Monday, October 4, 2010

We are the smoke free class of 2000...

Okay, so this blog post is not very exciting or even well written. I am sleepy from work but didn't want to miss a chance to post about our GREAT weekend in Dallas. This weekend was reunion weekend for our High School. 10 years. I know some readers have now decided that we are still very young... while others... not so much. Old or young, I could care less because what a FUN weekend we had! In fact, it was so much fun that I really didn't take any pictures past the arboretum--- so thanks Lauren and Heather for letting me steal!

When we arrived in Dallas' cool and awesome fall weather, we escaped outside and told ourselves to...

What better outside pumpkiny fun than Arboretum's fall fest? We love that our membership is still in full swing through December... we will miss it come spring. Look how awesome these "swans" are!
If you have an opportunity to soak up some fall fun, I suggest you don't overlook the arboretum.

This place is just SO.MUCH.FUN.
especially the running around part and dancing amongst the pumpkin mountains.
Later that night we headed out to our high school homecoming game. I love high school football! My littlest sister was on the homecoming court and she looked BEAUTIFUL. These pictures totally don't do any justice.

Gabriel and Molly had some MUCH needed time with their cousins and grandparents!

It was a heart happy sort of night, indeed.

Can you believe that I have known these girls since I was seven-years-old?!?!

Our reunion event was held at Sambuca in Uptown. The cool front blew through right in the middle of it which really left you only two options... 1. Drink until you "warm up" or for us preggos out there :) 2. Eat spicy food.
I really wish I could see all these people from my past on a regular basis! Nice to have friendships that I know will stay strong for so many more years... already looking forward to our 20 year reunion...

Headed back to Dallas for some fun this weekend too! Hoping for some wonderful fall weather that is perfect for some corney dog eating!


meraso said...

hhahahah there was food there? didn't even see it! and i know i only saw you for 5 minutes (it seemed that way with EVERYONE)i loved seeing you and kelly! i had a lot of 5 min convos! we must keep in touch!

Camille said...

I love the title of this post! I know all the words to that song. Haha!