Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boxes, Bunnies and Babies...

Okay...So I think that I definitely might have crossed a line and completely reached a limit. I think that I might have been a little crazy to try and handle this big of a move at this big of a time in my life. Forget that I had a baby 5 weeks ago and chase after a 19 month old on a daily basis...we can even overlook the bunches of junk we have accumulated over the years...but throw in a holiday weekend with a visit from Easter bunny and we might have just maxed out a little bit!

First of all- for those of you that don't know this about me- I love to set up. When I was little the majority of my play was just setting up the play theme... so, living among boxes just isn't my thing...I like to have my home feel home. So this equates to staying up as late as I possibly can to try and master the feat of unpacking. After a week of no sleep... I hit a new low... that is right... I fell asleep brushing my teeth. I like to think of it as a little power nap. After all, doesn't everyone close their eyes when they brush their teeth...really scrub? Think about it. You are mimicking you teeth brushing aren't you to see if you do in fact close your eyes...don't fall asleep... anyways- new all time low. I think it made Kelly a little nervous because he called me from work to tell me that in the evening I had to leave the house alone for do "something for myself". Of all the places to choose...Elizabeth Arden red door salon, cheesecake factory, etc...I choose WALMART. Let it be known... I HATE walmart. In fact, I avoid it at all costs... I am a Target girl and Walmart's organization makes me nervous. Walmart is okay with boxes everywhere... remember- I am not that person. But I needed a phone and Target was reordering phones so alas, I roamed walmart like a sleepless crazy person... finally, things are getting settled and I have had some sleep. It is amazing how much better you feel after a nice long nap. Anyways, here are some pictures to document the past week...

Step 1. The packing process. For every 5 boxes I packed. Molly unpacked 1. That was really fun. In this phase I came realize that the May family needs to forget Dallas and join the circus. My children are clowns. We took breaks in the packing to play! Gabe just loves his tummy time...

And look at this toot!
Step 2. Moving Day! We had an amazing crew of movers that really busted on their Saturday before Easter to get us into our new home! We are so thankful for such awesome friends and family! I meant to take more pictures but only remembered when it was time for the celebratory beer.

Step 3: Moving Night= Easter Prep Time! You have to have some eggs for the bunny to hide! This Easter was SO MUCH FUN because Molly was really into the coloring!

I really don't like this picture of me but Molly's facial expression was too cute!

Two eggs at a time...she is an old pro now!

Step 4: Easter morning! Hooray for bunny visits! We had a great Easter morning, went to church, saw some family and took the BEST NAP EVER!

I guess I have been overworking my children too...Molly would not wake up for Easter morning...this is what we had to work with.

Molly made sure that Gabriel had his share of Easter eggs too.

What a morning!!! Two tired boys!

Step 5: Getting Settled. So here we are...getting things settled! I finally have Internet as of about 3 hours ago! WHOO HOO! Our days are filled with a little unpacking...

A little art...

A little face to face flirting:

A little bit of downward dog...

And nap time in some brand new rooms...

I will say that waking up Easter morning in our new home was probably the best feeling ever! We will send new home pictures soon! Thanks for reading this INSANELY long post!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling...

Look at these little leprechauns!!!
Yesterday was our family St. Patrick's Day Party!!! It is our families largest holiday gathering of the all started with one Irish Grandma...
It was traditional Janick family Hoopa! Lots of green children, green beer, Irish potatoes and corn beef/cabbage... yummy! Molly and Gabriel had so much fun spending time with their Celtic family members!
It was hard to not pinch this little man...but we couldn't- he was wearing green!
Hope that you all had a blast on St. Patty's!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hold the kisses please.

Remember all those lovely pictures of Molly kissing Gabe that just melted your little heart... well I vaguely remember them. It is hard to completely recall because I am so immersed in the snotty fest that has spread between my children. That is right...3 weeks old and already sporting a cold. I guess Gabriel is getting acclimated to the outside world a little early!

It really is a mild cold. The pediatrician said everything else was fine... he taught me how to suction a nose like never before!!! I admit, I just might be a little too scared to be that aggressive with my sweet boy's nose. Isn't there something to be said about over-suctioning? Why didn't I ask this question at the doctors today? See...this is why you always write stuff down before the doctor visits! Molly had a blast at the doctor's office. She has decided it is REALLY fun to go and play with all the toys, get free stickers and not have to have any pokes... smart cookie our Molly.

Tonight, Molly asked to sit on the big girl potty. She requested her to read her book about going to the potty...we were all for it. She kept sitting there and then before you know it... she actually poo pooed in the potty! HOLY COW! Now, please don't think we are those maniac parents that are forcing this... when it is time she will tell us...kinda like she did tonight...I am telling you she is a smart cookie. She must have crunched the numbers and is fully understanding how much we will save with only one in diapers.

So anyways... a glimpse at our day today. And, today I packed one box! Hooray! One down a million to go... but, hey- it is a start!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Three Musketeers

I am now a stay at home mom of two children officially. Friday, was Molly's last day of school. The amazing thing to me is the bittersweet emotion that fills my heart today. Being home with Molly everyday has been my dream since the day she was born. I have eagerly awaited for when it would be possible with my profession and financially to be home. Finally, that time has come. And why I am overjoyed and excited about my extra time with Molly and heart feels a little sad. Sadness towards the loss of the amazing people that have surrounded my daughter with daily love.

I think the biggest gift that someone can give to a working mom is love and passion to her child in the absence of her presence. LHCDC was that gift to me. I know that daycare facilities are places where you send your child to be cared for and have their most basic needs met while you are at work. It is just LHCDC was so much more than that to me. I am hopeful that other parents have found a daycare that loves every child with the passion that this staff does. They care for the class and love each child for the unique and beautiful little person that they are. I look back on our time at LHCDC to the days of Molly's reflux, torticollis stretches, her 8000 ear infections/antibiotic doses and her countless refusals to nap. Each moment of struggle we had for Molly, they were there to support us through it. It has truly been a blessing. We are so thankful to the love and kindness that the staff gave to our family. They will forever be in our hearts! So Molly's last day was filled with joy and tears... how do you say goodbye to someone who has been your child's primary care provider for 40+ hours a week except to just say thank you for helping to build a loving "home" environment for my Molly.

I am so excited about this new phase that awaits us. I am not going to lie, Saturday was a day of challenges. Molly has decided she loves her brother but not so much her mommy and daddy these days. Well, I think at the moment she actually kicked Gabriel in the head she was not too fond of him either. That is okay though. I know that regression is normal and Molly is definitely letting us know that she is now the boss of her world. I think some consistency at home is going to be a great thing for us all.

This picture portrays Molly's full regression. Please note the pacifier in the mouth (we have been paci free FOREVER!), her refusal to leave her shirt on and her decision to only wear one shoe- no more/no less. Oh Miss Molly...where would we be without your spice?

I am so happy to report that Sunday was SO MUCH BETTER! I am feeling a lot less anxious about everything. Kelly and I were able to have a date night at such an amazing wedding!!! I am so sad that I have no pictures to post from it as I left my camera at home. Stink! Sunday, was just a lazy day for us all. Molly had so much fun playing with Gabriel today. It was so nice to see her play with him! We were trying some tummy time for Gabe and Molly was his biggest supporter.
She was actually cheering him on at this time.

When the tummy was no longer fun, Molly was there to give kisses.

Then they just visited and took a rest break.

I could definitely have more days like today. Say a prayer that I get the hang of this whole new life change! We are moving this week so it will definitely be a week's worth of change!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You've got my vote...

my vote for the cutest kids that is!!! I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it is to be SO IN LOVE with two of the most amazing little people in the world! Yesterday, was a voting day and the May family was ready for it!!!

Gabriel and I were dressed for success as we entered the voting poll... he whispered his vote in my ear and I would fill in the circle...we make a great team!

Gabe wanted to make sure that everyone knew what side of political scale he resides in...
Molly was rallying to make as many banners as she could... she even hired in some support staff...

Afterwards, it was a lot of preparation with Papa John for the caucus that night. She had to make sure Papa was well-versed in her wishes as the meeting was past her bedtime...Papa would have to represent.

What a political day!