Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Future Friars?

I don't know if I ever referenced how much I loved high school. Well, I loved it. There. It has been said. Throughout my four years as a fighting friar (yes, I said friar. And quit laughing. It was fierce) I made some amazing friendships. So you can guess how excited I was to meet up with some good ole' friars for a playdate today!

Amazing to not see these girls for 10+ years and then meet up now with our own small families. Such a good looking group!!! The true miracle is that they all sat still for 2 seconds...amazing what you will do for a fruit snack!

Such a fun date! Molly can't wait for the newest little girl to make her grand appearance early September---or maybe late August? She is ready to take on all these boys!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I dropped my camera on a mountain in Arkansas and it tragically cracked my view screen (yet another reason for a new camera, no?). As a result of this, I never know what the pictures look like when I take them...always a huge element of surprise. It is okay though, luckily I really like surprises.

Today was a very outdoorsy, very Austiny sort of day. We rode some trains, ate some snow cones, played in Barton Springs and drove home in our underwear. That was all before 2pm. It was quite nice. Some parts of Austin were lucky enough to receive a quick little afternoon soaker. Apparently, there was a sunny spot in the cloud right over our house. Sorry yard, maybe next time.

Because it rained the temps were even that much cooler when we visited the Sunday Symphony tonight at the Long Center with our awesome neighbors. This place was great and even better, FREE! Every Sunday (or at least several summer Sundays) the Austin symphony comes out and plays on the lawn while you eat your dinner or in Molly's case practice your sweet moves. Each week features a different section of the symphony. It is very Dallas Arboretum- esque. You know how we feel about that place. It was wonderful and we will definitely be going back.

My favorite part was how groovy all the patrons were and luckily had no problems with kids dancing... or in Gabe's case rushing the stage and dancing ON other children. Oye.

How cool are these floors?!
Molly and Gabriel had soooo much fun with their buddies, Bella and Noah.

Summer nights, yes. Hot summer days??? hmmm...

Mad Science

It is funny how life can move full circle without you even realizing it. Even crazier is how much time can go by when you are busy starting your own little family.

This weekend was our first official birthday party in Austin. Our good friends have a son that is just three weeks older than Molly. He is the most sweet natured, wonderful little boy... would make the PERFECT boyfriend down the road (just sayin'). Molly and Colton hadn't seen each other in years. In fact, this was their last visit. Colton stole a kiss and then Molly returned back to Dallas. (How cute are these two. btw???)

And look at them today. I am BLOWN away at how quick we got to this age. It seems just a bit ago that we were in the above picture, not 3 years later. wow.
Colton had a very awesome Mad Science party which has Molly science crazed right now. She goes every where with her magnifying glass talking all about experiments and lightening. It is all very high tech.
Happy Birthday, Colton! We are so excited to have much smaller gaps between visits now!

Cousin Fun

Wow, so much to catch up on! Since we have been back from vacation land, things have seemed busy. At least it is the good kind of busy.

I think that one of my favorite things about moving is that now it feels like people choose to come visit us. Maybe they are just trying to visit this awesome city too but we will steal time with them for whatever their reasons... we don't care. I think it would be PERFECT if we could have a healthy little dose of Dallas on a daily basis as well... that one might take some work though.

This past week, our Florida cousins (technically, our kiddos' second cousins) were in the Austin area for a little visit. We LOVED the time we spent with them and can't wait for them to come back. Our kids had a great chance to get close with their cousins on the recent trip to Arkansas...

And this trip they just picked up where they left off...
Have I mentioned before how much we love the Austin Children's Museum? Great way to beat the heat...
and build a fantastic robot (that now sadly lives in pieces on our washing machine)

Such a great crew!

The real test of a quality visit is Molly. Our gal can become quite moody with extended stays... you can tell life is going well when you go as far to trade your favorite swimsuit with your cousin just so you can wear her bikini... such silly girls!!!

Olivia and Cece, we miss you!!! Too bad we can't trap you in Austin forever.

Can't wait for our next visit!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Waterloo Ice House

Well, it is official now. We live in Austin. No more vacations or lengthy jaunts to other states... time to make a nice little life for us here. I have to tell you, I am a bit excited. I was rather happy to depart with my suitcase and wish it a nice month in the closet.

So, now that we live here, we are back to exploring and finding new favorites about this great city we call home. A "new" great find for us is Waterloo on 360. Now, I am going to be honest here. Nothing really significant about the food. Burgers, beer, you know the norm. For you Dallasites out there it will most likely become our new Ozonas...which we ate at far too often. Waterloo might have one upped Ozonas though in our book... which I never thought possible.

You see this, my friend? This is bliss.

Sit at your table. Drink you frosty beverage and watch your children play.
All the while soaking up the great view...

And what almost feels like a date with your best friend.
Waterloo. We will be back.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Picture

Behold. This is the best picture I have ever taken of my two children. Not kidding. It was wonderful. Last day at the beach, a candid moment where they sat on the shoreline and gave each other a little hug. It was wonderful. And I actually captured it on film.

It was a bit sunny. I forgot to look at it. I couldn't wait to show Kelly.

Apparently, I am told that there is something about humidity and the lens... sad town.

At least I have the memory right?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting wiser.

It is very nice to report that today has been much better. I decided to wise up a little and revert back to a constant truth that Kelly and I have learned in our few years of parenting... kids make the new schedule. By this I do not mean that our children dictate the adventures and events we seek but rather they more affect the manor and speed in which we do it. I wanted to keep up this trip and do things in a speed that perhaps was a little too late or a little too much for my duo. I am learning.

So tonight, when everyone left at 7:00 to head out to putt-putt (which is SO fun), the Mays did not participate. We instead ran to go and pick up a few souvenirs and come home for ice cream and a little bit of Disney. Life felt GREAT and still special for the kids. Now it is 9:15 and they are still not back. MAN did I make a right choice. Gabriel with a golf putter in hand at this hour would be like giving a weapon to a loony. Whew.

Tonight Gabriel and Molly drank out of their new cups where Gabe told me he really liked his "coffee". Good thing he can't read or he would see that his cup really reads Gabrielle with two scratched out letters. Hey, it works.

Tomorrow is last day at the beach. Too bad I can't transport this beach to Texas and just live there. That would be nice.

The Dinner

I had full intentions of posting last night but quite honestly, I just needed a brain break. The morning started off great but by the end of the night we were more than done. It was a really good beach day and an even better pool afternoon. We have learned that if we dig a big hole in the ground at the beach the kids will play in it for a long time. Yesterday the said hole was a doghouse, a barbie palace and at one point a 4 star restaurant... (but if you want my opinion I would have ranked it 3 stars... it was a little dirty.)

Last night was our first night to go to dinner. I love restaurants. My children love restaurants. In fact, we sorta look for every opportunity to frequent them... just not last night. On a night that I definitely needed to bring my A game, I felt like I was struggling to muster up even a B. In the world of child vs. parent, they won a round. While the food was great, we were crammed...and it was a bit sweltering? We'll go with that. This restaurant uses the ocean breeze as air conditioning...awesome concept except when you are in the windowless corner. With 14 people.

I did get my first picture on this trip with the kids. Not the best but I will take it. See world... I was there too. (It is hard to see but Gabey has spikes in his hair... and they are WAY cute.)

By dessert it was an all out war. Gabe's final wail sent us out early for the door... and it was so loud I opted for the side door. It was bad and not a pretty moment for the Mays. And all I wanted in this moment was my husband. I wanted to get in the car and laugh to each other in order to keep sanity, or perhaps cry together. I was embarrassed and tired and felt a bit alone.
So I reached out.
I think it is always a great idea to have one best friend that is like you in this world of parenting. Someone you can call at your cracking point, have them not answer their phone, stalk their husband's phone so they do answer, immediately start talking/crying (forgetting to ask if you were interrupting their life) and have them say all the right words. I love you, Tiffany... so much. And I felt better. And the kids were nicer. Funny how those go hand-in-hand.
It was a not so pretty moment of the Mays but we are over it now. I had a nice long bubble bath with wine and my ipod last night and felt REALLY recharged. The kids slept in until 8 his morning and we are all snuggled watching toy story in bed. I think it might be a better day and if not... at least I have Tiffany on speed dial and a GREAT husband to make me laugh (even if it is over the phone).
I mean really, there is no stress that a good day at the beach can't cure.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ariel, is that you?

Man, we are diggin' beach world these days. Easy, breezy winds with the occasional threat of storms on beautiful white sand. Happy town.

Today was a great beach day.

That's right ladies...single and local now... and he reads too :)

I think that the most important thing to note today was that we did in fact embark on the GREAT hunt tonight for our beloved friends, the mermaids. And while the magical beings were elusive to our quest for them and kept scarce... it was still fun. And we did find some "tracks". I will say this...kids screaming and laughing is wonderfully muffled by the ocean noise. If only I could transport that sound to home... my neighbors might thank me. It was bliss.
Hunting mermaids is the best. They were ready.

We might have gone a little too far and pushed the hunt a little to long. Molly might have retaliated and whacked her brother in the head with the flashlight. There might have been some scolding...followed by some tears... and it might have been a VERY easy to sleep night for the kids. It was still fun and know SO much more for next time's hunt.

Uncle Nick just arrived! Off to visit!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shells, Sand and Tarballs

Today was a REAL beach day. We are starting to get it down now. A good deal of the day was spent with making castles today. Or sea shell looking. Or staring at the Hazmat team that randomly arrives, sets up camp, walks around looking for teensy sea shell shaped tarballs that are hard to locate. It was a good day.

Gabriel had big plans for sand castle building...well, I think he likes to handle the demolition part. He was going over his terms with Papa and agreed to save the demolition for the end of day... for our castle at least.

Major castle building.

I don't know that I had mentioned it on the ole' blog here but Gabriel has been having some issues with adjusting to the transitions in our life right now. It is a bit sad to see him get upset so easily, throw outrageous tantrums and be a little hard to handle at times.... all in part to the constant on-the-go traveling lifestyle we have been living for the past month. Missing his Daddy now doesn't seem to help either. It comes in waves. Unfortunately, yesterday felt like high tide here at the beach. But today, I started to see a glimpse of my sweet little boy again. I needed it.
Molly and Meggie have been learning all sorts of great things about the beach. Today they learned about currents.

After a full day at the beach we escaped to the outdoor mall to play. It was nice to just sit and watch the kids become exhausted... all while drinking fresh squeezed lemonade. Yum.

Shaved Ice after a long day at the beach? Um, yes please!

Can't wait for our adventures tomorrow when we go looking for "mermaids".

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Beach Bums

We have arrived in Beach land. We have learned that driving through the day with small children is not nearly as glamorous as driving through the night. Personally, I prefer the latter. Multiple potty stops and one major CODE brown vs. quiet adult conversation with occasional serenading of one Ingrid Michaelson... um, really...is there a decision here?

I will say, I LOVED visiting with my brother, Jake in the car who is now officially home from the Navy FOREVER. Whoohoo.

We love our new place which Gabey calls, "Meggie's house".

Cute cute cute beach bums.
Hard play on the beach means great LOOONNNGGG naps right?

Perhaps... but nap or not...we are the beach bums for sure.