Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Three Musketeers

I am now a stay at home mom of two children officially. Friday, was Molly's last day of school. The amazing thing to me is the bittersweet emotion that fills my heart today. Being home with Molly everyday has been my dream since the day she was born. I have eagerly awaited for when it would be possible with my profession and financially to be home. Finally, that time has come. And why I am overjoyed and excited about my extra time with Molly and heart feels a little sad. Sadness towards the loss of the amazing people that have surrounded my daughter with daily love.

I think the biggest gift that someone can give to a working mom is love and passion to her child in the absence of her presence. LHCDC was that gift to me. I know that daycare facilities are places where you send your child to be cared for and have their most basic needs met while you are at work. It is just LHCDC was so much more than that to me. I am hopeful that other parents have found a daycare that loves every child with the passion that this staff does. They care for the class and love each child for the unique and beautiful little person that they are. I look back on our time at LHCDC to the days of Molly's reflux, torticollis stretches, her 8000 ear infections/antibiotic doses and her countless refusals to nap. Each moment of struggle we had for Molly, they were there to support us through it. It has truly been a blessing. We are so thankful to the love and kindness that the staff gave to our family. They will forever be in our hearts! So Molly's last day was filled with joy and tears... how do you say goodbye to someone who has been your child's primary care provider for 40+ hours a week except to just say thank you for helping to build a loving "home" environment for my Molly.

I am so excited about this new phase that awaits us. I am not going to lie, Saturday was a day of challenges. Molly has decided she loves her brother but not so much her mommy and daddy these days. Well, I think at the moment she actually kicked Gabriel in the head she was not too fond of him either. That is okay though. I know that regression is normal and Molly is definitely letting us know that she is now the boss of her world. I think some consistency at home is going to be a great thing for us all.

This picture portrays Molly's full regression. Please note the pacifier in the mouth (we have been paci free FOREVER!), her refusal to leave her shirt on and her decision to only wear one shoe- no more/no less. Oh Miss Molly...where would we be without your spice?

I am so happy to report that Sunday was SO MUCH BETTER! I am feeling a lot less anxious about everything. Kelly and I were able to have a date night at such an amazing wedding!!! I am so sad that I have no pictures to post from it as I left my camera at home. Stink! Sunday, was just a lazy day for us all. Molly had so much fun playing with Gabriel today. It was so nice to see her play with him! We were trying some tummy time for Gabe and Molly was his biggest supporter.
She was actually cheering him on at this time.

When the tummy was no longer fun, Molly was there to give kisses.

Then they just visited and took a rest break.

I could definitely have more days like today. Say a prayer that I get the hang of this whole new life change! We are moving this week so it will definitely be a week's worth of change!


Anonymous said...

Where are you guys moving to? I know Kelly said that you were thinking of renting a house... Gabriel looks great!


Heather Anderson said...

I am so excited for you. It is going to be so great for your family to be home. Molly will test her limits and still melt your heart daily, I am sure. It was so good to see you Saturday night. You looked great. Tell Kelly if he doesn't want to come all the way to OCH to drop those clothes boxes, I can come by there and save him a trip. Just let me know! Love ya'll!

Carole said...

that picture of molly with the pacifier cracks me up. she'll come around:)

HeatherBakes said...

Those tummy time pictures are precious! Dude, I still have Molly's toy... I promise I'll bring it by this week (although I admit I am enjoying playing with the tiny wooden pirate in my car).