosh named 'guido'. She is perfect and peaceful... and definitely worth the wait.

A little over 8 hours of labor and 2 tiny pushes of waiting...

all in the safe hands of one AWESOME doctor.
Lucy, when you arrived our hearts captured a new level of joy...

Our little lady love.

If I could just live in this moment for always than all would be right with the world.