Saturday, December 29, 2007

I get it!

I GET IT!!! I now know why my parents had so many children...they can help with chores!!! Today Molly helped daddy clean out the garage...she was very productive! Little does she know that we were cleaning the garage to make room for her crib...

Isn't she the cutest little cleaner?!?!?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa Claus came to town! is official. We now have to move. Is it because we are expecting a new baby... well, yes, sorta. The fact that we share a house with a crazy neighbor definitely factors in. Kelly's new job does make it all the easier to move...but the biggest reason- is that Molly got so many toys from Santa this year that we now have no where to store them. That is right Santa. We are moving because of you!

Christmas this year was a whirl-wind of presents, family, driving and dancing to Christmas music at the May household. It was BUSY! I can not tell you the joy that this Christmas was for Kelly and me. To have so many prayers answered and then see this beautiful little girl light up with all the excitement of Christmas... it truly brought us to a new level of Christmas Joy.

Our Christmas Holiday began with putting on our fancy clothes for Christmas Eve Mass...

Please notice- my fantastically in shape husband!

The children's mass was so wonderful! A little long but we managed to maintain the troops with twistables and a Sesame Street Color Book...

Molly was fascinated with baby Jesus...

Then it was off to Granny's for some cookies and presents!!!

Molly is working on cookie #6 here.

Then it was time for our Green-eyed Molly monster to go to bed and get ready for Santa's visit and Christmas Morning!

Santa stopped by!!!

I wish that I could post the video footage of our Christmas Morning because Molly's reaction to the presents was pretty stinking hilarious! But we realized a little to late that we have the wrong type of cord for our video camera and computer connection...too sad... but these pictures get the message across...

Mommy and baby watching the new sesame street sing along...

This holiday everyone just had so much fun...

and Molly managed to only injure herself one time on Papa John's door... Poor Kelly had his own battle wounds!
We could not have asked for a more eventful and wonderful holiday...we can't wait to see what joys 2008 will bring!

Friday, December 21, 2007

"Got the Betes"

So Long Carbohydrates...
Well, we found out last Friday that I will be losing a few dear friends for the next 8-9 weeks. Potatoes, Pasta and my dear beloved bagels will have to be in rare form- because as Kelly puts it: "I have got the betes". Gestational Diabetes that is. It really isn't that big a deal- it does however call for a few lifestyle changes. My meals are now on a daily regimented low carb plan where I test throughout the day to measure my glucose levels. I am starting to get the hang of it. I am not going to lie...those M&Ms were really calling my name today! It definitely is going to be a little tough to keep myself honest...but, Bellito is completely worth it. The main thing that we are working for is a healthy baby! One of the risks associated with gestational diabetes is really large babies that are weighing the pros and cons I kicked the carbs out!
I was really at this point going to show new Bellito pictures but, alas...I have yet to scan. That is the project for this weekend! Belly pictures too. I had my 31-week appointment last week and everything looked great! I now have this massive in the front belly that Molly likes to show the world when we are out and about... she has decided that lifting up Mommy's shirt to tickle me is SO FUN! Not so fun for mommy.
At the appointment, Bellito's heart rate was at a thumping 130 bpm. It sounded like a galloping horse on the doppler- so if we are going by my sister's weird test then we are having a boy...please note, we have no confirmed evidence...just fun little games to guess. Baby is head down now and BUSY! Every once and awhile you can see the curve of the knee stick out. It makes Kelly a lot-bit nervous. I can't believe that we will be meeting our little peanut so soon.
On a totally different has been a little insane for the May Family. Although, it is Christmas season- should I have expected anything less? We found out a couple weeks ago that Kelly's company was sold. It will officially cease to exist on my due date. For those of you that did not know, Kelly has been on the job search for a little bit now trying to make it easier with baby number 2. So even though Kelly was planning on is really sad to know that Metropolitan will no longer exist! Kelly has the most amazing co-workers! We love them all! My biggest wish this Christmas was for us to have a plan. After such amazing support from friends/family and some incredible prayers...the plan has arrived.
Yesterday, Kelly resigned at Metropolitan Newsletter and accepted a position in the Advertising/Publishing Department at the new AT&T branch in Dallas. This is going to be such an amazing new direction for our little family. I had an amazing lesson in patience in the past few days... it was definitely needed. I am so proud of Kelly for sticking it out through the horrible process of interviewing with companies and coming up with an amazing solution for our family. I just love him so much!
Other then that it has been Christmas crazy time! Especially at the hospital...SO BUSY preparing donations/gift/special events for the patients and families... I have also been completing Christmas shopping for family this is crunch time. As a way to save our sanity we have vetoed sending Christmas cards this year (we had such a cute picture though!) will not be getting a Christmas card from us but we wish all the joys of the holiday and new year!!! You can just get some fun birth announcement mail in February!!!
I can't believe it is just days until it ever slow down?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Time Is Here!

Wow...what a holiday packed weekend! The hunt proved to be VERY SUCCESSFUL in that we now have our lovely tree. I have to admit though it was a little hard to be in the mood to hunt a tree when it was 81 degrees outside! Needlesstosay, this is our tree...

To find the perfect Christmas Tree you must...

1. Hunt It!

Molly preferred a tree her size...

2. Cut it Down!

3. And carry it back...we put Makenzie to work on this last step...

After this you can kick back and enjoy the tree farm animals...

On the way back... the hunters take a rest...

Big Hunters too...

We then let the tree sit outside to soak up some water. Tonight was our time to decorate! I was really looking forward to decorating because it is one of my favorite memories from childhood...Molly is now finally old enough to participate in the family tradition. I was a little nervous at how the decorating started out...

* Please note- Molly face down throwing a fit! The giant orange pumpkin is her "purse"- apparently, Molly is having some difficulty letting go of past holidays. Time to move on Molly.

With a little help from Mommy...

And some star hanging with Daddy...

Fun was had by all... We are looking so forward to all the other joys to come this holiday!

Friday, December 7, 2007

A glimpse of Bellito...

Thursday was a baby day...even was a sono day! Those days make me so happy!!! Bellito looked fantastic! I tried to post the video of the sonogram but it did not work!!! I am so sad! It is an enormous file! Yikes! I left the actual pictures at work so I will have to post them later on Monday...sadness.

What we now know about Bellito:

1. Bellito has the cutest little round face- just like big sister! I mean seriously...the biggest cheeks! When Molly arrived it looked like all of her weight was in her face!

2. Bellito is breech right now... last appointment our sweet baby was head down. This tells me that we have a little acrobat!

3. Bellito is measuring a little bigger than what we had expected- about a week ahead of that original due date... I can't imagine a big baby! I am excited! I am thinking that 2/22/2008 would make for a fun birthday! Bellito could be 22 on 2/22.

4. Bellito is a thumbsucker...maybe won't have to compete with Molly on the love of pacifiers.

5. I swear that I saw a "hot dog" in the video and when I told Kelly he told me that he saw a "hamburger". So- we still will have to wait and be surprised. Gabe or Lucy... we have nothing but love for you!!!

Other news... Well, I am definitely getting bigger. My tummy hurts a little tonight because the skin feels so tight. I feel like I can't stretch anymore. My friend Stef has proved that this is not true. She had to make room for three so I need to stop complaining. I am going to see if Kelly will give me a quality belly rub... it is kinda sad that this is one of our main forms of intimacy- rubbing lotion on my ENORMOUS BUMP!

I found out today that I failed my first glucose screen. That means that on Thursday I have to have the big nasty test. Yucky yucky orange drink... I am SO SO HOPEFUL that I pass! I really don't think that I could do without my carbs/sugars! I just love potatoes, fruits, jambajuice, bagels and pasta a little too much! Pray pray that I pass this test!

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn we are driving 2 hours east to go an chop down our Christmas Tree! The hunt is on... be on the lookout for pictures coming your way!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hair Update

Okay, so the hair is not butchered...definitely shorter...but not butchered. I learned a very valuable lesson not to underestimate the power of curls...the shrink back up. Yikes!

Molly looks cute though- Her head size looks like it has upgraded to a bigger melon but that is okay. I like big heads.

Hadley, we are looking so forward to hair care lessons and her first OFFICIAL hair-cut!

*sorry that the picture is not a great was a no nap day for Molly and it was the best that I could do with her bossy busy self.

Future photographer...she even tells you say cheese.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The first unofficial trim

Tonight had to be the night. I am calling this Molly's unofficial hair trim because her first real haircut belongs to Miss Hadley Anderson. I was really trying to hold out for Hadley but today crossed the line.

Tonight was about day #130 of food in the hair. Molly's classmates at school consistently remove her of her bow resulting in more food in her hair and thus hair in her eyes. Not so great a combination. So tonight I decided to trim. You see, I figured that you really can't go too wrong with curls. One snip here and there- really it all just bounces back. My main goal was just to eliminate excess fluff. Jenna, please correct me if I am underestimating the power of curls.

So I had figured that Molly would be a little guarded and attached to her hair-maybe even a little sad to see it leave...

Nope! Not sad at all. I think that she was most excited about running around the house half naked...
So I cut her hair and then we washed it. I know, a little backwards...oh well. We will leave the quality job for Hadley and just see what awaits us in the morning.
*I would have posted a picture of Molly's little bag of hair- but as Kelly confirmed- it sort of could be mistaken for some other type of hair. Yikes!
Day after pictures to come.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Attack of the Frito Chili Pie

Dear Digestive System,

I greatly apologize for the feast of Frito Chili Pie that I consumed last night. While it was true perfection at the time it has most definitely turned on me. Who knew that my delicious warm meal would become a fire ball of death? Mr. Esophagus, I specifically would like to apologize to you...I realize that you had a really hard time last night. I really don't feel that Frito Chili Pie and I will ever be able to maintain a friendship again.

Hopefully, we can all just calm down and move past this...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Time Of Giving Thanks

These past couple days, I have been thinking about all the things that have changed over the past year. It has been a really busy year. I can't believe that Thanksgiving has now come and gone...although, I am super excited about the holiday season- I feel a little bit in shock at how fast time is moving. Remember when you were younger and weekends seemed to last forever? When it seemed like you have enough time after school to ride your bike, play with your friends, eat dinner and watch your favorite TV show? Has time really sped up or more our perspective changed?

This year I have celebrated so many beautiful weddings. I have so many more this next year to come. I can't wait. I have shared in the joy of new babies being born- even three at a time! This year all of my parents (in-laws too) moved into new homes to start new adventures! I shared in Molly's first time to sit up, first tooth, first real meal, first word, first step and survival of first illness. I was there for it all! This year, my dad turned 50 years old and my brother came home from his first time away. I am so thankful for all of these happy moments in my life.

I think that what I am most thankful though is for my change in perspective. This is the first time in my life when I have truly seen the world in a new light. At least, my own little life events. This year, I just feel so much more in touch with special moments in my life. 2006-2007, was a big struggle for my little family financially. We had numerous medical bills and the expenses of a new baby... needlesstosay; it has been very hard and stressful. Looking back, I am thankful that I have had my best friend by my side to help me find laughter in the midst of stress. I now feel like I know that it is possible to be so rich in love even though you may be so poor in income. I have always been a huge people person. Going out around Dallas with friends has always been a joy of mine. When you are the first of your friends to have a baby, it can sometimes be hard to explain why you can't make weekly happy hour or late nights at a new restaurant in Uptown. How much I have treasured weekends spent with family dinners, movie rentals and an occasional date with my husband. It is such a great new perspective to discover the joy of being home.

This past year, I have changed my perspective on love. The love that I have for Molly is different than any other kind of love I have ever known. I sometimes just wake up in the night and go check on her just because I love to watch her sleep. I am always obsessing over coughs and going to to research more on Molly's milestones. I really could talk about her all day. I will go in late to work just so that I can be the last person to say goodbye to her and the first one to greet her at the end of the day. I love that I could spend hours watching Kelly play with Molly. Seeing your husband as a father is such an amazing gift. I am thankful for the gaining the perspective of a parent. I truly believe that it has made me a better Julie.

So, as this Christmas holiday approaches I find myself looking forward to all the new and change that the season will bring. It definitely has been a great time of giving thanks!

Molly making pumpkin pie with Mommy

Granny and Molly

Daddy and tired Molly

Cousin Love

Monday, November 19, 2007

The force was too strong

Oh Lego Luke, how strong and brave you are. You look so mighty with your lightsaber and stylish black attire...did I mention that you also look seriously....delicious...

That is right. Yesterday my daughter was so taken with Lego Luke that she ate his lightsaber for a snack. Well, allegedly feasted on it-the only one to witness the feast was my four year old niece who was so lost in play that she couldn't recall all the events that took place in Nonnie's kitchen.

So, after several conversations with some other people and the physician at my hospital- I feel a little more at peace. Time will tell. Let me tell you how much of a joy it was to try and break the language barrier to explain to Molly's teacher what a lightsaber was and where it will be coming out of Molly. Come on, Star Wars? I finally drew a picture and we were on the same least I think.

I don't know why I would expect anything less of Molly. After all, her mother used to eat doodle bugs by the handful and her dad still to this day will dig food that I deemed stale out of the trash and eat it. Yikes! Molly may not have the genes for fine dining!
So as you are deciding what to make for you special thanksgiving dish- consider Luke- he even comes standard with a lightsaber tooth pick.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hello Blogger World!

For so so long I resisted the calling of blogger. I really did put up a good fight- but alas, blogger prevailed!

So, now I have embraced this really exciting way to keep friends in the loop and maintain a written outlet for life's happenings. Not a bad combination at all!

So where to begin. I live in Dallas, Texas with my amazing little family unit! I have been married to Kelly for two and a half years. He is by far the better half in this marriage. He is passionate, witty and has truly mastered the balance of sarcasm and sincerity. I was blessed to find him at 14 years old! How many people can say that they met the love of their life before they had even discovered the world of driving, contact lenses and staying out past midnight! Kelly helps me see the humor in everyday life! Where would I be without laughter!

"bubbles up the nose"

On August 14, 2006 our Miss Molly Grace May entered the world! It was amazing because we were so nervous to meet her and then when we finally did it was love at first sight! I could talk about Molly all day and still not run out of things to say! She has wild curls and an amazing laugh! Molly's personal favorites include: wearing hats, bath time, really any naked time, reading Good Night Moon, eating meatballs or pancakes, dancing to Modest Mouse, watching Baby Shakespeare and chasing after her little boyfriend Adrien- who only speaks Spanish! She does not like when she has to stay inside, the swings at the playground or hearing the word "no". Molly is a spicy, silly, mommy-loving girl...where would we be if we had never met her!!

"Molly at one week old"

"Our Bath time Girl"

"Santa's Helper"

"Molly at the Park"

"Molly and her books"

"Quiet Giggles"

So yes, it is a little obvious that I am crazy in love my daughter! How could I not?! Well, the only other one left to meet is Mr. Milo Giovanni- our tuxedo cat! He is constantly struggling to be alpha male and thinks that Molly is his kitten. Although we sometimes want to give him up for adoption- we love him so much! Milo loves his bowl to be full at all times, chicken salad, Molly's bedtime stories and playing with the milk top. He is terrified of outside and my niece Makenzie.

"Prince Milo"

It is amazing to think about adding to our family. The second time around is so different. For the first 5 months, I would forget that I was even pregnant...I guess this happens when you are chasing after a 15 month old! But, my body definitely decided to remind me that I am pregnant with my supersized belly. So, in February a new little adventure begins when we meet little Bellito. Until then, we will be enjoying the rush of the holidays, hot chocolate days and frequent doctor appointments! Thanks for taking the time to meet my little family! Updates and belly pics to follow!!!