Monday, June 30, 2008

Business Calls

Today was a Monday spent making business phone calls. What chatter bugs I have?!?!

*A note for videos: If you can't view it at work it is because your job blocks you tube... you will only be able to see the videos on a computer that allows you tube. Don't forget to pause the music on the left side! Happy viewing..

Gabe was busy making some angry phone calls this morning. When frustrated with the direction the conversation was going - he would eat the phone.

Molly LOVES to talk on the phone!! This is one of her favorite past times. Don't be concerned that you can't understand Molly- she decided to speak in Russian today on the phone. A word to the wise- don't watch this video while eating- you might get a little motion sick. She is a girl on the go...

I can't believe that we have over 5000 hits now! We are so happy that you stopped by to check up on the happenings at Casa de May...or Mayo...or Maggio...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


That's right! We now have digital videos! I know I went a little camera crazy...please do not feel like you have to watch them all- but if you like to avoid work too...ENJOY!

* Before you watch the videos...pause the music on the left side!

Sunday was Molly's first time to drink from a big girl cup...She was SO excited!

Our Molly girl loves to sing... although, she can be a little demanding.

Gabriel can now roll front to back and he is 1 elbow away from back to front. Molly likes to enjoy some tummy time with her little brother...

Have a great day!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Doin' The Bath Time Rock

Take a look at the King...the bath time king that is. Gabe looked right at me and said, "Hey Mama" with his best curled lip. Cutest little Elvis ever if you ask me...

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This weekend was a celebration of happy times. Molly is completely well...which makes us ALL so happy. We celebrated our happiness Friday with a little happy hour...

Then Molly helped Gabriel to figure out his bouncer...

I think it was a little confusing at first...he might have been a little overwhelmed... but nevertheless he found happiness...
sucking on his hands. His favorite form of happiness.

It really was a great weekend! We finally made a dint in cleaning which is so nice...Gabriel is being baptized next weekend so we are gearing up for a celebration with friends and family. It is amazing how having people come over can be a BIG motivator to clean. See...I told Kelly we just need to have more parties... that would definitely bring more HAPPY times!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sweet Sicky

Does this just make you a little sad to see my normally energetic curly girly so still? I always wondered what it would be like to have a calmer Molly and now that I have it...I don't like it! I miss my crazy lightening bolt!
It seems as if Miss Molly is fighting off a virus. She now has even more unruly curls, a hot 102 degree body temperature and all the Popsicles she can handle. How great it will be when the sparkle in her eye is not directly correlated to her super high fever.
So far, Gabriel is keeping up with the smiles. Hopefully, he has an immune system of steele. This is the first time that she has been sick since his birth so send good thoughts this way for our Molly girl- we could all use them here in the sleepless house of May.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a Day for a Dad

Usually I wake up with a certain amount of necessity. I either have to get up and feed a cranky Gabe, or I need to get my rear in the shower so I can make it to work on time. This morning was different. My darling wife let me sleep in. She was not the only member of our family to be so generous. Molly and Gabe both slept in as well, making my perfect fathers day morning a rousing success.

As I went through my Sunday, I began to collect a few instances that let me know how great it is to be a father and how spectacular it is to be someone's daddy. Molly and I watered the plants outside today and I showed her how the waterhose can make a rainbow if you spray it just right. I think she thinks I'm a sorcerer! Later, Gabe woke up from his nap a little early, so we quietly watched some highlights of DeMarcus Ware and Marion Barber III on YouTube (after all, you're never too young to learn about the Dallas Cowboys).

All in all, I'd say it was just about the most perfect fathers day ever. I got a tool belt, some tools to put in it, and lots of fantastic daddytime with my kids. The best moment of all was when a very sleepy and very upset Molly cried out for her daddy moments after being put down for bed. The reason for the crying? She said she was sad...I asked her if she wanted a hug, she said yes and leaned in for a squeeze. Then she pursed her little lips and kissed me on my face. After that, she laid back down and went to sleep.

Yep...pretty perfect end to a pretty perfect day...

Our everyday hero.

My husband...the super dad. I don't think that there are enough words in the English language to convey what an amazing father Kelly is. In a time of broken families and absent fathers- Kelly is a light for my children that so many others are not as fortunate to have.

My career is based on trauma. I see families literally living the "worst day of their life" more often then I truly care to think about. It is a piece of sadness in my heart that I think I might carry with me for always. And as crazy as it sounds, in all the trauma, end of life care, funerals and hopelessness...I see light. It is probably my most favorite part of my job. It is a rare moment in a room of despair when for maybe just a second that there is this overwhelming feeling of peace. you are not alone in your sadness. As an outsider, I am invited to share in a beautiful intimacy of family that I have never known before. It is like having dinner with everyday superheros.

And that is what my husband is. He is an everyday superhero. He is not the man that you will see on the billboard or under the spotlight. He will not search for the credit or bask in his good deeds. Because that is not who he is.

He is the man that you want to stand beside you on the "worst day of your life". He is so incredible that you also want him there on the "best day of your life" and every other day in between. Because my husband is a - baby snuggler, super tucker inner, runnin' through the sprinkler, tickle you till you cry, singer of seasame songs, maker of meatballs, bath time bather, night time feeder, dynamic diaper changer kind of man. And we are SO happy that he is ours... we wouldn't trade him for anything in the world!

We love you!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Pigs can fly" by Molly May- dictated to mommy.

Holy Hippo Gabe... MOMMY LEARNED TO BAKE!!!!

"Say, What?!?!?"

Gabe. PAY ATTENTION. I know that you are new here but this is kinda a big deal. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. Mommy makes fires in the kitchen...not muffins and bread.

But look! Look how fantastic and yummy these turned out... NO smoke and NO destroyed bakeware... Do you know when she did this???

Umm... was it when I was folding the laundry?

NOPE! It must have been when I was refusing to take a nap and Mommy took my toys away...
Oh I bet you are right! I am sooo happy that she baked. I heart banana muffin milk!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you one too?

So I ask you. If you received an urgent collect call from the Lew Sterrett Justice Center at 9:50 on a Thursday night would you accept charges?...after all the caller did sort of muffle his name, could it have been a family member that made a little mistake and was calling for my help? And if that person did in fact plea for your help after he "called the wrong number" wouldn't you help him in reaching his significant other so that she could come up and pick up his daughter from the police station - after all it wasn't her fault that her daddy forgot to pay off some traffic violations. She just needed to get home and get to bed. And would you go so far as to try to call the mother at work and feel so guilty that you were unable to reach her because "Mr. Jailbird" gave you the wrong number?...after all, what number starts with a *72 anyway. Rrrriiigggghhhhtttt.....

Yes, that is true. You are now reading the blog of the biggest SUCKER in the world. Sweet- yep... colorful- yep...desired-mmm maybe...but definitely a SUCKER. And once I realized I had been had it was such a sad moment. Because it was one of the few times that I was truly disappointed in the person that I am. I am soft hearted. I let my emotions cloud my logic and reasoning. I believe that there is a little bit of good in all of us. I would give everything of myself to help someone if I could... that is me. And before today, I never really saw these character traits as a weakness. But they sure can be in a world of predators...I am like the easiest steak dinner ever!

I think what makes me even sadder is that our world doesn't allow for kindness very easily. Someone with "car trouble" on the side of the road could really be the next mass murderer. You can't just pull over and render aid. I am sad that I have to teach my Molly and Gabriel to be cautious first when offering their help to someone. What has our world become? And who knows, maybe I should have realized this a LONG time ago... but I didn't and I am saddened today by my recent discovery- believe me, I have the empty bag of DOVES to prove it. Because it is moments like today when I am reminded that kindness towards strangers, tenderheartedness, and passionate reasoning might mean that you are a good person... or maybe it just means that you are a SUCKER too.

Watch out, this world might just try to eat you up!

Monday, June 2, 2008

We've been chillin' out max and relaxin' all cool.

It seems these days that Mondays are a bit more enjoyable...

If this is having a "case of the Mondays" than BRING IT ON!