Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm a Baylor Bear?

While we do bleed burnt orange in the May household (or at least 75% of us do...), this weekend we decided to take a different approach and pay a visit to good ole' Waco for their homecoming. No, we weren't Baylor graduates but some of our favorites were and there was NO way that we were going to miss a chance to see their cute faces with them so close to home.

So, we donned our green and gold and headed for a morning with the bears. First of all, how cool is this homecoming? Major parade? Beautiful displays... tons of alumni... way to go, Baylor.

Sic' em bears. (Can you tell by Gabey's tired little eyes that this morning started a wee early?) Nothing a little parade candy can't fix!
It was a best best kind of love day.

Which can really only guarentee joy.
And while it wasn't ideal parade-goin' weather...

We sure did have an incredible time! (Ugh, blurry iphone pictures..)
After the parade, I was introduced to this adorable shopping venue called Spice and then tasted the wonderfulness that is Waco Ninfa's. And yes, for some reason it is SO much better in Waco. Hmm. Molly and Avery (and Mr. P.) lead us on a walking tour of campus to see some college favorites! As it turns out--- 4-year-olds are not too good with maps.

Thanks for playing with us today, Millers!!! Such a fun Waco date!

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