Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Week's Worth of Fun!

What a week! Julie is official battling the dreaded mastitis...a horrible affliction. Soon there will be ribbons made for mastitis awareness, but until then, a cure is a dream yet unrealized. She got some antibiotics from the brilliant Dr. Hays and should be fine in a couple of days.

Molly is a full-fledged troublemaker. She whines, screams, climbs into Gabe's swing and bouncer, tries to steal Gabe's pacifier (which she calls a "ya-ya")...but still manages to melt my gullible heart everyday. How can you stay mad at that kid?

Gabe is officially 1 week old today! For those of you without children, you begin counting your baby's age in weeks. This lasts until the baby is around 10 weeks old. Then you begin counting by months. Once the kid reaches the 24-months mark, you can begin to celebrate annually.

FYI: I have discovered something about our little man over the last 7 days. Gabe has a vocabulary of exactly one word. Whenever his near constant napping is disturbed, he says, "snarf." You may first think this is a nonsensical word uttered without reason, but for any fan of The Thundercats, this is clearly Gabe's homage to his favorite feline/reptilian/humanoid sidekick. I must tell you how proud I am to have a child with such an astute grasp of 80's pop-culture references.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh Dinta...

Okay, please note that this post might just be a little bit TMI...but what the heck...

For those of you that do not know this- I have a "special" lady bump that we so dearly refer to as Dinta. Just about three years ago, a mammogram revealed that I had a breast tumor. (Don't worry BENIGN! with a few atypical cells.) I had to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. This left me with a special little friend who is slightly..well mostly...dinted...hence the name Dinta.

I always felt a little sorry for Dinta because she was a little special. In fact, I had even doubted that she would be able to participate in the whole breast feeding process. Well, Dinta took offense and proved me wrong with Molly. What an overproducer!!! So, needlesstosay her efforts landed me with Mastitis three times... imagine the flu with a super high fever. Not so fun.

So, I had high hopes that Dinta might be a changed lady this time around. But, oh Dinta- how quickly you have returned to old ways. So here I sit, with Mastitis once again eagerly awaiting my antibiotics tomorrow. On the answering machine at my OB there is the emergency contact me this is an emergency...painful=emergency! However, then I started to think that all those laboring moms out there tonight that share my doctor might rate their pain a little I have decided to wait it out.

So for all you amazing women out there that keep boasting about how fantastic I am with the whole labor and delivery process...don't worry- no super woman here...super whiner is more like it! I am so sorry that I have not returned everyone's phone calls today! I loved listening to the messages though!! Please keep them coming. If I am asleep, I generally put my phone on silent in the other room - Dr. husband orders :). I realize that in this time to write the post I could have called maybe two of you back...but how can I choose with such amazing friends! I will call tomorrow! Say a prayer for speedy antibiotics (this is the OB's office time to shine... they have been in the dark quite a bit these days!) Also, pray for the reformation of Dinta- crazy girl.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Balancing Act

Well... I have to be honest with you that things have been going pretty wonderfully. How is this possible? We are definitely getting to the point where we are almost settled and a bit more unpacked...
Things are just busy here at the May household. I have to hand it to all those parents of multiples or big are probably the best little multi-taskers out there. Molly and Gabriel are so unique in their wants and needs. I am having to learn a whole new process of thinking when I am alone with both of them. I find myself can I make this work for both of them. Truly a balancing act.

For example, when I am laying Molly down for her nap and we are going through her routine of reading stories in bed- I have to be a little flexible. Molly loves to read her book in bed and at this very moment Gabe decides that he has to snuggle NOW. So, my solution was to put Gabe up in bed by Molly's pillow so that they could snuggle while I read. I think this might have been my one success in about 50 failed attempts. But, I am learning. I guess this is what I get for having a little princess...
and the worlds biggest cuddle bug... (please notice that Gabriel is giving a little shout out to the Longhorns with his left hand...he decided to be a little jaundice to match the school colors...)

It is so funny because I was really stressed about them not liking each other or feeling pulled by one and not able to love on the other. What was I worried about...

They have nothing but love and kisses for each other... well for now until Molly realizes that this weekend guest is here to stay.

So far, she is just the hostess with the mostess... she even shares her apple with Gabe which I later suctioned out his nose! YIKES!

Thank goodness I have such an amazing husband to support me through all of this change. Being the busy person I am - I was beginning to feel a little couped up today...especially on such a beautiful day. So, we loaded up the kiddos for Gabe's first family walk to the neighborhood park. Great outside time for me, New adventures for Gabriel and a way to burn off Molly's overstocked energy...

Gabe was so snuggled he had no idea we had left the house.

Molly just couldn't get enough park time! She even became arch enemies with this other little girl we will call "Jane". Molly proved to Jane that she was one tough cookie and should not be crossed. She and Daddy definitely had fun dominating the playground equipment.

What a weekend.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are home! It is amazing how when you are away from home you come to miss little things like the smell of your pillowcase or the feel of the towels at your house. It is always so nice to be home!

We are now a full fledged family unit. Mr. Gabriel is just the perfect little boy. I had worried (way more than I should have) that there would be no way that I could ever love a little baby like I love Molly... and then I met Gabe. I mean granted they often look like the same person minus a few key pieces but still... they each touch my heart in such different and wonderful ways! It is official...I am gushing with love.

Gabriel is our little snuggle bug. And although he is just brand new to us- he is already letting us know little things about him.

Meet Gabriel:

He likes: to cuddle! He could care less about the outside happenings...just hold him close and let him burrow! He loves his pacifier, finger, food source, lip- really anything that has to do with sucking...and he could do this all day long. His big sister hugs. Watching the mavs with Daddy.

He dislikes: being naked. No thank you! Try to take off his diaper and just hear his pathetic little snort when he is sad. He really was not so fond of the moment that his mommy accidentally snipped the tips of two of his fingers trying to cut his nails at 2:30 in the morning. Ouch! Gabriel wants to remain swaddled at ALL TIMES. Including diaper changing. He really is not so fond of the new shape of his Mr. Willy and really doesn't like to think about how it all took place.

He is our mellow, snugglesome little Pisces and we are so happy that he is finally here! I know that he is looking forward to meeting each of you!

Here are some pictures from the past couple days...don't worry! There will be plenty more to follow!

Meeting Gabriel

Hero of the day! Gabriel with Dr. Hays

We see you little chunky...

Sharing secrets with Daddy

Just born and already moving upstairs!

A few of all the incredible visitors...

Riding to the car! Happy go home day!

Comfy in the carseat!

Our acquired arm bands!

Finally, meeting Miss Molly!

So... we are at home... at peace... and a lot bit sleepy! Molly is doing much better... thank you all for your prayers with this! She just loves her little baby...she wants to hug and kiss on him all the time. She still is a little upset with the doctors for putting band-aids on her little brother.
We will keep the pictures coming... tomorrow is the first day at the doctor's office so we will definitely have updates! Visitors are always welcome!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cat's in the Craddle

If you said "girl," you may need to pay up! Gabriel Joseph was born on February 20 at 7:04 pm. He was 8 pounds, 4 ounces and is 20 inches long...somehow that last stat sounds a little different when you're talking about a boy baby...

I think that will be the ongoing theme for the next year: "Wow, this is a lot different with a boy baby." Julie is doing fantastic. She is a super baby deliverer - her new moto is 15 minutes or less or your baby's free.

Gabe is doing great, Julie is doing great and I am peachy keen. Unfortunately, the stomach bug discovered our little Molly sometime last night and she spent all night throwing up at Nonnie's house. At last check, she was doing better, but still not feeling too much like her normal perky little self. She will have to wait a couple of days to see her baby brother. I'm sure once they do meet, she will wonder why her new baby doll smells like poop every now and again, and why Mommy keeps bear hugging him for 10 minutes at a time...surely those two activities are related somehow!

Anyways, that's all for now. I couldn't wrestle the camera away from Julie, so there are no pictures to post right now, but I promise to have some up this afternoon or tomorrow. Keep my kids and the Mrs. in your prayers.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We've got a first-timer here!

I am a newbie, a novice, a rookie, a greenhorn...I have been supportive of this blog in spirit only until now and that is about to change! This is the first installment in a new series of blog entries starring ME, Kelly!

What freedom! What fantastic illumination! I feel as though the Rosetta Stone has just been discovered in the river of my mind and I am prepared to spew forth in a torrent of unbridled prose. Get ready we go!

Feb 16: Molly is good. Julie is good/still pregnant. Milo is sometimes good/mostly bad. Kelly is good.

Well there you have it! An intimate glimpse into our lives. I realize my writing style is a little bit of a change from Julie's, so I hope you forgive me. I've been told I can be a little long-winded. I will report again when Julie's status changes from "pregnant" to "not pregnant."

Here is the token Molly picture.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Movin' and Groovin'

Well... things are moving that is for sure! Today, was a baby day! I am now measuring at 2 cm and am still just a little over 50% effaced. I had a couple real contractions today which was pretty exciting...except for the fact that I was driving on 75 at the time. I told myself that Bellito was just tensing up with excitement for the Panda Express that it was about to enjoy.

Today, the doctor did a double check to see how Bellito is growing. She thinks that Bellito is about at 7-7.5 lbs. If our little one arrives sometime next week it will be in the upper 7s like Molly. I have decided that Friday would be a nice little birthday...plenty of great deals on flowers...wink wink. Seriously, it was just so nice to hear that I wouldn't be pushing out Mr or Ms 10 pounder! Big babies are often directly correlated with gestational diabetes... so whew!

I have been really thinking about the "ways to bring on labor" that I have researched online...I have to be honest...I am mighty skeptical! Here are some of a few:

1. Walking - I think that anyone who works at a hospital definitely has this one covered.

2. Sex- hmmm... I seem to remember that this is what got this whole thing started to begin with... I really picture hubba craft meets hubba bubba...yikes!

3. Eggplant Parmesan-I really think that I am too picky of an eater to be able to make it through the meal... eggplant is SO GROSS!

4. Castor Oil: Well, considering that I really do not need to clean out my system any more than it already is doing on its own...I am going to avoid this one...

5. Spicy food- I did eat some mighty spicy orange chicken for lunch today...

6. Reflexology- I could never turn down a foot rub!

I'll have to keep you posted... I was really surprised that I didn't find something like jumping backwards 3 times before sunrise...wait, that might be to not get pregnant!

Stay tuned and keep sending those positive baby thoughts this way!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Freakishly Nesting

Symptoms of pregnancy are pretty incredible. I think that I am most amazed with the fact that each pregnancy brings all new symptoms totally different from the previous one.

For example... for those of you that have had to interact with me at all during this pregnancy know that I have been about as sharp as this guy...

I think that at many times I have appeared more impaired the teens with brain injuries that I work with... My life has become losing my pager at work daily, totally loosing my train of thought mid-sentence, sticking the milk in the kitchen cabinet and always - oh never mind, I forgot where I was going with this. Please keep in mind that throughout all this I have had two child life interns rotate with me...thank the lord that they were already incredibly gifted...
So, in my moment of panic about my sudden decline in IQ- I consulted my OB and what do I discover...apparently loss of brain functioning is indeed a symptom of pregnancy. This leads me to the nesting.

I nested with Molly. I gave away every pre-pregnancy outfit I had...seriously, EVERY pair of EVERYTHING... even my socks. I had decided that my body would probably be different after baby and I really had no need for the old clothes- much less, no place to store them. I made Kelly promise me that the next time I attempted this to just sit on me until I come to my senses.

Nesting with Bellito has been like this freak energy force has consumed me this weekend. If only I could bottle this up and put it to better use. But alas, it was spent this weekend: going through all of Molly's clothes and boxing up what doesn't fit, going through all the next size and putting away what fits, cleaning her room to make room for baby things, washing all our laundry (including sheets, baby blankets, towels, car seat covers, etc.), scrubbing the kitchen top to bottom, organizing the garage, re-organizing the bathroom cabinet, cleaning the bathroom, packing all of our bags for the hospital, buying all of Molly's big sister gifts, and shopping for last minute hospital things like IPOD speakers... All this was in one day. Poor Kelly was like superman trying to keep up...I could never have done it without his help!

So, although it was all a little intense this weekend... it was definitely a big weekend to cross things of "the list". Bellito- the nest is now ready whenever you want to come home.

Picture denotes why I do not have a career as a graphic designer.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


We have dilation!

That is right...Bellito has officially started the decent to the outside world! Today was a baby day! Boy, did I have a list of questions! For the past few days, I have just felt that my body finally realized that it was 9 months pregnant. I just knew there was some big change. Sure enough...I was right! So here it is...

I am now dilated to 1 cm. and am 50% effaced. Now, this doesn't mean that the baby is coming like tomorrow or anything but perhaps in the next two weeks! HOORAY! I can't wait to meet our newest little addition! This weekend will be all about finishing last minute details!

Bellito has definitely grown and had a healthy heartrate of 135 bpm... It is officially time to make your guesses...For all you OCH gang out there we are starting a poll...feel free to earn some money on behalf of Bellito!

How could a post be complete without the long awaited- not so flattering- belly shots. Molly decided that if Mommy got to lift up her did she!

Happy Baby Day!