Sunday, May 31, 2009

For the love of a bagel...

I always like to think about random questions that help me evaluate my priorities. For example: the whole would you die for someone you love, etc. (which I would completely do without question by the way…)

There are a lot more fun ones though that I like to contemplate too. Like ‘if you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would you eat’ or the one about ‘if people could describe you in one word what would it be’. I love to throw these outs when we are interviewing potential child life candidates… I somehow always manage to think about these ‘fun’ little questions when I am driving…

you might want to take note and remember that if you are driving next to me on the road it might be in your best interest to move… I apparently am not very focused on driving…

or am I just REALLY confident in my driving ability? I guess that is another question to ponder… while driving…eek.

This weekend I have been working at the hospital a lot to gear up for our big beach trip (more to come on that later!). I have bunches to get done before we leave for a week so the weekend is a great opportunity to knock it all out. Earlier today I was enjoying my lovely Einstein’s bagel…a staple when I was working full time… now--- just a luxury. I was at the last bite when it jumped out of my hands and rolled somewhere in the abyss that lives below my desk.

No biggie right… just the last bite? Then the question forms…

Would you risk crossing socially acceptable boundaries, dive below the desk, perhaps contract some horrible germy disease… all for the love of a bagel?

Apparently, I will. Because let me assure you that I did a couple sideways glances down the cubes and shamelessly crawled on all fours under the desk looking for my last taste of beloved bagel. And I found it…wedged between the trash can and a box of file folders…

30 second rule? Sounds good to me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Next Steps

I am continuously amazed at the amount of change that can occur in one year. I guess because the past two years were pretty packed with adding to our family I just assumed that by not having children we would finally have a tiny taste of stagnation.

Silly me.

I now realize that it is perhaps not the addition of offspring that keeps life hopping but rather the continuous life events in our age bracket. After all… we are still in our 20s. It seems that we are fully immersed in the world of weddings, babies, friends moving, bunches of showers, etc… and loving every minute of it for that matter. It is fun to celebrate the next milestone--- especially if it is for someone that you love so much.

Kid world is a land that we really don’t venture to that often…which I now realize is quickly approaching as Molly starts Pre-K this August…(gulp) So many of my friends are either just starting out as parents or right on the edge of kid world…like us. Kid world is a whole different kind of busy. Baseball practice, boy scouts, ballet, school nights, making lunches in advance, no nap time and much later bedtimes all live in kid world. I still can’t quite grasp how life can really exist without nap time? Kid world sure looks exciting but MAN ---I feel a little tired just thinking about it. Kid world is full of discovery and stacked with celebrations. Like tonight…

Tonight was my niece, Makenzie’s kindergarten graduation. Can I please just tell you how much I love this celebration? I mean what is not to love about a bunch of small toothless children with giant personalities and graduation caps? What a great way to further support a love of learning and success at such a key age!

This is what that level of happiness looks like…

This has been a big graduation year for our family (big and small). Unfortunately, we have not been able to attend all graduations but are SO proud of the huge accomplishments of those we love taking their “next step”.

I stop and wonder how many other grown-ups would have experienced heightened success in their ‘next steps’ had they been given such a supportive and strong start? Perhaps this is my new favorite discovery of parenthood. It really feels wonderful to go through each of my milestones with success but this is nothing compared to the joy of celebrating my children through each of their new accomplishments. How amazing is it that part of my role as a mom is to celebrate my kids? Talk about hitting the “mother” load of celebrations… so while my next step is moving forward it is nice that forward includes the return to the excitement of toddler milestones… can’t wait to see what joys kid world will bring too. Tonight was an exciting preview. At this rate it will be here in no time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Crashers

I decided this weekend that wedding crasher is perhaps my dream job. Think about it... for the limited work there are some really great perks.
For example... to crash a wedding means that you get to soak in all the surroundings of the event...

attempt new looks... like sunburning just one ear...
weddings are about as happy as holding a special baby for the first time...
at a wedding you have the opportunity to sit at fantastic tables...
with incredible views...
next to your favorite people...
i mean seriously favorite people that should live much closer than they do...
you get to pose around centerpieces...
or sometimes behind them... and travel in style.A wedding is a perfect opportunity to look all pretty for pictures...
and then eat guitar cake
To crash a wedding this fun would mean that you get free props...huge varieties of alcohol

and the chance to play with that order.

Oh...and spending some time with your beautiful friend on the happiest day of her life is just a little added bonus too.
See... doesn't the life of a wedding crasher sound glorious?

I can see it now...

Soooo funny.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Great Escape

This past weekend Kelly and I made the great escape to South Texas for wedding extravaganza! What an amazing weekend! I can't think of anything better then sleeping on the beach, lounging by the pool with my favorite people and being treated like royalty throughout the fantastic wedding affair. Vacation? Yes, please. The wedding will have it's very own post soon!
This was the first time that Kelly and I left together for a couple days without the kiddos. I was initially nervous however that was quickly replaced with excitement. It is always so nice to know that your children are in safe hands and are taking a much needed break from Mommy and Daddy... our jokes get old. :)
I spent so much time preparing for our trip and talking to Molly about life at Nonnie's that I thought I had covered all my bases. Apparently, I had forgotten one very important member of the family.
(pardon the demonic eyes...)

Last night was Milo's most intense love fest ever. Anywhere we were sitting he HAD to be. He even purred when Gabriel sat on him. Late in the evening I looked over at our clean stack of laundry to see Milo atop Mount Beach Towel... purring and pretending that he too enjoyed a trip to the beach.

While the weekend was a blast it is GREAT to be home and feels a little nice to have been missed...well, by the cat at least.

More to come!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Princess Park

Our arboretum membership just might be my favorite thing about life in Dallas. I love that place. Open parks for the kids to run, roll down the giant hill, dance to bands, picnics ---- you understand. I love it.

My children love the arboretum also but it seems for totally different reasons. We always try to go as much as we can during Mayfest and Dallas Blooms mainly for the Mommy and Me days. On these days there is a petting zoo, kindermusik, free face painter and art activities. I am sad that there are only a few left. We will miss it. I always thought that the fun activities were what drew my children to the arboretum. Apparently, I was wrong.

It is the princesses.

This one is named "Belle" and she is BEAUTIFUL. I felt like we were on a mad princess hunt throughout the park trying to locate as many as we could. Molly stopped a couple of the girls to take a picture with them. Who knew that the Dallas Arboretum was our very own Disney World?

The only way that I can now lure Molly to the car is to convince her that there might be princesses in the parking lot. Shameful I know but it works. And lo and behold, yesterday there actually was one in the parking lot. Whew! Am I lucky or what?

So if you want to go to where all the princesses live I fully recommend that you go to Princess park, er--- The Dallas Arboretum. You just might have some royal fun!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aloha Myriah and Adam!

I have been saying that all this rain we have been getting is going to produce something tropical.

Well, today it did!

One of my best friends from college sent us a Hawaii love package today in the mail. She is stationed for a little longer in Hawaii with her husband Adam. Today was the best fun mail we have perhaps EVER received! It made our day...

Packages are the best! Check out their adorable new outfits!!!

*** Myrah, I was BLOWN away at how well you guessed Gabe's size! Molly's skirt is perfect with shorts underneath...apparently, Jasmine panties don't give her enough fluff.

Such a hula dancer.
I think Molly might still be sleeping with her "beautiful flower hair"
And Gabe---well all I can say is he is a boy that loves some accessories.
I mean who doesn't really. There is nothing better than a LEI to cover your Buddha belly.
Gabriel just might have a new tropical girl friend named Myriah. Watch out Adam, he is sending your wife his flirty smile...
Molly was SO in LOVE with her new book "Goodnight Hawaii". SO cute!!! I never even knew these books existed. Apparently, they have a Goodnight Moon World Series... so cool!
And yes, I might have tried to scarf all these magical chocolate treasures. Myriah, don't you know I have a dress to fit into next weekend?! These things are AMAZING!
*** pardon my tired look... it was a tiring day.
I would have taken a picture of Kelly but he was too busy clutching the Hawaiian coffee to even smile for the camera!
Mahalo Myriah and Adam! You are such incredible friends!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a work out!

You know you have really had a good work out when you obtain some quality sweat...

Who knew that surviving (like a champ) the stress of the gym's kid zone would cause so much sweat?

Oh wait. That's because it doesn't make you that sweaty. It seems that a certain rotund tot in the family decided that it is WAY more fun to dump Mommy's full water bottle out in the car seat then to drink it. Way to abandon your original motive Gabe---I can see it clearly worked out for you---and the mildew-growing car seat.

The realization of misdoings afoot was really the best part. Molly in a very calm and collected voice (with perhaps a hint of glee) explained quite casually that "the water is all gone."

I responded to her that "Gabe must have been really thirsty" (still haven't looked back).

Her response again very calm and VERY simple... "No, he's just wet."

Insert Car BREAKS, a grab at the water bottle and a Gabriel with his feeling's hurt and you have our ride home.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gabe's weekend

by Gabriel Joseph May.
This just might have been my most favorite weekend ever. Let me tell you all about it. You listening?
Here...let me adjust the camera. That better? Now on to my weekend featuring yours truly.

We went to Taste of Addison this weekend and just like last year I loved it! I mean really --- whats not to love? I had great food with Daddy. Mommy got him mid chew... that is a good one Mommy.

I got some great LOVE time with my favorite City Manager. One day he is going to let me in to the club of kings too... just like Daddy.

My Mommy and Daddy accidentally missed the news last night and so we were poorly dressed for the cool front that blew through during the festivities. Luckily some nice babe loaned me her pink jacket. I know that you MIGHT be thinking that I was a little embarrassed to wear pink. Are you kidding me? This jacket was like a chick magnet... babes like pink. Check out the hot blond lovin' on me here... just don't tell the man above that I am in love because while he is the best city manager ever...he is also her dad. We look good together though don't you think? I am pretty certain she loves me too.

These guys were cracking me up all night. I have NO idea who they are but I really wanted to be a part of their fun. I tried to wrestle with them and even sat on their blue blanket (pre-human roll-up). I want to be just like them when I grow up.

The rain managed to hold out till the very end. I rocked out to Bowling for Soup and strolled the Midway. Molly was really excited that she rode this flying elephant all by herself. I missed most of this because I was sort of dozing a little. It's tiring being me.

I woke up this morning to another celebration. Sheesh...I am just too busy these days. Today was all about loving on my Mommy. I am okay with that though...I tend to love on her everyday. Daddy celebrated with one of my Mommy's favorites! TROLLEY RIDES!

Apparently, it is a Daddy favorite too.

There are so many great trees to look at outside the Trolley window and no CAR SEAT to keep me from dancing.

My sister just might be the biggest trolley nut EVER.

I really love sunglasses. Mommy and Molly seem to get a little miffed though when I suck on their beloved eye wear. What's the big deal?

We then went to Grandmas but I was too busy having fun to take any pictures. I did have a nice luxurious bath tonight though. Daddy put bubbles in it! WHOO HOO! My mommy is treating herself to a bubble bath tonight too.

And if all of my friends love their mommies as much as I love mine I bet they had great weekends too.
I'll have to catch up with them on the playground this week!
Well time to is WAY past my bedtime!
Happy Mommy Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Royal Banquet

One can never be certain when royalty might be stopping by. Fortunately, our royal guests settle for barbecue chicken and carrots served on princess plates...

Eating a royal dinner in your fancy robe and precious jewelry (yes, major props to HEB here for their quality product) is just so funny.

Well that and the resident frog prince. He is pretty funny too.
Such a royal a banquet... with apparently too many pictures.

Is your weekend full of fancy feasting too?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Typical Monday

You know it was really a very typical Monday. A little laundry, some time at the park, and a really nice visit with some good friends...

Sir Elton

And El Gato Fabuloso

Happy start to the week

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A sister

Oh, life with a sister… so much to look forward to. Sisters are bossy and LOUD, steal your toys when nobody is looking and make you wear all their dress up clothes too. Sisters demand that you push baby strollers with them but don’t even think about touching the pretty purple one--- yours is the broken pink one. A sister will cover your head in bows and then get mad at you for entering their room. They expect you to protect them, stay away and often times take a beating all in the same day. Playing with a sister means that you get to play with the ugliest My little pony and have the downgraded Cinderella princess cell phone sans camera. Forget about wearing the heels…at most, you get a hat---an ugly one at best. The household potty seat is pink with princesses on it and you could hum “A whole new world” in your sleep---all because of your sister. She steals your dump truck and then tells you that you can hold a rock while she pushes it around---which is mildly entertaining to you but not quite the same as a dump truck. Life with a sister can be a handful…

But when you are the most patient, best dressed, most desired man on the dance floor…

You will be glad that you had a sister to lead the way.