Wednesday, February 10, 2010



It is all around you and there are ample opportunities to learn something scientific right here in your daily life. Lucky us, no?

I was a science major in college. You bet there were those classes that truly made my brain hurt and no matter how hard I worked at it I just could never quite grasp the full concept. Visuals and all... and we all know how much a visual can help...

Now, gravity. There is a concept I get. Definitely mastered that concept in perhaps 3rd grade even? Maybe I wasn't determining the actual calculations of our planet polarization but I did have a basic concept. And with gravity... that is about all I needed.

So cosmic life lessons--- the graphic visual lesson on gravity was totally unnecessary this morning. Perhaps you should have paid a visit Jr. Year in college when I was elbow deep in genetics? UGH. But nevertheless, today you arrived.

Remember me referencing our little naked Gabey? The boy who loves to unzip? Well, apparently he likes to zip-up as well. This morning I walked into Gabey's room to see that sometime in the night or WAY early morning he unzipped his jammies, removed his diaper and zipped himself back up.

Sneaky that one... and very giving too... because you see, this morning he left me a present. A BIG present.


It sure was a bad day for footy pajamas.

Bath time before breakfast was our start. It can only go up from here.

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Stewart Stuff said...

What a great way to wake up. Sorry you both had to start your day that way.