Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gabe's Eight.


Hey there, birthday boy.

I can't even begin to tell you how much it causes my heart to leap straight in to the depth of my belly when I think about you being eight-years-old. My goodness, we got here fast. Yet, when I stop and think about your insatiable hunger for all things both food and worldly knowledge... eight seems just about the most perfect place for you to be.

Each year I go into the start of it weary of the unknown and then find myself longing for just one more day of that age come year end. It is a measure of the greatness of you, Son. Of all my children, you are the one to grow me the most as a Mom- consistently taking me out of my comforts of my childhood knowledge and plopping me right in the world of all things Minecraft, Pokemon and Starwars. My google search history is the most ridiculous smorgasbord of all things Gabriel May. It is a struggle to keep up with that curiosity, kid. I promise you this... I will never stop trying to see the world the way you do. 

Such a year of growth for you, buddy. About 5 inches taller, 10 lbs heavier and 15 more freckles in, I'd guess. This year sure had some weight in all that fun, no? You experienced loss when your very best friend moved away, some frustration when you couldn't keep focus in school and for the first time in forever, took a pause to see where it is in this family you fit. While the growing pains of year seven were steered through some uncertain waters, I feel we have all emerged stronger swimmers with a healthier senses of selves. We've got this, buddy. You see... I feel all the feelings too. 

While you clutched deeply to non-fiction and all things tangible, I introduced you to Harry Potter. Suddenly, the magic of each day was renewed and just twinkles in your sweet, dimpled smile. I have to say... non-fiction is grand and all but I selfishly am loving all the imagining and exploring in our days. The tree climbing, fictional drawings and Lego creations are truly incredible. Your ideas on how things should work (and will work when you're through with it) never ceases to amaze me. Every day, I get a little glance at the man you are becoming. A loving, kind-hearted, curious, gentle baby-whisperer of a kid. Sounds a lot like another great guy in this family I love. Funny how that happens.

So here we are. Ready to explore all the greatness of eight. Regardless of what we meet, it sure feels lovely to know we're in it together. 

Love you so.

Gabe's 8th Birthday from Julie May on Vimeo.