Friday, April 30, 2010

The big 5!

After almost 13 years of dating and 5 years of marriage I still get butterflies around him...

I'll take it! Happy Anniversary, Kel!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


If my life had a mascot right now--- this might just be it.

and yes, I picked this specific picture for the multi-colored stars. So sue me, I like flair.

In my confessions-of-a-bad-blogger status the truth has to come out--- life has just been a little busy. Okay very busy. But I feel like I have regained balance in some small way and learned some new things along the way.

Let me catch you up on all the important facts.

Fact #1: Rosie George is officially the size of a dog now. She strained a muscle or something running around with her best bud, Abbie, and I had to carry her sad little self to the car. She was SO heavy!

Fact #2: Rosie George might just be the fastest healer ever. Halfway to the vet she was standing on all fours eating the car insurance. Apparently, she was healed and took this joyride as an opportunity to review our collision liability. She must not have liked what she saw.

Fact #3: I have not taken a single picture in over a week. My batteries died and I forgot to buy new ones at the store. And then I was too lazy to go back. Sad.

Fact #4: Gabriel and his buddy, Bennie, might have the cutest little boy friendship ever. It is super precious and I am going to demand that Caroline send me pictures so that I can share them with all of you ---of course. It will melt your heart.

Fact #5: Molly's hair has been doing fantastic things and I just might have my new favorite curly product. Finally.

Fact #6: The Mays have some news.

Big news.

We have decided to step up the crazy in 'crazy may days' and plunge right in to a new direction of living (think towards the s). In June, we will be taking this party south to Austin. Kelly has been offered this great job, I had this incredible one come my direction, our landlords want to sell our house... the timing was just all too perfect and so we have decided to embrace the adventure with optimism and hope knowing full well that we have an incredible place to come home to.

Not going to lie, this week has been tough. It sure does take a bunch of effort to move a family. And telling someone you love that you will no longer be able to hug them on a weekly basis feels about as great as wet blue jeans. Yuck. I wake up with a list in my head and fall asleep to what feels like a buzzing brain. I think I might actually be hearing myself process everything--just wish this didn't take place at 2am. It's been a lot to get ready for. And it hasn't been great... yet. But it's getting there. You see, our plans are out there now... and out here... and so now, we can just prepare for there. And find a way to wrap up all that we love here and carry it along to Austin...

Packing party?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Favorite Park in Dallas

Today the kids and I visited our favorite park in Dallas. I know that this statement alone carries so much weight because let's be honest here, there are some AMAZING parks in Dallas. We visit about 3 a day.

Also included in our top parks are Abbott Park, Caruth Park (Nonnie Park), Lake Highland's Rec Park (Avery's Park), Coffee Park, Merriman Parkway Park (fire truck park) and our most favorite...

You might be a little confused. A hospital? This was supposed to be about a park right?!?!

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital of Dallas is a hospital here focusing specifically on treatment of pediatric orthopedic conditions ... and best of all families can attend FOR FREE. This facility is incredible and as a patient for 16 years of my life, I can't begin to convey the special place it holds in my heart. It is very humbling to know that I can chase my children on the playground because of amazing medical intervention I received through Texas Scottish Rite.

What a playground!

What many don't know is that the playground is actually open to the public (another example of the Mason's community focused charity). It sits throughout the day in all sorts of shades and has BY FAR the best bathrooms I have ever seen at a park. What can I say--- this place feels like home. If you have a chance to check it out... you should!


(And yes, my children DO have a freakish love of statues... these pictures were totally candid.)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Game

Take me out to the

Take me out with the

Buy me some

And Cracker Jack, I don't

If I never get back, Let me

for the home team, If they don't win it's a

For it's
strikes you're

At the old ball game!

Milo's favorite

Mr. Milo Giovanni. The Eeyore of our bunch. My original roommate before all these invaders took over. Is it bad that I am fighting every urge to just list all the things that he does not like--- because it really is a very funny list. But I won't.

Our Milo is such a pretty cat... and OH how he loves being fancy.

Just kidding---He loathes it almost as much as the dog. But how could I resist including this picture?!

Milo really likes to keep it casual. You know nice and easy--- collar free. He spends his day sleeping in every room of the house ALL day long. He leads a tough life. Don't tell him but as he ages he is becoming quite a bit fluffier too... but don't we all?

I think that it would be safe to say that Milo's most favorite is natural lighting. This gato will sprawl out an any form of sunshine he can get... and if his presence can torture the crated dog or involve sprawling on your newly ironed clothing that is just bonus happiness.

He is definitely our most favorite little black (er, grey) raincloud around.

Gabriel's Favorite

I really think that from the minute Gabriel wakes up and well into his sleep there is one item that he must have near him at all times... his "race hat". For about the past 3 weeks, Gabriel has been race hat crazed. It his one apparel of choice at any given hour--- even when it is his ONLY piece of apparel on at the moment.

How did life exist before his race hat?!

At least he won't burn his scalp...

Daddy Favorite

If Handy Manny (yet another Disney reference) had a human counterpart his name just might be, Kelly May. My husband definitely loves all things handy. Between maintaining his P1 status and organizing his freakish collection of drill bits, Kelly can spend hours in his "shop" in complete peace. Not going to lie--- carpenters sure can be sexy.

Here is his recent work in progress (new work table)

When I married my husband I also married his extended family. You know, the Dallas Cowboys, The Ticket, The Dallas Rugby Team and Jere Lehtinen. Kelly is a sports lover. I am told there is nothing quite like a good sports cry--- or perhaps mowing in sport gloves?My husband is a very hands-on-dad. One of my favorite qualities for sure. I really believe that he might have a constant podcast in his head replaying Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Craddle" over and over. Our children want to be just like him... and how can that not be a favorite part of your life?!

If only Kelly could get Molly into yard work as well than I would have a full force yard crew. Not too shabby at all.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Molly's Favorite!

Our Molly girl is a princess nut... certifiably obsessed. The very pulse of her existence is in complete rhythm with twirly dresses and the clickity clack of fancy heels on the floor. She looks for any excuse to use the word fancy in a sentence...even when referencing her brother's ears. FANCY.

Molly's most recent love is Princess Melody. For you non-addicts out there, Melody is Ariel's daughter. You read that right, this ever-evolving princess love apparently runs generations deep. Since her discovery of Princess Melody in The Little Mermaid II, Molly is quite taken with finding treasure. And while yes, the treasure does resemble rocks, shells and weeds from the ground DO NOT BE FOOLED--- it is wonderfully magical and now lives in abundance in my everyday purse. As if I don't have enough to carry around.

You see, Melody is prepared for treasure. She wears a special satchel at all times which Molly loving refers to as a "Melody Bag". Her greatest desire in the ENTIRE world was to have her very own Melody bag... and as of 2 hours ago... she does. Thank you Sam Moon, now I can get the playground out of MY purse.

Definitely a new FAVORITE for our princess Melody

and her treasure hunting ways...
Her "puppy?!" approves too...

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Favorite

Tonight was my favorite. Well, I guess it might just suffice to say that spring is my favorite---especially a spring night like tonight where the air feels so refreshing and the barren world around me is almost spontaneously wrapped up in green. The sun stays awake longer and I can watch my children play outside, while having a glass of wine and laugh with my very best friend.

Um, yes please.

Throw in the fact that I actually created an incredible, EDIBLE, healthy dinner (Pesto Salmon!!!) that EVERYONE in my house devoured while dining on the back patio just makes the evening that much more a favorite.
Seriously, folks’ not a dismal task here--- have you seen my scars? To actually taste my improvement is contained bliss!

I mean, how can quality dinner conversation with this crazy group not make you smile?

My perfect "dessert round one" is to go on a family walk (ahem, with quality paper cup wine …) and just breathe a little outside. Apparently, twilight is when all the neighborhood cats come out to say hello as well… perhaps Rosie’s favorite moment to the day too. Of course "dessert round two" is actual dessert that will totally negate healthy dinner/post dinner walking--- but well worth the added calories. Besides, favorite Julie nights do NOT involve anything mathematical… like calorie counting or limits on wine and such.

More nights like tonight, please.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rosie's Favorite

So, I am going to change it up a little here on the good ole' blog and have separate posts about current favs of the members of our family because quite frankly, it is nice to have these memories to reference.

First of all, a definite family favorite is our sweet, Rosie George. What can I say... there just aren't enough posts about our Rosie girl and she is such a quirky dog that there really could be a million posts.

I know everyone loves their dogs (or at least they should) but we really do think that Rosie is the BEST dog for us. Yes, she is a CRAZY, untrained dog that prefers to be held like a baby (cute at 9 lbs but HEAVY at over 40) but she is ours and we love her! She has a freakish love of kid socks, her stuffed monkey that she sleeps with and Kleenex. She can never have enough Kleenex in her diet. She thinks that the cat really wants to play even though his body language says otherwise--- Rosie just won't settle for NO. She often sits on the picnic table to upset the squirrels.

Her real favorites are fluffy spots like the couch and Molly's bed. We are really working on it because let's face it--- she is a couch HOG and leaves us no room. So thus, Rosie has been booted off it for good. She apparently was too dainty for the floor so now she has a new favorite---

Her "pillow"...

This is what she does after Gabriel says, "Rosie! On your pillow!!!"
And then she gives you this look...

Sweetest dog ever. Well, except the days she runs off with all the socks :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

One Hoppin' Holiday!

This Easter was hoppin' for sure and yet, it really felt like we were moving at our own speed. My kind of holiday for sure. Especially when there is a 2 hour nap squished right in the middle of it all.

Easter morning started a little early but we still managed to make it to church early. Mom, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!?! We were actually the first in the cry room. We were quickly joined by a million people including Jack and our new friends Peyton and Mallory!

So question here. About how much longer can I manage to have my children in matching clothes? I mean, seriously... it is sooo stinkin' cute! I really think if I had two girls I could get away with it a little longer. I don't know that Gabriel is going to put it up with it forever. SO sadly I will probably have to stop by the time they are teenagers.

I kid I kid.

I'll stop when they are tweens :)

"Seriously Mom. I have some trucks to play with."

Gabe quickly remembered his love of chocolate bunnies.

and then promptly went into a food coma.

Molly was too distracted with her Melody Barbie for some candy... she is in complete Heaven. No way the bunny could forget what she wanted... she told him at the mall and then repeatedly told us EVERY day for the past MONTH.

This is the first holiday ever in the history of my marriage that I am in more pictures than Kelly. Feels a little strange.

We had a yummy breakfast at Nonnie's house in which Molly preceded to empty all the puzzle pieces and flash cards in the closet. Poor Nonnie spent the morning in a Molly sized mess. (and unlike her actual size, it was a HUGE one!)

After we trashed the inside we took to the outdoors! True Easter love right here.

This Easter was also part birthday celebration of a Haji, Aubrey and a Valda. I mean why wouldn't you add a little cake to a sugar infested day?! Makes sense to me. After all, we had some great resting options post sugar high...

and awesome snuggle buddies...

Both of our kiddos were really into the hunt this year. Molly's ballet lessons really served her well.

All Haji wanted for his special day was for the kids to enjoy an Easter egg hunt. Does this not tell you how incredible a grandfather he is?! Haji explained to the kids all about Cascarones...

Molly was initially nervous about breaking them on Uncle Jeff's head...

so she settled for her easy go-to target. The sitting duck.
Confetti was EVERYWHERE. What a day of celebrations! Now, if only the weekend could have lasted one more day...