Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Day Another Dollar.

As a child I loved to play store. In fact, I used to line all my stuffed animals along the wall and have a garage sale. Every item had a price and had to be scanned with my wooden flower book end before it could be officially sold. To this day I still love it when I get to work a register...instant joy!

Today was hot, a little rainy and VERY muggy which meant we decided to spend our day shopping. It really was the perfect opportunity to shop.

I mean, all the babies were down for nap...

Molly and Lily Ben had quite a long shopping list and shopping with all the babies would have been a little much. I guess Molly was cooking for her 14 hungry babies. Our ever helpful Gabriel helped her find the needed items.
Such a pro at loading the conveyor belt.

The math seemed a little fuzzy with this guy working the register but we didn't argue...especially when he attempted to eat the receipt which was our only proof of his error.
Molly and Lily Ben had a blast. Apparently in Lily Ben world it is winter and VERY cold.
Such a great shopping experience that lasted for HOURS despite Gabe's numerous attempts to turn the theme to store monster. And yes, he does have one mean growl.
Such a day of shopping with prices better than HEB... that's a deal!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Buddies...

Some people just have that gift with babies...call it a connection perhaps? Definitely a similar taste in fashion...

We are so excited that so many friends are either having babies or are new parents! From the Judes to a Jack we couldn't be happier...especially Gabriel because he is definitely getting a whole new posse of buds. Molly was originally a little disappointed in the poor new representation of females however, quickly realized without the competition she can clearly reign ... works quite nice if you have an intense belief that you are in fact Princess Jasmine.

Such an exciting year of new friends!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All about Abbott!

As a mother of two toddlers, parks really have become my sanctuary. Only at a park is it acceptable for your child to get away with eating sticks, peeing on a tree occasionally and running full speed ahead without having to be called back. In a park if my child is LOUD or has a tantrum it seems to be a little more accepted--- well at least I am in good company. It is a place where Nannies, Grannies and Mommies unite for a safe sanctuary in crazy kid land.

We have specific parks for different times of day based on the shade factor. I am amazed at how many Dallas parks get awesome shade in the morning but not so much in the afternoon. Care to go down a slide that has been roasting in 105 degree direct sunlight? No thank you.

Well it is now official. I am in love with my favorite new park. In fact, it has now made it to the top of all my favorite parks in the area and I only have my friend Caroline to thank for this awesome find! I love you Caroline... I can't wait to explore this great find with you.

The May children are all about Abbott Park.

It is just a short drive away in Highland Park.

The animals are friendly.

And it is right on the drive home for Daddy! Whoo hoo!
The kids had a BLAST playing on all the different equipment -especially the car. In fact, if we know you there is a chance that Molly "drove us to your house".
Turtle or Dinosaur? That was the debate.
I especially liked that there really weren't that many openings at the top of the play structures. Gabriel could be FREE to roam without me right on his heels!

Molly was a fan of all the houses.
Abbott Park was so much fun and in spite of a few tumbles we had a blast!

We highly recommend this park~

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gabey the Great

I think every Monday could use a little smile booster.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't let the pigeon drive the bus!

Did you know that Pigeons live in the North Pole? I guess you learn something new everyday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Smells

I am continually amazed at how our memories appear to be endless. If our mind is a treasure box of collections it seemingly has no lid and yet never empties.

Even observing the recovery of a brain injury, I am continually amazed at what can be retained. The memory is a powerful thing.

Some memories falter where others struggle with impairment or disease. To have a healthy memory can be such a gift. I may not hold a Pulitzer or a state championship ring--- but I do have one mean memory which I can only hope will continue to stay strong… because I quite enjoy it.

Getting back to the amazement part.

Memory recall. Incredible. Of all the senses that activate memory recall --- I think that my olfactory recall is a personal favorite.

Coming across an old picture can capture such a memorable emotion. Hearing a familiar song playing can instantly take me back to a time when that song was my world. Alanis Morissette jagged little pill ---eighth grade for anyone else? All this is great but an olfactory system of memories is like an instant zap to a previous time.

Case in point. Tonight I had a best friend one year anniversary date… which by the way leaves me wondering why our world doesn’t have more of these? On my way home I stopped by Albertson’s to grab a gallon of milk for my dairy addicted children. As I was heading to milk land in the back of the store, I suddenly had a dip into memory box. Some fellow “daddy” shopper out there was wearing my dad’s old cologne (Lagerfeld). I smelt it about aisle 6 and my pretty painted toes followed the scent all the way over to the meat section. It wasn’t that I was expecting to see my dad but my shopping experience had become a walk through my childhood with my father. Everything that was safe, home and comfortable was wrapped up in that smell. Mix in the smell of coffee and perhaps a little Q102 morning show and we would have been driving to school in 1987… When I did meet up with Mr. Lagerfeld he couldn’t have looked less like my father if he had tried to but I was still happy for the memory.

I guess my most favorite part of the olfactory memories is the element of surprise. In case you didn’t notice I like to embrace a little spontaneity when I can.

Of all the gifts I hope to impart to my children it will be a treasure box collection of positive memories so that when they are grocery shopping late at night they can too perhaps dip into a happy memory of their parents. Well that and I guess a lifetime of happy smells-- just to better the memory and all.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

So tell me...how are you supposed to have the ability to write when the heat has sucked every creative juice right out of your person?

I don't know about you but Oregon is looking better and better by the minute. 9:00 and still 94 degrees. Tomorrow is a predicted to be another comfortable 103... joy.
I am not going to lie- this heat does not do pretty things for my personality. If you haven't heard from me there is probably a good chance that I am saving you from myself. Hot Julie is not comfy for anybody.
We have managed to venture out in to the caliente world but typically to some place indoors or around water. We had a blast celebrating my sister's 30th birthday (kiddie pools to cool off in!!!) and soaked up every minute we could with Uncle Jake who has now returned to Washington State to live in the land of cool again---lucky guy. I am sure that he feels differently though--- We miss you too Jake!

If only a freak cool front could just blow through and give us a taste of fall. Until then though you can look for the May brood poolside with a frosty beverage in hand trying to make the most of the weather.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grow Torso Grow

I have always said that 5' 7" is my dream height. All you 5-7ers out there... I am officially jealous of you.

While I am convinced that there are so many great things you are capable of doing at a 5-7, (like NEVER have to climb up the shelves of target shamefully to see if the pillowcases you want are in fact tucked behind EVERYTHING on the top shelf) I now realize that there is just one more specific focus to my 5-7 dream. I need a larger torso.

In dreamland, my 5-7 distribution cannot be in mostly in my legs. I need majority of it to be in my torso...at least for the next 5-8 years and then it can slowly disperse out to my legs. Come on' work with me here--- this is dreamland we are talking about.

Tonight I was holding my sack-of-a-potato love bug after he had woken up in the night (hooray teething). As I was rocking this big giant blob of boy that now takes up my arms awkwardly and whose toes were now digging into my mid thigh uncomfortably, I began to realize that this will not work for much longer. Either he needs to stop growing (which I don't look to happen) or I need to start because I am in no way about to give up snugglefest with one sweet Gabey. What if he is my only snuggler?He is so far. I just have to soak it up while I can.

So. Tonight I will be googling torso elongation surgery followed by a quick search for some torso mane n' tail or something... where would my life be without google? If you have a magic potion available...I'm all ears.

Grow Torso Grow!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I have big plans for this life.
I envision waking up to continual joy (after coffee of course), laughing through tears with friends, and wishing on falling stars… as often as possible. I plan on celebrating every possible holiday to the max and possibly inventing a few extras ---because couldn’t we all just use a little more cake…and barbecue? I definitely see captivating excursions and endless adventures in my future- some that even happen within our own backyard. And I aspire for all the peace a body can hold.
I plan to always embody a childlike awe of the world…

Continually wrap myself in loving friendship…

And face my fears head on…
This holiday as I welcome my brother home from overseas, celebrate my cousin’s wedding to a fellow WestPoint officer and talk to my child’s godfather as he prepares for deployment again… I am humbled.
I have big plans for this life…
Which I am only able to have because of the amazing men and women that risk their life daily so that I can maintain the security to dream.
I am humbled. I am grateful. I am proud.
Let Freedom Ring.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Project : Planting

As a joint present for father's day and birthday we gifted Gigi and Haji with some landscaping while they were out of town. Not such great planning to pick the HOTTEST days of summer from 11-2 pm to landscape... we have learned and will be much more prepared next time.

Here are the two pictures that we put in their card. Meet their lawn care crew...

Luckily, the yard gets some nice shade on one side so the kiddos played there while we worked on the flowers. Hooray for swimming and Tupperware... BEST INVENTION EVER. (Gigi, if you are reading this I did wash your Tupperware before I put it back as I am almost positive that Gabriel peed in the pool :)

Apparently, Gabe thought the penguin needed to cool off too.
1/3 of the way through pulling weeds and three glasses of water later...
I am sure that Kelly is probably cursing my name at this point because he is doing all the work while I was taking pictures...but hey, we have to document our progress right?
Our pretty flowers that we were promised could handle intense direct sunlight all day...
Post weed/grass pulling we took a nice cool lunch break inside with a little bit of Aladdin for our viewing pleasure and some serenading from the youngest May child... nice finger placement Gabriel--- I like what I see.
Finally the almost finished product. I say almost because...
as it turns out you need to water new plants EVERY DAY in 100+ degree heat...again, things we will know for next week when we replant the whole back row. Why is it the expensive flowers always die first?

Stay tuned for round two of project planting!