Sunday, October 10, 2010

The State Fair of Texas

The State Fair is one of my most favorite Dallas "fall" activities. Every year, the fair opens on my birthday weekend... when I was little I sort of thought of it as a little birthday present for me. Oh who am I kidding! I still think that. I love the fair. It is over-priced, crowded, LOUD... but oh, the fried goodness and fantastic rides always keeps me coming back.

This weekend was one of the best Dallas weekends we have ever had! In fact between the past two weekends, we have seen SO many people and places that we love. I needed it--- I really wish there were some way to merge Austin with all that we love in Dallas. I'll let you know when I figure that one out.

But back to the fair. I am going to warn you. Not one smiling kid picture in the whole lot. Well, I take it back---there are a couple almost smiles. Don't get me wrong! Molly and Gabriel had a blast in every way but you see, they were a bit run down. We are still new at this whole "visiting" Dallas thing and so family slumber parties seem to focus more on the party and less on the slumber for at least the first night or so. The night before our fair trip, Gabriel decided that 4 am-7am was the best time to jump on the bed and sing... this is definitely reflected in the pictures. What an awesome, delicious, smile-less fun time.

Last year, we came to the fair on an afternoon weekend and arrived at an insane barnyard full of fat, sleepy and overly fed animals. Who knew that a weekday morning could be so different! These animals were STARVING... which worked well for them until Gabriel started eating their corn kernels too...

He made his peace with the animals though and continued to fill their tummies.
Gabriel is in about 15 pictures for other families and yet he never managed to get the timing quite right for ours.

It's a work in progress, folks.
Gabriel might have broken the rules and attempted lap number two on the tractor. He wouldn't leave without kissing it goodbye.

Hooray for our annual corney dog picture!

Can we say food coma?

And yet, they rallied. We all did.

Oh State Fair, the Mays heart(burn) you greatly! Crazy to think that next year there will be FIVE of us in our corney dog picture!!!

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