Sunday, July 25, 2010


I dropped my camera on a mountain in Arkansas and it tragically cracked my view screen (yet another reason for a new camera, no?). As a result of this, I never know what the pictures look like when I take them...always a huge element of surprise. It is okay though, luckily I really like surprises.

Today was a very outdoorsy, very Austiny sort of day. We rode some trains, ate some snow cones, played in Barton Springs and drove home in our underwear. That was all before 2pm. It was quite nice. Some parts of Austin were lucky enough to receive a quick little afternoon soaker. Apparently, there was a sunny spot in the cloud right over our house. Sorry yard, maybe next time.

Because it rained the temps were even that much cooler when we visited the Sunday Symphony tonight at the Long Center with our awesome neighbors. This place was great and even better, FREE! Every Sunday (or at least several summer Sundays) the Austin symphony comes out and plays on the lawn while you eat your dinner or in Molly's case practice your sweet moves. Each week features a different section of the symphony. It is very Dallas Arboretum- esque. You know how we feel about that place. It was wonderful and we will definitely be going back.

My favorite part was how groovy all the patrons were and luckily had no problems with kids dancing... or in Gabe's case rushing the stage and dancing ON other children. Oye.

How cool are these floors?!
Molly and Gabriel had soooo much fun with their buddies, Bella and Noah.

Summer nights, yes. Hot summer days??? hmmm...

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