Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hold the kisses please.

Remember all those lovely pictures of Molly kissing Gabe that just melted your little heart... well I vaguely remember them. It is hard to completely recall because I am so immersed in the snotty fest that has spread between my children. That is right...3 weeks old and already sporting a cold. I guess Gabriel is getting acclimated to the outside world a little early!

It really is a mild cold. The pediatrician said everything else was fine... he taught me how to suction a nose like never before!!! I admit, I just might be a little too scared to be that aggressive with my sweet boy's nose. Isn't there something to be said about over-suctioning? Why didn't I ask this question at the doctors today? See...this is why you always write stuff down before the doctor visits! Molly had a blast at the doctor's office. She has decided it is REALLY fun to go and play with all the toys, get free stickers and not have to have any pokes... smart cookie our Molly.

Tonight, Molly asked to sit on the big girl potty. She requested her to read her book about going to the potty...we were all for it. She kept sitting there and then before you know it... she actually poo pooed in the potty! HOLY COW! Now, please don't think we are those maniac parents that are forcing this... when it is time she will tell us...kinda like she did tonight...I am telling you she is a smart cookie. She must have crunched the numbers and is fully understanding how much we will save with only one in diapers.

So anyways... a glimpse at our day today. And, today I packed one box! Hooray! One down a million to go... but, hey- it is a start!

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Heather Anderson said...

Parker is evidently way behind on the potty training. I would have called you this weekend for a play date but I figured you were busy moving. Send me your new address when you get a chance. Hope all is well!