Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring... are you out there?

Anyone else feeling a little tired of the rain, cold and snow? It started in October and we have yet to see a break. Mays NEED sunshine! How else are we going to break in our sweet rides?

Thank goodness for new birthday presents because they have definitely kept things interesting indoors...
I have decided that because we have had such a looooooooooonnnngggggg cold, wet season than we should be granted a nice looooooooooooooonnnnnnggg spring with sunny skies and mild temps... right? please?


Because Molly's birthday falls in the summer she celebrated her half birthday at school yesterday. See, having your birthday at school is really fun! The birthday student gets to bring yummy cupcakes for friends, wear a fun hat all day and best of all... gets to be LINE LEADER. Molly was MOST excited about that! Her cupcakes of choice: Pinkalicious of course! Easy breezy and they came out pretty great and PINK.

Much like Pinkalicious, Molly's face is now stained pink too. Perhaps, I should have her eat a healthy dose of green things too... (if you haven't read this book, you need to!)

Lots of sugar here, folks.
But a happy day for our little Pinaklicious!!!

And her sidekick...

Just you and me, kid

Molly and Gabriel have always had their baby well-checks on the same day because they are almost exactly 18 months apart (18 months and 6 days, technically). While having the doctor appointments knocked out in one day has always been very practical it has also been consistently um, chaotic? Let's just go with that.

Well, now both my children are on yearly schedules. WHOOHOO. This meant that yesterday was Gabriel's first visit to Dr. Sue without his Molly to distract him from those yucky vaccines. And while she can be a great distraction, the tiny room can quickly become a little... loud? Yeah, let's go with that too.

Loud until yesterday. Gabe's doctor appointment was great. It was calm and easy and I even had time to shamefully fill out his ages and stages questionnaire last minute in the waiting room while he played. He sat naked in the back room on my lap reading Diego with me and there was quite a bit of singing with Mommy. I like our special dates---even if they take place at the doctor. Gabriel was in the best little mood and handled the vaccines like a champ---well, he was rather miffed about the bandaids. Why is it that is the worst part?

Here are his stats:

Weight: 30.4 lbs - 75%
Height: 35 in. - 65%
Head: 19.5 - 75%

Short, stocky with a big brain. Yep, sounds like our Gabey (and a bit like Daddy too...)

Hooray for great appointments and here's hoping we won't have to go back until NEXT year. Wouldn't that be nice?

His newest trick is using the big boy potty every night with success!! He's becoming such a big boy...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cookie Monster Birthday

So I have to say that it is pretty wonderful when your birthday falls on the weekend. One day FULL of celebration. As a parent this translates into one day of CRAZY doings and finish it up with a nice mellow weekend... bring it.

I don't want to jinx ourselves or anything but this definitely was our BEST birthday celebration ever. And by best, I mean easiest because in parent vs. toddler world--- easiest is ALWAYS best. Saturday was the most relaxing day to celebrate---which is VERY fitting for a Gabriel. Most days.

We started it off with a nice visit to the fire station. My uncle is the lieutenant at our local station! I feel that we had a nice little barter system going--- we bring cookies for the "fire daddies" and trade them off for fun on the firetrucks. SOLD.

Uncle Mark, they had SO much fun!!!
Lunch, Nap and then time to party! My friend, April, gave me this GREAT idea for Cookie Monster Cupcakes. They came out really cute and were SO easy!

There was no rushing to finish or quick set-up, thanks to the help of one very wonderful, Nonnie.
And miracle of all miracles... it didn't rain! It threatened, maybe even spit a couple of warning raindrops out at us but that was it.
We really had such a great time!

I love how different my children's personalities are from each other. Molly can't get enough of the solo action while Gabe prefers the chorus a little.

maybe a lot.
I can't believe how quickly we filled the table with kids.
I mean, who doesn't love cookie monster?

Gabriel's littlest friend, Jack, really wanted a cupcake.

We promised that his would come several hours later. He seemed okay with that.

Gabe is only two but his party was triple the fun! He's just an over-achiever that way.

Present opening with littles. Is that ever not crazy? Meet the opening team. All these girls to boss Gabey around. He is SO lucky.

I really feel that this picture best portrays the opening experience...

Busy, no? And in the world of a toddler an unwrapped present must immediately be opened and put together.

You can see Gabe's intensity in his stance.

We survived the unwrapping and looking back made it through so much more...

Daddy football without ANY trips to the ER...

along with a cupcake redo at home sans tears...
Such a great day to celebrate our little, Cookie Monster!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gabey's Two!

Tonight we went to dinner at Razoo's... hooray, Lent.

While at dinner, we realized that this exact night two years ago we were at Razoo's as well. How can you not smile at such a sweet memory? My mom, my husband, my sweet little girl, all eating their share of spicy goodness with me so that I could maybe just maybe meet my tiny little baby the next day after my doctor's appointment... to which I did...

Two years ago, I sat at a table with my family without a clue that I was a mere 17 hours away from meeting Mr. Handsome.

Two years and a lifetime ago.

Now don't get me wrong... I cannot believe that my little boy is two years old. It has come and gone soooo quickly. Two is definitely not baby any more. Two means that you now have an opinion about everything and each day is an adventure to explore this great big world around you. Two means double the chaos, laughter, naked jaunts down the hall and definitely double the noise. For as quickly as we arrived at two years, I seem to have a hard time remembering what life was like before Gabriel.

Well, maybe I could if I really tried... but why would I want to?

Because, you see... life with a Gabriel means that at any given moment in the day you get to receive massive chocolate faced kisses (although sometimes the chocolate is substituted for dirt). Days with a Gabriel are spent jumping on the bed, chasing trucks on the highway and countless explanations of why it is not okay to eat rocks. A Gabriel look can mean so many things. Most days it is a filled with a nice combination of gosh I am cute but wow, I am totally sneaky too. I could take a lifetime more of looking into those beautiful blue eyes.

So now we embark on this new year of potty training, bicycle riding and preschool attending all the while locking in our hearts as many memories as we can cram in. And with my perfect little love chunk that sure is a lot of happy moments...

Little boy, you bring us more joy than ever imaginable. We just love you so much! Happy Birthday!!!

sappy happy montage? You bet...

*don't forget to pause the music on the side...

Monday, February 15, 2010


We recently received Molly's first "report card" from school and she is off the charts. With both her parents the oldest in their grade (September bdays) we were a little unsure how she would pair in her class as she is the youngest out of the entire grade. All three classes. But... she is great. So whooo. The one thing that she received a "w" on (for working on) was her age. She received this not because she doesn't know her own age. Oh no, she DEFINITELY knows her age. She has a "W" because she refuses to accept her age. She will only tell people that she is sixteen. She really wants to drive. I really can't complain because at least she is answering to her own name now...most days.

Today our little 16-year-old had her half birthday! Our family likes to have a special day to celebrate half birthdays. Molly's 1/2 bday is technically Valentine's Day but we typically end up having our special date the next day. Very low key. Just Molly, Mommy, Gabey and sometimes a Daddy too...

Today for the half birthday date Molly, Gabriel and I went to the Science Museum in Fair Park. I LOVE THAT PLACE! Such a fun place for our 3.5-year-old, er I mean 16-year-old gal to play...

(Because Molly can only dress herself she is often in the same clothes...and very rarely in socks. Today, I picked my battles.)

Diggin' for dinos was a favorite for sure!

Can't wait to celebrate this little birthday boy on Saturday!

All these fun tubes to run through and Molly parks it with her two favs... books and a baby.

Hooray half birthday! Now I am gearing up for a two-year-old birthday bash this weekend.
Always a reason to celebrate...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our frosty friday!

Hot Chocolate never tasted so good!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Christmas Eve?


Our weatherman was pretty adamant that the snow would not make a grand appearance until this afternoon. But, the snow had other plans...

That is right. We once again woke up to a winter wonderland (a little over an inch right now with a couple more this afternoon) to which Molly asked me if it was Christmas Eve again. Our Molly has her own concept of time and one heck of a memory!

Mays heart snow. They were pumped.

I can tell that we have now become used to winter weather (it has been a cold winter, no?). The major indication that we have acclimated to tundra Dallas is that Molly's school was not cancelled today. So we braved the cold, made it to school and she is now having her Valentine's Day Party at school. She will still get a chance to play in the snow this afternoon after school. Everyone wins... and there is a Daddy/Kids date in the works for tomorrow. Looking out to be a great weekend!

Stay warm!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010



It is all around you and there are ample opportunities to learn something scientific right here in your daily life. Lucky us, no?

I was a science major in college. You bet there were those classes that truly made my brain hurt and no matter how hard I worked at it I just could never quite grasp the full concept. Visuals and all... and we all know how much a visual can help...

Now, gravity. There is a concept I get. Definitely mastered that concept in perhaps 3rd grade even? Maybe I wasn't determining the actual calculations of our planet polarization but I did have a basic concept. And with gravity... that is about all I needed.

So cosmic life lessons--- the graphic visual lesson on gravity was totally unnecessary this morning. Perhaps you should have paid a visit Jr. Year in college when I was elbow deep in genetics? UGH. But nevertheless, today you arrived.

Remember me referencing our little naked Gabey? The boy who loves to unzip? Well, apparently he likes to zip-up as well. This morning I walked into Gabey's room to see that sometime in the night or WAY early morning he unzipped his jammies, removed his diaper and zipped himself back up.

Sneaky that one... and very giving too... because you see, this morning he left me a present. A BIG present.


It sure was a bad day for footy pajamas.

Bath time before breakfast was our start. It can only go up from here.

Friday, February 5, 2010

So Sleepy

Thursdays are pretty rough. With the new ballet schedule and my occasional work night it has quickly transformed into a jam-packed day where we spend some quality time on the go. I guess it really didn't help that Molly, Gabe and I had been sharing this cold in which I kept Molly home from school on Tuesday. And while she was fever free on Thursday at school I would in no way say that any of us were back to 100%. After a full day at school, ballet, and a quick trip to Mommy's hospital to meet daddy, our little Molly-girl was spent.

Kelly captured it on camera to show me just how tired she was... (pardon the 2 second mini-melt she has towards her LOUD brother) oh... and don't forget to pause the music on the side.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Exhibitionist

It seems that our little Gabey has developed quite an affinity for naked time. He has decided that daytime, nighttime, lunch time or playtime all really equate to the same thing---- naked time.

Last week Gabriel learned how to undo zippers. For Gabe this has apparently been a LONG awaited skill. Tuesday night at around 9:45 pm we heard little giggles coming from behind Gabe's door. Never a good sign. Sure enough, we open the door and see this little naked man hanging out in bed...

What this picture does not portray is that he has unzipped his footy pajamas, taken them off, tossed it aside and also removed his diaper which he precariously placed over his weenis for a quick little picture. Smart boy... naked and yet still keepin' them guessin'.

My favorite part was when I asked, "Gabey, why did you take your clothes off..." to which he quickly replied, "HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA" in a very deep growl.

I mean seriously, how can you keep a straight face with a response like that? We definitely didn't. Never thought I would have to say to Gabey this morning, "No Gabe, you cannot eat your fruitloops naked. It is too cold."

My little budding exhibitionist--- watch out world!