Friday, December 7, 2007

A glimpse of Bellito...

Thursday was a baby day...even was a sono day! Those days make me so happy!!! Bellito looked fantastic! I tried to post the video of the sonogram but it did not work!!! I am so sad! It is an enormous file! Yikes! I left the actual pictures at work so I will have to post them later on Monday...sadness.

What we now know about Bellito:

1. Bellito has the cutest little round face- just like big sister! I mean seriously...the biggest cheeks! When Molly arrived it looked like all of her weight was in her face!

2. Bellito is breech right now... last appointment our sweet baby was head down. This tells me that we have a little acrobat!

3. Bellito is measuring a little bigger than what we had expected- about a week ahead of that original due date... I can't imagine a big baby! I am excited! I am thinking that 2/22/2008 would make for a fun birthday! Bellito could be 22 on 2/22.

4. Bellito is a thumbsucker...maybe won't have to compete with Molly on the love of pacifiers.

5. I swear that I saw a "hot dog" in the video and when I told Kelly he told me that he saw a "hamburger". So- we still will have to wait and be surprised. Gabe or Lucy... we have nothing but love for you!!!

Other news... Well, I am definitely getting bigger. My tummy hurts a little tonight because the skin feels so tight. I feel like I can't stretch anymore. My friend Stef has proved that this is not true. She had to make room for three so I need to stop complaining. I am going to see if Kelly will give me a quality belly rub... it is kinda sad that this is one of our main forms of intimacy- rubbing lotion on my ENORMOUS BUMP!

I found out today that I failed my first glucose screen. That means that on Thursday I have to have the big nasty test. Yucky yucky orange drink... I am SO SO HOPEFUL that I pass! I really don't think that I could do without my carbs/sugars! I just love potatoes, fruits, jambajuice, bagels and pasta a little too much! Pray pray that I pass this test!

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn we are driving 2 hours east to go an chop down our Christmas Tree! The hunt is on... be on the lookout for pictures coming your way!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear everything is well with Bellito! While I think it would be super fun for you and Kelly to have both a boy and a girl, the names Lucy and Molly are just TOO CUTE!! Take care! :)