Monday, July 4, 2011


When the fireworks are banned --- we take to the stands... (as in stadium seating, with cushy chairs and GIANT tubs of popcorn).

Lucy and the fam at her first movie!

 I will say, I am a bit disappointed in the movie though... so far we are one nightmare in for our little McQueen lover! I really didn't stop to think that this one would be so different than the first. If you have really young kiddos, I would consider reading this first. I pretty much agree with everything she writes here. I think had we watched it at home it would have been a little better as we could have explained some of the scenes in toddler format.

 MPAA, get your ratings right 'cause no way was that a 'G' rated movie!

Live and learn.

Our afternoon at the movies was still a great way to beat the heat! More from our weekend to come ---- Kachow!

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