Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm just going to be ok, be ok, be ok...

So one of our family favs (particularly Gabe's and mine) is Ingrid Michaelson. We love her... like love- love people. In fact, we might listen to her while eating breakfast in the morning we love her so much. And Gabriel knows every word to all her songs and it is so stinkin' adorable. I will video this one day because it just might make you smile too. We love all her music but this title references the one from her album, Be OK (not rocket science to guess this). I suggest you check it out... or if you just want to sit for an annoyingly long time on the blog, than I am sure it will loop through. Whatever floats your boat... Message me if you want a list of my most favorite of her or second most favorite and so on.

Oh Julie, you are getting long-winded (and writing about myself in third person---eek!). Let me get back to my beloved, Ingrid. She has a tendency to lift our (Gabe's and mine) souls right when we seem to need it most... mostly as we are embarking on some great new adventure as we crazy mays tend to do from time to time. Isn't it amazing how some music can just truly lift your spirit?

Anyways, in this whole new phase of moving pandemonium, I have found that I have clutched tighter to Ingrid than ever before, quite honestly so has Gabriel. And while driving the hills of this beautiful landscape, we often sing those lyrics over and over... "I'm just going to be ok, be ok, be ok... I'm just going to be okay today."

Well Ingrid, I believe that it might be safe to say that we are more than just okay these days. In fact... we just might be great.

Poor Kelly is probably SO tired of Ingrid Michaelson that I think I am going to have a battle on my hands trying to play her music for the llloooonnnngggg car ride this weekend to vacation. Maybe I'll just have Gabriel ask and sing a song or two. I mean seriously, it is irresistible.

Stay tuned for updates as the Mays take on the mountains!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our 'hood

So today was a much needed pick-me-up. I haven't really gone too much into it on the ole' blog here but the lonely bug has slowly crept its way into the May abode on several occasions. Not wanting to outwardly identify the icky feeling, I had decided to just take some time to process through it. Kelly is really putting some much needed focus into his new job and I have found that there are a LOT more hours in the day now that I am no longer working 25+ hours a week. While I love my Austin friends, I am also used to playing during the day with other little families. All this extra time to just 'hang' by myself with the kids had left me missing our friends in Dallas that much more. It didn't help that book club was last week too. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE book club? Can't wait for the August one where I can actually go.

I knew that it would take a little time to get adjusted. In fact, it still will take time. And I continue to note that it has only been 3 weeks that I have lived here. It wasn't until the adrenaline of moving/training at work settled that I even started to feel a little lonely. It always seems so nice and easy to want to rush back to the comfort and security of home...ya know? I needed to start to make this home too. So I have tried. And these past two days have been FABULOUS.

About 3:30 yesterday I heard a couple little quiet knocks on our front door. Peering out, I saw that the neighborhood had come over for a little fun. Impromptu play dates? These are my kind of people. The kids had SO much fun playing in the house... all 8 of them. It was at this moment that I fell in LOVE with my street. All the kids run throughout the day from each other's yards and all the parents sit around and visit. At lunch, Kelly came home and blew up our pool in the yard and after nap it was neighborhood pool party at the May house. At one point there were 8 adults and 8 kids in my front yard.

When I ran in for more chairs I snapped a quick picture from Gabey's window to show Kelly. And yes, this was an undercover photo because I didn't want to scare my new friends off with my nerdiness right away ;)

It was a fun day and felt a bit like home too. Yet another reminder that the good things in life really are worth waiting for.

Monday, June 21, 2010


This morning I dropped Molly off at VBS. This is her first time to go to "school" in Austin and she was feeling a little nervous. When we were walking in to the church, she stopped dead in her tracks, looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, are you sure this is a good idea?". She has become the girl with 6,000 questions. Little did she know I was nervous too. Can't wait to pick her up and hear all about her first day...

Keep you posted.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Day

So today might have been the best day ever...which looking back at holidays, this one should really get the best day. Kelly definitely helps to tone down the crazy in May. Let's be honest here, folks'... he might be the only non-crazy may of the bunch...most days. He definitely gets the short end of the stick more times than not (well, minus that whole birthing thing...) and just takes it with a smile . I mean, our guy is stuck with Rosie poop, Milo drama, hair wash nights and let's not forget about the whole resident bug killer thing he has going. We just love him so much!

I am so thankful that my children have such a GREAT love for their daddy. They think that any man over 18 is officially a "daddy". The firemen are lovingly called "firedaddies". I can only attribute this to their loving relationship they have with their incredible dad. Yesterday, I referenced something about Kelly having to go to work and Molly turned to me and said, "Oh yes, when Daddy goes to work with Mr. Preston, Mr. Brian, Uncle Raul"... it never hit me that "Work" was the generic location I always told Molly her favorite Daddies were... apparently she assumed they were all there together. Funny girl.

Today was all about celebrating this guy... who is still WAY cute in glasses, pre-coffee, with his eyes closed, clutching a box of cereal like it was his lifeline. We love him.

Our WONDERFUL babysitter helped the kids make these colorful mugs for Father's Day... we just didn't use the best markers maybe because Kelly's lips definitely turned green halfway through his coffee. We just didn't have the heart to tell him for a bit.
We started the morning off at Kelly's favorite place in the world... Home Depot or according to Gabe, "Daddy's Orange Store". And we were there for a good 50 minutes. Eek.... but, the new grill was totally worth it! We came home, ran up to the neighborhood pool to cool down and then had the BEST Father's Day gift of all... GREAT NAPS by all.
Gabe has taken to sleeping like Dracula. It is really strange.

This one napping was the true miracle. We actually had to wake them both up... sigh.

Kelly is a movie-holic and what better way to escape the heat than a day at the movies! Gabriel had his first visit to the movies and LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. He didn't move for 2 hours... though he did drink ALL of his drink and most of Molly's. It was just so exciting to spend the afternoon with "Buzz and Buddy".

And yes, "Elasti-girl" only cocks her head to side now in pictures... open to ALL suggestions on how to end this :)
captivated by previews...

Movie success... even little bear liked it.

Because our day was on such a roll, we decided to head off for some tasty barbecue at County Line. We had a bunch of fun checking out the lake and playing with some new friends. I still can't get over how many turtles there were in the water. Molly really liked them!

We did have two special guests at dinner... dinosaur and lady bug. Thank you balloon man. Dino also took a bath with Gabe and is now happily tucked in bed with him- partially deflated.

No tears today, no fighting and NO major meltdowns. Too bad their Daddy is back to work tomorrow... he just seems to have the magic touch.

Happy Father's Day to all you Daddies out there!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boggy Creek Farm

The best place about moving to someplace new is that there is always some adventure to be found. It makes for some exciting days trips. Today, my city kids took to the farm for the local Farmers Market at Boggy Creek Farm in east Austin.

I am going to take a moment and break it down for you so that you too can experience it with us. First of all, this farm really did have great produce. I think Gabriel and Molly took down about half the cherry tomatoes in the walk to the car alone. Me not so much... the tomato love affair comes from their father's DNA. I'm okay with that--- as long as I don't have to eat any.

I think the best part of this adventure was realizing how much of true city slickers our May children are. Funny, because I would have never seen that coming.

When we arrived at the farm, we were pumped. Well, I was actually a little jittery because I had yet again been pulled over ... this time for turning the wrong way on a one way tiny road. Clearly an accident and I pulled myself over... the policeman just joined me for company and promptly showed me the entrance to the farm (ticket free) about 12 feet away. Whew. Those Austin policeman don't miss a beat... yet, another thing that has changed since living here in college.

My city slickers sure did look cute and FARM ready. Or so I thought. (Molly is really into this whole lean while you take a picture thing... you sort of have to cock your head to make her straight.)

We decided to start with the produce because I didn't want to lose focus of our reason for coming to the farm.

Ahhh.. enter tomatoes.

So Gabriel and Molly are walking with me in the produce area. Gabe taking the role of caboose. You know, looking back I would have changed that. As we are walking along the veggies, I notice that the farmers are looking back behind me and giggling a little. So I look back and oh yes, it seems our caboose was a hungry one and as he was walking he was also sampling the tomatoes along the way. Luckily, he had only tried 3... at least he put them back to save for others? And while embarrassed, all I could really think about was, "Man, are those clean?"


And wouldn't you know, the juice of Gabriel's tomato shot right into Molly's eye and on her precious apparel and it was quickly made VERY well known that our time at the produce stand had come and gone. Molly scolded Gabriel half the way to the chicken coop. There were lots of jazz hands and angry curls. Not pretty.

Enter chickens.

The kids were pumped. On our way to the chickens we came across this dirt pile where Gabey promptly detoured to play with the tractors and dirt. Heaven.

Molly dug for about two seconds and then whined for about 5 more minutes on how dirty she was. She recovered and took to eyeballing those chickens. (Can we please take a moment and point out that Molly is wearing her happy meal toy around her neck? That's right folks' we stuck out.)

As it turned out, my children were REALLY just excited about the IDEA of the chickens. Not the actual feathers and fluff. Our little free range friends quickly took up residence in the digging area and while I nervously snapped a few pictures, the May children started to wig. There was some climbing on chairs and a little crying from Mr. tomato about how the chickens were going to "bite the tractors"? They were terrified. Now, this is pretty city kid of them but really there is a bigger story here. About a month ago we were attacked by a goose in Dallas during a picnic. I might have freaked a little (er, thrown my left new balance in defence) and judging by my children's reactions... the event left a mark. There was NO convincing them that this tiny chicken was different from a goose.

I tried. The farmer tried. So we left for the flowers.

And they were pretty. And no one cried. And it felt a little like home because you see... we have flowers in the big city too. SLLLLOOOWWW integration to granola living. We'll take what we can get. Wonder what adventure we will find tomorrow?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Celebrating in Dallas

This past weekend marked our first visit to Dallas as "non-locals". And while, it did feel a little strange to see the shell of what used to be our old home, the quality time we had visiting family was FANTASTIC. I think it is going to be a very exciting summer visiting with family and friends in Dallas.

The focus of this weekend was on celebrating a few of our VERY favorite people. On Saturday night we went out to celebrate one very special Papa John for Father's Day at the Roughrider game.

And while we were celebrating Papa, he definitely made the kiddos feel special with the immediate ice cream upon our arrival... Gabriel was in such heaven that he couldn't even look up to smile. Does anyone else notice how long his legs are getting???
I just can't say enough great things about this ballpark. Now don't get me wrong... my heart first and foremost goes to the Rangers but come on... a playscape? A pool? Unlimited hamburgers? This place really rocks! And, our kids really love to cheer along with the mascots. They are some high comedy.

It has been a long two weeks. Great cousin loving on all ends...
Molly did take a moment to help us keep score and MAN she was IN TO IT.

However, as soon as the DS made its appearance the "new game" had started. This is about how Kelly and I look when checking out a new app on our iphones...

Sunday, we celebrated another family favorite. Our gal, Avery, is now FOUR!! This means that I am just two months away from having a 4-year-old! EEK! I am so excited. I hear great things about 4.
Her princess cake was about the coolest thing ever.

Sunday was such quality best friend time

in a diva packed day.
Can't believe that we are tearing through June all ready which means that we are that much closer to VACATION... yay! So much celebrating to come this summer. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home

As promised... easy to see why camera work is not a specialty. (Don't forget to pause music on the side!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

crank it out

Okay, so I just got off from working a really fun shift at the hospital and thought that I better crank out a blog post while the adrenaline is still there. In a perfect world, post shift I would not quickly crash to sleepy land. Too bad this isn't a perfect world.

Okay. So I haven't made that video of the house yet. Boo. I have two things to say about that actually. First. My new couch and love seat come tomorrow afternoon and my bathroom is having tile put in over the next couple of days. I want an accurate video of our house so that project will be pushed off for T-2 days. Second. I have made some progress. I did email out our new address and the kids had a blast in the boxes. Let's just choose to focus on the progress versus the video lies I have been spreading, k?

Let me catch up. I had promised myself last week that Friday was not going to be about unpacking. At that point we were 5 days in to the whole real moving process and our kids needed time to play in an open space with a non-distracted Mommy. So regular Friday received an upgrade to "Fun Friday". We took a tiny trip in Olive to go and visit the Austin Children's Museum...we saw the specials and promptly became members. Hooray June specials. And double hooray for a chance to escape the EXTREME heat to come this summer at a WAY cool inside place. I heart this place greatly.

I mean you have tunnels, make-believe-restaurants, trains...



LOTS of things for busy little hands. Did I mention the air conditioning?

Saturday after I worked, Nonnie paid a little visit to the capital and MAN did we have some fun. I didn't know it was possible to cram as many Austin things in to one and a half days. Her visit consisted of Ikea, swimming at our pool, Amy's Ice Cream, Driving the hills, Kerby Lane, Hula Hut...

And even a visit to see the bats.

Unfortunately, the festival and strange light display on the side of the Hilton kept the bats from making their big decent. Nonnie will have to come back in August to see the giant bat ascension to the sky! We did have fun waiting for those silly bats though...

We had plenty of time for some sticky rolling...
sweaty bouncing...

SO hot you lose your shirt sort of fun. It was very Austin.

More to come, I PROMISE... remember that whole crashing thing I referenced... it might be happening now. Bye bye adrenaline, it's been swell.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still Alive!

And the bad blogger award most definitely goes to... yours truly. And to make matters worse there will be no pictures in this post. I was going to draw a picture using the paint app but then decided that I might be the only that really gets a kick out of that. So... I PROMISE. Pictures tomorrow. In fact... I will even cue up the video camera and Molly/Gabriel will help me with a walking tour through our home. Forgive the boxes.

So. Let me catch you up. We are in Austin now. This is really funny to me because I have yet to see the capital yet. I know, this seems strange to me too. In fact, I have done nothing Austiny at all, yet. My day-to-day living encompasses cleaning, unpacking MILLIONS of boxes and breaking up the feuding Mays.... we'll get to that. My hamster wheel takes me back and forth between home and Target. I never thought this day would come but I am actually a little over Target now. HELL HAS NOT FROZEN OVER. I think that Target and I just need a little break from each other.

I love our house! The yard needs some serious intervention and the house was not quite up to my cleaning taste so I have been working on that. I LOVE the space though... it makes our old house feel teensy! When I showered in my own bathroom the other day I was so happy I almost cried. It is just that much bigger. So come visit me! We can house you and now when you go to the bathroom at my house you will not have Gabe and Molly banging on it requesting that they join you.

I did have one silly snafu with the law on Tuesday. I never thought that it was possible to get a "speeding" ticket going 25 miles in hour but apparently, where I thought I was going really slow while lost... I was actually going five over in a very poorly identified school zone. I really tried to flirt but I don't think that the cutey red convertible I was driving did very much to help me. So, first 12 hours in Austin and I was seeking defensive driving. I would have been mad but the whole situation was rather humorous and Mr. Police man was really nice... too bad Gabey wasn't in the car too because he would have been on cloud nine.

We have made a HUGE dint in unpacking. We are now several forts and tiny villages in but we are finally starting to look like a home. I definitely have to give a shout out to Gigi for corralling the kids the first couple days so I could really dive right in. I can't imagine the nightmare that would have occurred to have them home alone that first day. Secondly, to Angela who truly is the shelf paper placing, dish unpacking, bug killing hero of the year. My mom is coming Sat-Monday and I can't wait to jump into decorating! Can't wait!!!

Tonight was my first night of work at the hospital and it felt FANTASTIC! It was SOOOOOO nice to have a break from unpacking and be in an environment I LOVE! I think that this is going to be a GREAT fit for me! The kids got to meet their new babysitter, "Miss Rachael", tonight who also happens to be the president of the Texas Lassos this year! She seemed great and we really hope that we didn't scare her away...

Rosie George today had a dance in a GIANT mud puddle and she was shunned to the outside . Kelly just finished bathing her and she is about to come charging in...

Okay, back to my Texas may take the girl out of the city but can't take the city out of this girl.

Pictures to come soon!