Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Holidays 2014

Our holiday in pictures... (and soooooo much greatness not even pictured!!!)

Fall in the Neighborhood


Fall whispered her color gently outside my front room window.

And because I didn't seem to notice, she decided to show off a little.

The seasonal celebrations of our neighborhood have perhaps been the most amazing surprise of this whole buying a home experience. I mean, come on... why didn't they even mention them when we were looking at the house? I would have been a much easier sell!

Aside from having such amazing community, our little ole' hood has four seasonal parties a year. At each one, there are amazing treats, farm animals, fun outdoorsy activities... all for free. Well, I know our HOA dues help pay for it all but still... it feels free.

The winter party includes a tree lighting, caroling, GIANT fire-pit, Christmas bounce houses, popcorn, hot chocolate and farm animals. Last year I fed a calf from a giant bottle. I might have cried I was so happy.

This year did not disappoint... annnnnnd it wasn't 27 degrees like the previous winter fest.


I'm pretty sure Lucy's baby goat might have died that evening from internal bleeding. My sweet little, Lenny  Lucy.

Hey kid.

These are the eyes of a child begging me for a Christmas goat.

I was almost sold. Almost.

This was a runner up for our yearly Christmas card. Molly ran out of our family picture with Santa and so one of her buddies offered to be a stand in. I mean, who could tell them apart? Identical those two.

And just so you don't think we gave Annie away or anything. I know she hasn't had a strong presence in recent posts... 

Still here. Still cute.

We love our little neighborhood so much. Annnd the house next door is coming for sale after the first of the year. Would be frowned upon to hang a sign from my tree mandating that fun people with lots of kids move next door???

Holiday Spin

I pretty much love that I hop between both boxes labeled extrovert or introvert. Quite honestly, I am more often than not an introvert posing as an extrovert when overwhelmed. Once back in secure state, I basically barricade the front door and become a hermit for a few weeks. I'm not proud.

In all phases of my life, one of my favorite things is when I am so removed for a moment that I can notice something that I completely would have missed if I had been right there in the extroverted mix of it all. Wouldn't you know, that single moment of isolation might possibly be my most favorite moment experienced during the holidays?

Standing in the middle of my Dad's busy living room Christmas Day, I stopped and looked all around me. In this one moment, absolutely everybody I loved was right in the middle of talking to someone else they loved. And there, standing off on my temporary island, I soaked up all that beauty of that life happening around me.

Annnnnnnd I stood in a circle and took pictures... so you can soak up all that familial magic too. You're welcome.

Abby was an island too.

Perhaps not by choice though.