Saturday, December 13, 2008

North Park Trauma

You may know this Christmas character as Ebenezer Scrooge. But to Molly-he is someone else...

Meet: "Scrooge driver"

Molly was back to her normal self today- thank goodness! So now that she was back among the living we thought it would be fun for her to enjoy some Christmas fun at Northpark Center. For as long as I can remember they have the Scrooge puppet theatre and we thought that Molly would love it. Think again.

We arrived early and had a great spot. It really got crowded fast. Right as the program starts you can hear Scrooge but you cannot see him yet. It is at this point that Molly covers her eyes to "hide". Apparently, she understood the anticipation of his arrival quite well- she was not a fan. In her defense because of our great seats it did look like Scroogedriver was pointing and talking right at her...aggressively. We lasted at the program for about 3 minutes. Molly almost instantly asked to get back in her stroller. If you know Molly than you know how out of character that is for her. It was definitely time to make like a banana and SPLIT!

As we were leaving we did run into Molly's best friend Avery. I guess it is always a comfort to see your best friend when you are sad because Molly sure did perk right back up. For the remainder of our shopping extravaganza, Molly kept referencing how the "Screwdriver made her sad at the house". It took us about 30 minutes to discover that screwdriver was really "Scroogedriver" and the house was really part of the puppet display. Silly Molly.

As I was laying her down for nap she told me all about Scroogedriver's mean fingers. Such trauma for Ms. Molly. I think we will just focus on happy Christmas characters for the remainder of the holiday season. It seems to work best for our Molly girl.

So stay away Mr. Scrooge because apparently you are not welcomed in to Molly's company. Ba-Humbug!

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