Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fighting Through.

For the past 7 days our family has met with the head-cold-of-death. Seriously, this thing has been a whip. This of course explains the lack of blogging, playing with neighbors, of doing laundry consistently, maintaining a clean environment, you know... the important stuff. I will say that we are at about 92% now minus a gunky cough and we will take it. Everyone now has clean underwear. Big progress, folks.

Once the fevers all broke this past weekend, we were free to take to sunshine in small doses. A little vitamin D can really go a long way! This weekend we did venture to the Fall fest at what might-potentially-more-than-likely be Molly's elementary school next year. The kids were pumped to get to do all things Halloweeny and the parents were excited to check out the school. We are new to this whole public school thing and we have a LOT to learn. All-in-all, we had a great time and especially loved seeing all of our neighbor friends at the festival... pretty cool that they will all be at the same school. Felt a little like good ole' Lake Highlands. We are all about elementary schools that get AWESOME neighborhood support.

And the kids. Well, what was not to love? Where else can you sport hair to match your clothing?

pick up and hold the cutest little piggie ever?

and manage to go home with all of the outdoors right there on your face?

Fall fest success! Hard to believe that kindergarten round up is this spring. How did we get here so fast?!

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