Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Guy

The man that loves you knew it at the very first glance. You felt it too.

His gentle spirit

kid-friendly wit

and calming presence

always feels like home.

And for all your attempts at being bossy,

getting angry

becoming something you're not...

it didn't work.

He sees straight through it all to the most beautiful part of your being and loves you even more for it. Never forget this.

As you feel you are ready to try something new, I know he'll be right there cheering you on.

because our guy sure can roll with it.

After all, this ain't his first rodeo.

You see... we're pretty lucky... becoming a great daddy was not a learned trait for him. It just came naturally.

What I'm saying is that this super-snuggling


guy-by-your-side is special.

He's someone to hold close for always.

As if he'd have it any other way.


Jayme said...

Okay...I cried!! Love this and love you guys so very much!!!!

tiff said...

Yes he his! Happy belated father's day Kelly May!