Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three Months!

How is this little lady already three months old?!?!?! Slow down, Lucy!!!
This month has been quite exciting for our sweet girl. She is learning all sorts of new tricks and having fun with her little friends. Lucy's favorite person to talk to these days has been... well, herself. She will start screeeeeching and squealing top volume at herself in the mirror.

Lucy also experienced the bumbo for the first time this month. Check out that head control! Also, note all the toys that her brother keeps her stocked with. At any given moment in the day, Gabriel is shoving some other toy in his sister's hands. Important work.
So many choices. Oh, and notice the hands?
 Yeah, she looooooves those!
 She has found her feet once by accident and it was so exciting for her. She is still working on grabbing those piggies. Anything in reach of Lucy is dangertown for sure... she will stttrrretch to get anything her path.
Lucy, this month you had all sorts of adventures. You had cousins spend the night, took a road trip to Dallas, had a baby playdate, laughed at some fireworks, saw your first movie in the theater, went to Pinkalicious- the musical, celebrated Father's Day, rolled over both ways, found your hands, and learned to belly laugh. You still think your siblings are the best ever and though they may not always be so nice to each other--- they sure are nice to you. Lucky girl!

Can't wait for all the fun to come this month!


sarah said...

SOOOO sweet. :)

tiffanymiller said...

sweet little munchkin! heartsies to her.

Tiffany Ahlfors (soon to be Moscrey) said...

Wow, Julie, your blog is terrific! I'm off FB (for a while at least) so I am finally following a few blogs... yours and Mary Anne's, namely! Lucy is a cutie, and I'm lovin' your crazy kid stories. Hope you get some rest and also hope to see you soon!