Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a work out!

You know you have really had a good work out when you obtain some quality sweat...

Who knew that surviving (like a champ) the stress of the gym's kid zone would cause so much sweat?

Oh wait. That's because it doesn't make you that sweaty. It seems that a certain rotund tot in the family decided that it is WAY more fun to dump Mommy's full water bottle out in the car seat then to drink it. Way to abandon your original motive Gabe---I can see it clearly worked out for you---and the mildew-growing car seat.

The realization of misdoings afoot was really the best part. Molly in a very calm and collected voice (with perhaps a hint of glee) explained quite casually that "the water is all gone."

I responded to her that "Gabe must have been really thirsty" (still haven't looked back).

Her response again very calm and VERY simple... "No, he's just wet."

Insert Car BREAKS, a grab at the water bottle and a Gabriel with his feeling's hurt and you have our ride home.

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Max said...

Wow! That's all I can think to say! And that picture is priceless! :) Sorry about the car seat! hahaha!