Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decorating the tree

To reach true Christmas tree splendor involves a very detailed process. A recipe for success perhaps? We find the perfect concoction is two parts music and one part dancing with an added sprinkle of Christmas cheer. Blend it together and you have a beautimous Christmas sight to see.

Gabriel was definitely full of some cheer...
Oooh and of course there is the great warm-up. One must gear up for the music and dancing part- you don't want to pull a muscle or anything. SERIOUS BUSINESS HERE. And yes, our little hippo hero might have had her own little reprise...

Christmas trees very much like the duo approach...
with a little re-placement for good measure

throw in a little solo action
and one shiny star
and viola! One mighty tree indeed!
And this picture was of course followed by lights off, hot chocolate in hand with two very excited carolers... The countdown to Christmas is here and we are definitely soaking up the Christmas cheer!

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redflower62 said...

What a beautiful family. I am ever so grateful that you are Jude's godparents and friends w/Chris & Melissa.

Merry Christmas,