Friday, July 15, 2011


Oh! I have so missed blogging... what a busy couple weeks of living. SO much to catch up on.  I'll start with our most recent adventure.
It seems that if you are able to log roll off the couch arm, fall 2.5 feet, then it is fairly possible that you might hit the hardwoods juuuuussst right to land yourself one nice little concussion and a visit to "Mommy's hospital". (Sorry Michael Dell, I know that you were the investor and all but to my kids, apparently I take all the credit.).

Oh Molly girl.

She fell, she cried, we painted some art projects, she quickly declined, became lethargic and capped it all off with several rendezvous in a throw-up bowl. She was a sad little mess of curls. Luckily, we were headed right to the perfect place. While the pay may not be great as a CCLS (way less than great!) and I am surrounded by sick kiddos all day (is there anything worse?!), getting to zoom through the waiting room, hand-pick your doctor, have the charge nurse love on your child and two awesome Child Life Specialists at bedside sure made me feel quite supported. And Molly, well once she returned to the girl we knew and loved... why, she was quite smitten with Dell CMC's ER. I believe there was even an "Ah man!" when it was time to go home.

I will say, my balance was thrown off with the home/work overlap. Two roles that I work fairly diligently to keep separated were quickly merged in to one. It is SO different to be on the other side of things when YOUR child is the patient in the emergency room. It definitely was a whole new perspective on my job. And in that moment, as I sat snuggle-bugged in the bed with my snoozing daughter, all the while surrounded by the most incredible advocates and caretakers for my little special, I started to think about rainbows.

Cute, perfect little five-toed rainbows---and the awesome man that painted them the night before.

The daddy that knew his daughter so well that the while there were only five toes... all six colors of the rainbow had better be represented ---even if only in the form of a blue/purple pinky toe combo. That knowing-you-all-the-way-through love--- it's my favorite type for sure. Sitting in that room... my heart started sending lots of unspoken love to this man, maintaining his post at home with our two other kiddos, worrying about his rainbowed toed oldest, just so my best friend could come in his place and snuggle with me bedside in a hospital room on her last night in town. The knitting friend beside me, hospital staff, grandparents texting from afar, neighbors that welcomed us home...why they all just further drove the message deep into the squishy feeling parts of my being...

we are so loved

And if life is a balance of the ups and downs, weathering the storms... than we are going to be just fine.

Whatever our life weather, we are so well loved through it all. Bright five-toed rainbow types of love... and that love is worth WAY more than a pot of gold.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Months!

How is this little lady already three months old?!?!?! Slow down, Lucy!!!
This month has been quite exciting for our sweet girl. She is learning all sorts of new tricks and having fun with her little friends. Lucy's favorite person to talk to these days has been... well, herself. She will start screeeeeching and squealing top volume at herself in the mirror.

Lucy also experienced the bumbo for the first time this month. Check out that head control! Also, note all the toys that her brother keeps her stocked with. At any given moment in the day, Gabriel is shoving some other toy in his sister's hands. Important work.
So many choices. Oh, and notice the hands?
 Yeah, she looooooves those!
 She has found her feet once by accident and it was so exciting for her. She is still working on grabbing those piggies. Anything in reach of Lucy is dangertown for sure... she will stttrrretch to get anything her path.
Lucy, this month you had all sorts of adventures. You had cousins spend the night, took a road trip to Dallas, had a baby playdate, laughed at some fireworks, saw your first movie in the theater, went to Pinkalicious- the musical, celebrated Father's Day, rolled over both ways, found your hands, and learned to belly laugh. You still think your siblings are the best ever and though they may not always be so nice to each other--- they sure are nice to you. Lucky girl!

Can't wait for all the fun to come this month!

Monday, July 4, 2011


When the fireworks are banned --- we take to the stands... (as in stadium seating, with cushy chairs and GIANT tubs of popcorn).

Lucy and the fam at her first movie!

 I will say, I am a bit disappointed in the movie though... so far we are one nightmare in for our little McQueen lover! I really didn't stop to think that this one would be so different than the first. If you have really young kiddos, I would consider reading this first. I pretty much agree with everything she writes here. I think had we watched it at home it would have been a little better as we could have explained some of the scenes in toddler format.

 MPAA, get your ratings right 'cause no way was that a 'G' rated movie!

Live and learn.

Our afternoon at the movies was still a great way to beat the heat! More from our weekend to come ---- Kachow!