Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cookie Monster Birthday

So I have to say that it is pretty wonderful when your birthday falls on the weekend. One day FULL of celebration. As a parent this translates into one day of CRAZY doings and finish it up with a nice mellow weekend... bring it.

I don't want to jinx ourselves or anything but this definitely was our BEST birthday celebration ever. And by best, I mean easiest because in parent vs. toddler world--- easiest is ALWAYS best. Saturday was the most relaxing day to celebrate---which is VERY fitting for a Gabriel. Most days.

We started it off with a nice visit to the fire station. My uncle is the lieutenant at our local station! I feel that we had a nice little barter system going--- we bring cookies for the "fire daddies" and trade them off for fun on the firetrucks. SOLD.

Uncle Mark, they had SO much fun!!!
Lunch, Nap and then time to party! My friend, April, gave me this GREAT idea for Cookie Monster Cupcakes. They came out really cute and were SO easy!

There was no rushing to finish or quick set-up, thanks to the help of one very wonderful, Nonnie.
And miracle of all miracles... it didn't rain! It threatened, maybe even spit a couple of warning raindrops out at us but that was it.
We really had such a great time!

I love how different my children's personalities are from each other. Molly can't get enough of the solo action while Gabe prefers the chorus a little.

maybe a lot.
I can't believe how quickly we filled the table with kids.
I mean, who doesn't love cookie monster?

Gabriel's littlest friend, Jack, really wanted a cupcake.

We promised that his would come several hours later. He seemed okay with that.

Gabe is only two but his party was triple the fun! He's just an over-achiever that way.

Present opening with littles. Is that ever not crazy? Meet the opening team. All these girls to boss Gabey around. He is SO lucky.

I really feel that this picture best portrays the opening experience...

Busy, no? And in the world of a toddler an unwrapped present must immediately be opened and put together.

You can see Gabe's intensity in his stance.

We survived the unwrapping and looking back made it through so much more...

Daddy football without ANY trips to the ER...

along with a cupcake redo at home sans tears...
Such a great day to celebrate our little, Cookie Monster!


Mary Anne said...

Love the cupcakes!!

Carole said...

so fun! those cupcakes are awesome!