Thursday, April 29, 2010


If my life had a mascot right now--- this might just be it.

and yes, I picked this specific picture for the multi-colored stars. So sue me, I like flair.

In my confessions-of-a-bad-blogger status the truth has to come out--- life has just been a little busy. Okay very busy. But I feel like I have regained balance in some small way and learned some new things along the way.

Let me catch you up on all the important facts.

Fact #1: Rosie George is officially the size of a dog now. She strained a muscle or something running around with her best bud, Abbie, and I had to carry her sad little self to the car. She was SO heavy!

Fact #2: Rosie George might just be the fastest healer ever. Halfway to the vet she was standing on all fours eating the car insurance. Apparently, she was healed and took this joyride as an opportunity to review our collision liability. She must not have liked what she saw.

Fact #3: I have not taken a single picture in over a week. My batteries died and I forgot to buy new ones at the store. And then I was too lazy to go back. Sad.

Fact #4: Gabriel and his buddy, Bennie, might have the cutest little boy friendship ever. It is super precious and I am going to demand that Caroline send me pictures so that I can share them with all of you ---of course. It will melt your heart.

Fact #5: Molly's hair has been doing fantastic things and I just might have my new favorite curly product. Finally.

Fact #6: The Mays have some news.

Big news.

We have decided to step up the crazy in 'crazy may days' and plunge right in to a new direction of living (think towards the s). In June, we will be taking this party south to Austin. Kelly has been offered this great job, I had this incredible one come my direction, our landlords want to sell our house... the timing was just all too perfect and so we have decided to embrace the adventure with optimism and hope knowing full well that we have an incredible place to come home to.

Not going to lie, this week has been tough. It sure does take a bunch of effort to move a family. And telling someone you love that you will no longer be able to hug them on a weekly basis feels about as great as wet blue jeans. Yuck. I wake up with a list in my head and fall asleep to what feels like a buzzing brain. I think I might actually be hearing myself process everything--just wish this didn't take place at 2am. It's been a lot to get ready for. And it hasn't been great... yet. But it's getting there. You see, our plans are out there now... and out here... and so now, we can just prepare for there. And find a way to wrap up all that we love here and carry it along to Austin...

Packing party?

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AllisonDickson said...

Even though I knew...this one made me a cry a little.