Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas---the traveling tour with the fabulous four

Whew, what a week! Tonight is our first night home and I have to say we couldn't have picked a better night to be home. It is yuuuuccckkkyyy outside! brr. This snow is slushy... nothing compared to what we woke up to on Christmas morning...

But that wasn't the only wonderful thing we woke up too! Santa made a stop by good ole' Solta Drive and May children were ecstatic! Here's a look at the loot...

and the best gift of all... one very special, very cuddly, Rosie George.

But I am totally getting ahead of myself. Let's back this up a little.
Christmas Eve. It was COLD, SNOWY and BUSY. This was snow unlike any I had ever seen before. It was so windy outside that the snow swirled around your entire body. It was like standing in the very center of a snow globe. I loved every second of it.
We were all dressed up for mass. We typically go to Mass with all my siblings and take up an entire row. This year, they went to a different church and we stayed at St. Patrick's so Molly could see all her little school friends. I have to say it was a little odd to be such a small family at Christmas Mass but the service was still really nice--- and we looked cute too!

Then it was off to Granny's. The roads were well on their way to ICY so we took it nice and slow. So worth the venture out in cold weather though... because everyone knows how funny it is at Granny's...

Then it was home for star presents (pajamas). Gabe loved his present and we thought it was funny how they matched our hideous couch. Gabriel definitely appreciated the matching print. Molly, not so much.

It is so fun to have traditions with our own little family.

Then we were off.
Tour de Christmas.
Four houses in one day. Before you go thinking that we are oober popular and all ---don't. We're not. We just have a very LARGE family. See, we could have made our own Four Christmases movie and it probably would have been much funnier than the actual one. That's right--- total movie diss.

Christmas x 4... off we go!

we might have seen some after-effects of the sugar later into the night...
but it was worth it to spend Christmas with so many people we love!

Friday, December 25, 2009




Rosie George, you have captured our hearts!
Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Today Kelly and I took Molly to see her first movie at the theater--- we saw "The Princess and the Frog". I LOVED IT. Can I please tell you that perhaps I was looking more forward to this movie than Molly. I just love me some Disney!

Here is my quick review on the movie: I LOVED how they have everything in New Orleans--- because as anyone who has been to New Orleans knows, this means that it is filled with great music (heavy jazz), some fantastic colors and those really fun accents... Seriously, GEAUX see it!

From a Mommy perspective, the villain is pretty stinkin' scary. Molly did great (as you will see...) but I think some of the villain subtext went a little over her head. She would have liked to see Tiana in a princess dress for a little more of the movie but she still laughed through the whole thing. You know--- cold and rainy in Dallas tomorrow... perfect day for a movie. Just perhaps when you go to see it you should decide to go to a movie theater that does not reside in a mall. We might have lost cool points for that and definitely added a little intensity to parking. We'll learn.

Molly was really in love with the ticket guy who was VERY excited that this was Molly's first movie.
She has been soooo pumped up about her OWN popcorn and "white coke" (Sprite) all week! I think that it tasted just as good as she imagined it would...
About halfway through the movie she perhaps got a tiny bit restless and settled for snugglebugging the rest of the movie--- no complaints here!
We give this movie TWO thumbs up!!!
Can I please take a moment to boast about my wonderful husband who was truly excited to go spend the day with his favorite girls watching a princess movie... such a great man---especially, since he laughed harder than we did :)
Seriously, go see it--- and don't feel embarrassed if you cry because only the really cool people cry at Disney movies...right?!?!?

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Graduate!

So who's the biggest weenie when it comes to graduations --- oh that's right, it's me!

Not kidding here. I am a SUCKER for graduations. This weekend we celebrated my sister's graduation from TWU. I might have cried about 4 times. I remember tearing up at the good ole Pomp and Circumstance, again when my sister crossed the stage (it was a given), then when the PhD grads crossed (I mean, what an achievement!) and the shamefully through the TWU Alma mater. I know. Lame on the last one... that's right, just the last one. I am a feeler, folks.

And this weekend I felt soooo proud of my big sister!

Because as my good friend, Walt Disney, put it "All our dreams can come true...if we have the courage to pursue them". I couldn't agree more...

So special to have all my sibs together for this! The timing was perfect for Jake's leave...

then it was time to party it up at Nonnie's! We had some great entertainment.

from 4 silly...
cute, little hams.
Happy Graduation, Katy!!! We are soooo proud of you!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok, everyone thinks that their kid is cute---at least at moments. This just might be the cutest Gabey song ever. He does this all day long! I am sure in about a week it get SO old but for now it makes me smile every time! Enjoy!

*don't forget to pause my music on the side...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decorating the tree

To reach true Christmas tree splendor involves a very detailed process. A recipe for success perhaps? We find the perfect concoction is two parts music and one part dancing with an added sprinkle of Christmas cheer. Blend it together and you have a beautimous Christmas sight to see.

Gabriel was definitely full of some cheer...
Oooh and of course there is the great warm-up. One must gear up for the music and dancing part- you don't want to pull a muscle or anything. SERIOUS BUSINESS HERE. And yes, our little hippo hero might have had her own little reprise...

Christmas trees very much like the duo approach...
with a little re-placement for good measure

throw in a little solo action
and one shiny star
and viola! One mighty tree indeed!
And this picture was of course followed by lights off, hot chocolate in hand with two very excited carolers... The countdown to Christmas is here and we are definitely soaking up the Christmas cheer!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello, Goodbye...

What a busy weekend! This weekend was really fun because we had a nice long visit with my godson, Jude and Aunt Balissa. It is a bit sad that we often go soooo long without seeing each other. At least it takes such little time to catch right back up--- I guess to be expected when you live with someone for three years... a bit easy to fall in the groove of living together again. We can't believe how big our little guy is now!!!

Molly couldn't get enough of hands on time with Jude...

And Gabe, well it took a little while. He is definitely in this was fun territorial stage right now. So they initially played around each other. Our two teething boys just munching away on some matchbox cars.
I mean, seriously, how cute is this guy? Well, both guys :)

Jude weathered all sorts of fun. He visited Santa at the Mall, ate some chick-fila and even managed to hit up happy hour--- all in one day. Such the life of the party!

Aunt Balissa was in town for a FRG conference in Dallas. I am amazed at how many incredible programs they have in place to support the families of deployed soldiers. They have the really cute solider dolls for the children where you can put your soldier's picture in the face. Molly and Gabriel were so happy to have their very own uncle chris doll too!

Uncle Chris really lived it up all over Dallas...
The weather was a little disgusting but we still made some time for fun!
So fun to say hello to our favorite Army wives!!! We have missed you!!!

This weekend was also a time for us to say goodbye to a very special family that we just love so much! Our dear friends, the Bakers, are about to embark on a new life in Tennessee. While we couldn't be happier for their new adventures, for selfish reasons we do wish they were staying in Dallas just a while longer...

I guess we will just have to send really big hugs from Texas...
It is amazing to me to see what started as just two young married couples transform into two fantastic families. We love you Bakers and know that you will be such a gift to the youth in Tennessee.
Now who's up for a road trip?!