Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Princess Park

Our arboretum membership just might be my favorite thing about life in Dallas. I love that place. Open parks for the kids to run, roll down the giant hill, dance to bands, picnics ---- you understand. I love it.

My children love the arboretum also but it seems for totally different reasons. We always try to go as much as we can during Mayfest and Dallas Blooms mainly for the Mommy and Me days. On these days there is a petting zoo, kindermusik, free face painter and art activities. I am sad that there are only a few left. We will miss it. I always thought that the fun activities were what drew my children to the arboretum. Apparently, I was wrong.

It is the princesses.

This one is named "Belle" and she is BEAUTIFUL. I felt like we were on a mad princess hunt throughout the park trying to locate as many as we could. Molly stopped a couple of the girls to take a picture with them. Who knew that the Dallas Arboretum was our very own Disney World?

The only way that I can now lure Molly to the car is to convince her that there might be princesses in the parking lot. Shameful I know but it works. And lo and behold, yesterday there actually was one in the parking lot. Whew! Am I lucky or what?

So if you want to go to where all the princesses live I fully recommend that you go to Princess park, er--- The Dallas Arboretum. You just might have some royal fun!

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