Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween in the 'Hood

Man, O Man, do I love me some Halloween?! I especially love that it starts so early for us (I shamefully start decorating around September 15th.) With kids, I have found Halloween is not at all just the actual night... Oh no... you have parties at school and get-togethers with friends all leading up to the BIG night!

This year, we broke away from the theme (tear.) Well, sort of. In all fairness, they still went Disney... and both were feature films released (or re-released) this year. So there, I can connect. Molly is going as Belle and Gabriel as buzz light year. Yesterday when we were visiting with some friends, Gabriel was asked who he was going to be for Halloween and he immediately informed them that he was going to be a fireman. Well... there is no fireman costume and really not much time for a little switcheroo in the final inning... We were really hopeful that once the costume finally came on he would be SO excited. And... he was.

Such a cute Disney duo!!!

Tonight was our neighborhood mom's group Halloween party. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for these AWESOME Moms... and even better, because they actually live just streets (if not the same street) away then we are never too late for playdates. See, one less tragic character flaw. Whew. This party was sooo fun and exactly the kind of gala Princess Belle had in mind.
Now Buzz, he was more about making noise. Lots and lots of superhero noise.

Molly and Noah were really into this whole cauldron brewing thing and because Gabey is pretty much ALL over Noah's space at ALL times, this was a nice distraction from the wind chime.

You see, Gabriel LOVED this cauldron.

He even trialed a few spells of his own... all against the Emperor Zurg, of course.
So, two of my most favorite things are captured in the picture below. I was in charge of bringing donuts and string for the "activity". Apparently, this is different version of bobbing for apples and I had no idea how it was going to work out... THIS was perhaps my most favorite 10 minutes of the party. The kids couldn't use their hands and were all lined up trying to eat a hanging donut. So funny! My other most favorite thing was the hilarious Hangover costume in the picture too... and yes, the baby could have been Carlos.
Check out Molly's intensity and sneaky cheating ways... at least she wasn't alone.
After shamefully eating our Halloween handouts all week, I did learn tonight that last year we had a BUNCH of trick or treaters in the neighborhood. Eek! Might have to resort to handing out canned food if I don't stop with the kit kats STAT!
Stay tuned for Halloweeny fun!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gabriel Sings!

We are now starting to see how much Gabey loves his preschool. This boy sings all day long. And talks all day long... remember when he was the quiet one? Sigh.

(Don't forget to pause my music on the side---I sort of forget it is there because I mute it)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm a Baylor Bear?

While we do bleed burnt orange in the May household (or at least 75% of us do...), this weekend we decided to take a different approach and pay a visit to good ole' Waco for their homecoming. No, we weren't Baylor graduates but some of our favorites were and there was NO way that we were going to miss a chance to see their cute faces with them so close to home.

So, we donned our green and gold and headed for a morning with the bears. First of all, how cool is this homecoming? Major parade? Beautiful displays... tons of alumni... way to go, Baylor.

Sic' em bears. (Can you tell by Gabey's tired little eyes that this morning started a wee early?) Nothing a little parade candy can't fix!
It was a best best kind of love day.

Which can really only guarentee joy.
And while it wasn't ideal parade-goin' weather...

We sure did have an incredible time! (Ugh, blurry iphone pictures..)
After the parade, I was introduced to this adorable shopping venue called Spice and then tasted the wonderfulness that is Waco Ninfa's. And yes, for some reason it is SO much better in Waco. Hmm. Molly and Avery (and Mr. P.) lead us on a walking tour of campus to see some college favorites! As it turns out--- 4-year-olds are not too good with maps.

Thanks for playing with us today, Millers!!! Such a fun Waco date!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fighting Through.

For the past 7 days our family has met with the head-cold-of-death. Seriously, this thing has been a whip. This of course explains the lack of blogging, playing with neighbors, of doing laundry consistently, maintaining a clean environment, you know... the important stuff. I will say that we are at about 92% now minus a gunky cough and we will take it. Everyone now has clean underwear. Big progress, folks.

Once the fevers all broke this past weekend, we were free to take to sunshine in small doses. A little vitamin D can really go a long way! This weekend we did venture to the Fall fest at what might-potentially-more-than-likely be Molly's elementary school next year. The kids were pumped to get to do all things Halloweeny and the parents were excited to check out the school. We are new to this whole public school thing and we have a LOT to learn. All-in-all, we had a great time and especially loved seeing all of our neighbor friends at the festival... pretty cool that they will all be at the same school. Felt a little like good ole' Lake Highlands. We are all about elementary schools that get AWESOME neighborhood support.

And the kids. Well, what was not to love? Where else can you sport hair to match your clothing?

pick up and hold the cutest little piggie ever?

and manage to go home with all of the outdoors right there on your face?

Fall fest success! Hard to believe that kindergarten round up is this spring. How did we get here so fast?!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Daze

Some school mornings we just can't get moving fast enough. Can you guess who was running a little slow today? At least we were able to multi-task and brush teeth while putting pants on.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Littlest fan!

Wow! What a night for our beloved Rangers! I don't know if many of you out there our baseball fans (how can you not be?! cute boys, tight pants... I kid, I kid.) but this was quite a series... all the way to the 5th game! Kelly and I have followed the Rangers our entire lives and both have some of our own greatest childhood memories from the ballparks (old and new). So when Ian Kinsler scores a home run of course the only response would be for Kelly to tear off his shirt and run laps around our living room with the dog... and me, yes well the mess of hormonal craziness that I have become sought this is a prime time to have a little sports cry. Why not.

And, while this was all going on I am sure that our Bellini was rooting too with his/her own little fist pumps!

followed by some stomping and dancing too...

The Rangers might be looking at their littlest best fan...

Who I am sure would have sports cried right along with me too had he/she developed tear ducts yet.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The State Fair of Texas

The State Fair is one of my most favorite Dallas "fall" activities. Every year, the fair opens on my birthday weekend... when I was little I sort of thought of it as a little birthday present for me. Oh who am I kidding! I still think that. I love the fair. It is over-priced, crowded, LOUD... but oh, the fried goodness and fantastic rides always keeps me coming back.

This weekend was one of the best Dallas weekends we have ever had! In fact between the past two weekends, we have seen SO many people and places that we love. I needed it--- I really wish there were some way to merge Austin with all that we love in Dallas. I'll let you know when I figure that one out.

But back to the fair. I am going to warn you. Not one smiling kid picture in the whole lot. Well, I take it back---there are a couple almost smiles. Don't get me wrong! Molly and Gabriel had a blast in every way but you see, they were a bit run down. We are still new at this whole "visiting" Dallas thing and so family slumber parties seem to focus more on the party and less on the slumber for at least the first night or so. The night before our fair trip, Gabriel decided that 4 am-7am was the best time to jump on the bed and sing... this is definitely reflected in the pictures. What an awesome, delicious, smile-less fun time.

Last year, we came to the fair on an afternoon weekend and arrived at an insane barnyard full of fat, sleepy and overly fed animals. Who knew that a weekday morning could be so different! These animals were STARVING... which worked well for them until Gabriel started eating their corn kernels too...

He made his peace with the animals though and continued to fill their tummies.
Gabriel is in about 15 pictures for other families and yet he never managed to get the timing quite right for ours.

It's a work in progress, folks.
Gabriel might have broken the rules and attempted lap number two on the tractor. He wouldn't leave without kissing it goodbye.

Hooray for our annual corney dog picture!

Can we say food coma?

And yet, they rallied. We all did.

Oh State Fair, the Mays heart(burn) you greatly! Crazy to think that next year there will be FIVE of us in our corney dog picture!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

We are the smoke free class of 2000...

Okay, so this blog post is not very exciting or even well written. I am sleepy from work but didn't want to miss a chance to post about our GREAT weekend in Dallas. This weekend was reunion weekend for our High School. 10 years. I know some readers have now decided that we are still very young... while others... not so much. Old or young, I could care less because what a FUN weekend we had! In fact, it was so much fun that I really didn't take any pictures past the arboretum--- so thanks Lauren and Heather for letting me steal!

When we arrived in Dallas' cool and awesome fall weather, we escaped outside and told ourselves to...

What better outside pumpkiny fun than Arboretum's fall fest? We love that our membership is still in full swing through December... we will miss it come spring. Look how awesome these "swans" are!
If you have an opportunity to soak up some fall fun, I suggest you don't overlook the arboretum.

This place is just SO.MUCH.FUN.
especially the running around part and dancing amongst the pumpkin mountains.
Later that night we headed out to our high school homecoming game. I love high school football! My littlest sister was on the homecoming court and she looked BEAUTIFUL. These pictures totally don't do any justice.

Gabriel and Molly had some MUCH needed time with their cousins and grandparents!

It was a heart happy sort of night, indeed.

Can you believe that I have known these girls since I was seven-years-old?!?!

Our reunion event was held at Sambuca in Uptown. The cool front blew through right in the middle of it which really left you only two options... 1. Drink until you "warm up" or for us preggos out there :) 2. Eat spicy food.
I really wish I could see all these people from my past on a regular basis! Nice to have friendships that I know will stay strong for so many more years... already looking forward to our 20 year reunion...

Headed back to Dallas for some fun this weekend too! Hoping for some wonderful fall weather that is perfect for some corney dog eating!