Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Heading South

We are ready for adventure...

Almost time to load up...

We have decided to take our chaos south to ring in the new year! After a week of indecisiveness we have finally committed to taking a tiny vacation to Austin. Thank you so much Uncle Raul for letting us live in your home!!! We promise we won't break anything...too expensive.
Lots of blogging updates when we get back - you can look forward to pictures of a really cute pregnant lady, several bohemian picnics and one little man's first haircut...
See you soon! Happy 2009!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Craziness!

Well this just might be the largest post with the most pictures EVER. I seriously think that I should consider opening a flickr account for all the pictures. Okay, moving on...
Christmas came for the Mays and what a Christmas it was!!! We celebrated here, there and everywhere. Dr. Seuss could write his own book about us...well, if he hadn't died already. In two days we celebrated at...drum roll please... 6 locations!!!!! It took lots of unloading, lots of reloading and one disgruntled lonely cat to boot but everyone survived. It was busy but so much fun and we wouldn't have had it any other way.
We'll walk you through the festivities in a minute. But first of all...take a look at my wreath!!! This year I had an idea that I would make my own wreath out of live magnolia leaves and holly berries. Kelly was very uncomfortable at the idea of me scaling neighbors' trees at night to "borrow" some leaves, so we welcomed donations instead. If you are reading, thank you for your generosity. The finished product was about plan F because all the other wreath attempts were failures. Next year will be that much better now that I know what NOT to do and what I NEED to purchase. The biggest lesson learn: Don't wait until Christmas Eve - 45 minutes before mass to start making a wreath. Sorry for the added stress Kel. I am still pleased with the end result though...

I know that everybody thinks that their kids are cute but this might have been the cutest the May children have ever looked. Check out Gabriel's little suit!!!

Such a heart breaker!!!
Surprisingly, both kids did really well at Mass. Actually all of our cousins too. We took up a whole row at the church...too bad I didn't get a picture because it was sight to see! Molly loved the manger on the alter.

Gabe was even too cute for Molly. She had to give him some kisses!

All night long I attempted to get just one pretty Christmas picture in their fancy clothes. I quickly realized after several attempts that it wasn't going to happen. Here are my personal favorites... check out these excited facial expressions...

Presents at Granny's was so much fun for our little man. The excitement just tuckered him out. Gabriel has a tendency to fall asleep like this everywhere. He is known to fall asleep right next to a Foosball tournament in action. I take so many pictures of him sleeping like this because it just blows me away how different he and Molly can be.

One of our biggest family traditions is the star present. Every year you can open one present before you go to bed. You can open your present with the star on the label AKA star present. Every year it is the same thing. Your Christmas jammies. Mommy and Daddy have star presents too. This year the kiddos have the cutest STAR presents! (pardon Molly's hair...it really was the best shot...)

Molly was all into Santa preparation this year. This included lining up Santa's meal choices... Milk, Cookies, Avocados and Grapes. Apparently, Molly informed me that Santa does not like cookies. He likes Avocados. Way to make the healthy choice Santa. We left the reindeer some freshly peeled carrots.
Molly kept saying she was not tired but when I reminded her that Santa would not come until all the kids fell asleep there was a blur of frizzy hair running for bed. She was out in about 5 minutes. Santa most definitely did not overlook the May children.

Here is a look at Molly's loot...
And Gabriel got some great toys too!!!

Christmas morning was sooo exciting...

And sooooo early for Mommy....

Molly was so excited because Santa brought her what she had asked him for... her sweet new baby. She has decided that her name is "Baby Lily" after her friend Lily Rogers. Their resemblance is uncanny

Playing at home quickly became breakfast at Nonnie's. This might have been Gabe's favorite part of Christmas... here he is enjoying his second breakfast!
Molly had some great snuggle time with Uncle Jake...
while Gabriel ate wrapping paper...
By the 6th present he had this opening thing down...
Midmorning Lunch at Papa's was rockin'...

Afternoon dinner at Haji and Gigi's was so memorable!!!
and the perfect place to practice some new dance moves on the DDR.
Our final destination was dessert at Grandma's were cousin's visited, Gabe took a nap,
And Molly got to know the fish...

Really got to know the fish...
Christmas was fun but we are definitely enjoying our restful day at home before some birthday cake tonight with Uncle Jake!

Happy holidays from Maytown!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Perfect day for snuggling if you ask me. Stay warm!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Favorite things

These are a few of his favorite things...

Also not depicted: playing with Mardi Gras beads, flushing the toilet (often times while someone is going to the bathroom), playing with the Tivo remote and chasing Molly under the kitchen table.
This is definitely a reflection of a day in the life of Gabriel.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Now tell me. Would you be able to stop at Mile 15.5 of 26.2 to pose for a picture?
NO WAY!!! Only the TRUE runners can do that. Way to go Heather- we are SO proud of you! What a marathon superwoman!!!

Gabe has asked me to make sure that you noted his presence at the race this morning as well. He was a bit annoyed that he did not make the pictures.

Christmas Books

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to curl up by the Christmas tree with a book and some Christmas music playing. Hot chocolate always makes the experience just about perfect. So, it is really fun to see Molly and Gabriel enjoying one of Mommy's favorite things. I love how much they play and laugh together now. Yes, they fight more too but we are going to focus on warm fuzzies solamente during this post.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

North Park Trauma

You may know this Christmas character as Ebenezer Scrooge. But to Molly-he is someone else...

Meet: "Scrooge driver"

Molly was back to her normal self today- thank goodness! So now that she was back among the living we thought it would be fun for her to enjoy some Christmas fun at Northpark Center. For as long as I can remember they have the Scrooge puppet theatre and we thought that Molly would love it. Think again.

We arrived early and had a great spot. It really got crowded fast. Right as the program starts you can hear Scrooge but you cannot see him yet. It is at this point that Molly covers her eyes to "hide". Apparently, she understood the anticipation of his arrival quite well- she was not a fan. In her defense because of our great seats it did look like Scroogedriver was pointing and talking right at her...aggressively. We lasted at the program for about 3 minutes. Molly almost instantly asked to get back in her stroller. If you know Molly than you know how out of character that is for her. It was definitely time to make like a banana and SPLIT!

As we were leaving we did run into Molly's best friend Avery. I guess it is always a comfort to see your best friend when you are sad because Molly sure did perk right back up. For the remainder of our shopping extravaganza, Molly kept referencing how the "Screwdriver made her sad at the house". It took us about 30 minutes to discover that screwdriver was really "Scroogedriver" and the house was really part of the puppet display. Silly Molly.

As I was laying her down for nap she told me all about Scroogedriver's mean fingers. Such trauma for Ms. Molly. I think we will just focus on happy Christmas characters for the remainder of the holiday season. It seems to work best for our Molly girl.

So stay away Mr. Scrooge because apparently you are not welcomed in to Molly's company. Ba-Humbug!

Friday, December 12, 2008


You know a day has been completely unfortunate when the biggest highlight is really just the dream of a potential shower. It doesn't even have to happen... just the fact that it MIGHT happen is about the only motivator to muscle through the moment at hand.
What a 24 hours. After several hours of waiting yesterday in FREEZING cold conditions the diagnosis came. We needed a new radiator. So, that was fun news to hear. Hooray for renting. We rarely get to boast about that. I have to say I think our current radiator might have been a little relieved. It just looked tired and sad. So it was off to my mom's for slumber party number 2.
We really did make the most of it though. I ran to the hospital really quickly to get some work that HAD to be completed while Kelly transported the crew to Nonnie's. Dinner, bath and bed went pretty smoothly. I think that it might have been the waking to someone throwing up on you that didn't go over so well. Yep. Pretty sure that might have been when it all headed south.
I think that we were at eruption #7 when the repairman called with the good news: he could meet us in 45 minutes with the new radiator. This would have been great except that BOTH kids were actually asleep and I was just about to have my highly coveted shower. Such a loss. Luckily, my Dad took Gabe for the morning. Sweet sicky and I braved the cold of home. I don't think it is ever a good sign when you can see your breath in your own home. COLD.

I have survived two moments in my life when I have been pushed just about to the point of cracking. Today might have been moment number three.

I will paint you a picture:

Imagine a LOT of luggage (okay really a ridiculous amount of luggage for just two nights away). In the process of unloading it outside (where it was warmer than inside), Molly looks at me with a very telling look. You guessed it... and it went everywhere (even on the inside of my zip jacket). We walk into the house where 5 grown men are putting in the new radiator. It was a zoo. This is where the cracking almost occurs. It is at this moment that I am informed that this radiator party is moving to the attic. The only entrance to the attic is in Molly's closet. Unfortunately, ALL of our Christmas presents for the kids have been living in that part of the closet. ALL OF THEM. So here is how it went.

Molly sits ,bundled up in her heavy coat, on her window seat facing away from the closet with her throw up bowl in between her legs counting the crows in the yard while I frantically moved the Christmas presents to the other side of the closet. Please keep in the mind that the goo inside the zip jacket is still there. It was ummm...nice. We'll go with nice.

An hour an half later the heat came. Molly has temporarily ceased with the tummy troubles and is dealing with another heat issue. Thank the lord for Motrin. I do know that we will get through today but I have to tell you... this might just be the best shower of my life...once I actually get one.

Think good thoughts for us!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dear home heating system,

I am sorry that you are not feeling well. It really is a shame that you chose the coldest night in Dallas to get sick but I understand you had been running for two days straight. I mean really, who has that kind of stamina? We are working on getting you well. We have made some calls and are trying to get you only the best care. Please do not be offended that we abandoned you in your moment of need. I know it was uncomfortable for everyone involved. We promise that we will come home soon. Think of it as just a visit to Nonnie's house.

Molly and Gabriel miss you too. They would like for you to tell their toys hello for them.

Get some rest now because pretty soon you will be up and running again.

Your family

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hippo Hero

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

Well. We did it.

180.8 miles and one eaten antler later...

We have a tree!!!! We heart trail creek farm.

Some good lookin' tree farm cousins...

then the tiniest cousins that were too cool for antlers...
All the grandkids and Papa John (Minus Gabe- he was too busy chasing the tree farm dog)
From bottom left: Meg, Andrew, Papa John, Makenzie and Molly

Kelly let Andrew cut down our tree. Gabe decided to help too...
After all that tree cutting it was time for an antler snack...

Such a nice tree!

Great for decorating!

Whew! Christmas fun can be SO exhausting! This picture represents why Molly and Gabe typically are in bed by 7:15 pm.