Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Sister

She sticks her finger in my ear after fishing out a booger.
She loud and fast and full of gas…
Steals my legos, fronts with sass…
Quite the little pain in my a…
Oh! That little sister.

She steals my breakfast every day
NEVER follows my rules.
She makes my dinos dance and prance
She pirates all my tools.
For all the time I tell her no. And stop. And don’t. And go…
She’ll just look at me with this little smirk
Like she’s the boss… you know?

My mom tells me that she’s just small.
That soon, she’ll play my way.
She’ll learn to roar and stomp and race
Stop driving McQueen out of his space…
She’ll throw a spiral with ease and grace
Perhaps... that time's today?

My sister makes me crazy head…worse than any other…
But for all her noise and smells and fits...
She’s sure cuter than a brother.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pool Hair

So the next three days have us hovering around 106 without a drop of rain in the forecast. I'm sweating just thinking about it. I see a lot of dates in the pool... as if we weren't already swimming twice a day.

Lucy has been rocking some pretty sweet pool hair this week.

You know, it works for her...

All that added volume goes great with her "say cheese" face.

Lots to catch up on this week! Think cool thoughts for us!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Guy

The man that loves you knew it at the very first glance. You felt it too.

His gentle spirit

kid-friendly wit

and calming presence

always feels like home.

And for all your attempts at being bossy,

getting angry

becoming something you're not...

it didn't work.

He sees straight through it all to the most beautiful part of your being and loves you even more for it. Never forget this.

As you feel you are ready to try something new, I know he'll be right there cheering you on.

because our guy sure can roll with it.

After all, this ain't his first rodeo.

You see... we're pretty lucky... becoming a great daddy was not a learned trait for him. It just came naturally.

What I'm saying is that this super-snuggling


guy-by-your-side is special.

He's someone to hold close for always.

As if he'd have it any other way.

Friday, June 8, 2012

RED light

So, we aren't even going to take a moment and acknowledge how long it is has been since the last post. We're just going to pick up and move on with it. Mmm, K? Good. While it sure may not be documented here, life's been a-moving fast.

Let's talk first grade for a minute.

Cause... we're there. As in, I have a first grader... officially...wiggly tooth and all. Now, in case you didn't realize this, first grade is kinda a big deal. BIG conversations happen in first grade. Like DAY 1 of first grade life. Didn't you know? Well if not, no worries. You were in some good company.

Apparently, my Molly love has been just overflowing with this delightful need-to-know how it all works for sometime now. Secretly. The afternoon we peaced-out of the Kindergarten world, on our way to some celebratory sonic her little need-to-know cup bubbled right on over and out her mouth with the fun little bombshell of: "So, how are babies made?"

Shouted from the third row of the mini-van. At a stoplight. While Gabe sang the Beatles in the background.

"So yeah, Mom... I'll have a cherry limeade...and oh, btw... how are babies made?" to the tune of Strawberry fields. I get it... those connect in first grade speak.

You see, I talk to kids about their bodies for a living. No, really... I do. Child proofing sperm-talk. I got this. A couple "like seeds in a Mommy's egg inside the uterus later and we're on the same page."

Light turns green.

Gabe resumes full voice singing of Strawberry Fields refrain intertwined with some Lucy's in "DESKIES" with diamonds... I'm mentally high-fiving myself.

Next stoplight.

"Ok, but HOW do the swimmer-seeds GET in there"

Beatles stop... we're now talking penis across the car and little man loves him all things weiners. This stoplight banter has now upgraded to a full on discussion group sans overhead projector. "Anatomy anatomy, bodies like puzzles... lots of love.. yadda yadda later... and we once again are on what I think on the same page.


"Why would anyone WANT to do that."

...time to upgrade my limeade to a margarita.