Friday, August 26, 2011


We started this weekend off just right with a nice ole' celebration at the DQ. While this week might not have been the prettiest and the evenings went beyond a little weepy... we survived. We ALL did. That was something to celebrate.

Hear that 110 degree weekend? We'll take your heat and raise you an extra scoop with sprinkles please.
Oh, week. The high comedy had to be Wednesday. I just might forever refer to it as weeping Wednesday from here on out. I always knew that if there was going to be a pisser of a day during this first week of school that it would have to be Wednesday. Adrenaline can only take you so far.

 See? We have a short fuse these days.
 Wednesday afternoon, Molly greeted me at pick up with an "um... I'm not going to go to this school anymore." Something about some little boy moving his clip to red and not having manners and it "not feeling terrific". You see, according to one curly girly I know, "kindergarten just has too many rules". She recited some poem about sticks and rocks on the playground which clued me in to the dismissed efforts to make rock/stick soup at school (playground favorite for this gal). The kicker of course was that all they use at school is "boring pencils and journals never glue and tissue paper." I mean really, what kind of life is there without glue and tissue paper?

I feel ya', my sleepy sister.
By Thursday, we were either a bit refueled or just more accepting of the sleep deprivation. By Friday we knew the promise of ice cream awaiting us at the finish line. It kept us going.

While this week was sometimes an utter mess... we gave full effort to clean it up and make it through.
Definitely something to celebrate.

Here's to a weekend without alarm clocks, packing lunches or kindergarten drama. Yes, please. Happy weekend to you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." ~ unknown

This quote, a favorite for years, just speaks to my heart right now. It is such a great perspective on change. A perspective very much needed because man, what a week of change! Don't get me wrong... our life is constantly evolving and I feel in a continual quest to seek the newest version of now. That change, I love--lots. However, in terms of my littles... this is the first time in my life that the newest change has actually brought me less time with one of them. Each baby has 'gotten' more Mommy. So this change, well... it just feels strangely different. I am learning all sorts of little secrets this week.

For starters. Did you know that I am actually a pretty awesome boy mom?

For the past two days, we have holed up at home fully immersed in some Gabey directed play.  How awesome is it to hear the great ideas this little man has about things?! With Molly around, he often chooses to  be her shadow and plays whatever role will grant him the most time in her room. He is a sister sponge soaking up any time he can get with her. I love this. It kind of reminds me of one barbie buddy, pony playing little brother I know and love from my childhood.

With Molly at school, the house feels very different. Random spurts of too quiet but very balanced by new sorts of sounds... like roars. And train whistles. And helicopters. Lucy does one mean fire truck siren, just sayin'.
We're learning to embrace this new version of now.

And yet, in all this change there is something so very familiar.
 August 2011

It must be those butterflies.
March 2008

Monday, August 22, 2011


Last night squished somewhere between the comfort of pillows and the unease with transitions, I found my nerves. Tucked deep within, hiding dormant only to be unveiled by the reality that the morning would bring. So I let it out. Spoke aloud the hodgepodge of feelings that make up a Julie in transit. Lots of uhs, and you knows, and a good deal of circle talking... but because I had a good listener, I was finally able to get the basement of my emotions and look at my most unsettling concerns square in the face. I wasn't ready to miss my specials just yet and I definitely didn't want to share them. But alas...

I woke up this morning with the sun. We all did.

While I really wanted to stage a "weekend coo" declaring coffee and snuggles all morning in bed, I didn't. I put on my big girl panties and embraced this new adventure right here in front of me because whether or not I realized it at the time... I actually had prepared for it.

And even if I was bite-the-heck-out-of-your-bottom-lip kinds of nervous, our girl was more than ready.

And that was something to celebrate. So we did.

Charging on to new beginnings seems far less scary in an army of five.

As for the morning spent listening to all the grand ideas of the tag-a-long little brother? Well, that was quite wonderful.

The Molly-less quiet that attempted to take residence in our home? No worries, Lucy attempted to fill the void with some amped up chatter. The little missy has a lot of BIG opinions.

And for that can't get to your classroom fast enough, hug your face off sort of feeling that greeted us at 2:45 this afternoon after an "awesome" day at school? I wouldn't change it for the world.
Kindergarten living? Yep. We're there.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher

I have come to notice that there are just those moments when you look at something so familiar and suddenly, in that instant it seems completely different. Changed somehow. Scanning bookshelves for a last minute grab at next week's bookclub selection (speed reading indeed...), balancing a fancy clad Lu and the week's library selections in my arms, I glance up at the perfect moment to this.

The legs. The length. The calmness. Who are these big kids and were did my tiny tots go? In a moment... it seemed changed.

Library time, has been one of my most favorite times with my littles. Especially with Molly. Man, does that kid  love books. And yet next week... well, her story time will take place in one big and exciting library sans one very teary and overly clingy Mommy. Alas, we are there.

And quite honestly, I couldn't be more excited for our little Sweet Pete.
Tonight hand-in-hand, we adventured to our local elementary school to open our new chapter of life with a schooler.
Just in the doorway we were quickly overloaded with friends, ice cream, booths and classroom assignments. I swear my pupils were the size of saucers... so I did as all out of sorts peeps do in moments like this... I bought shirts. Waaaaaayyyy too many shirts. Go Eagles.
My favorite moment of all was definitely the hanging-out-by-the-gerbil-new-buddy-whispering that took place between one very excited Molly May and her sweet freckled, glasses wearing new friend. Our gal's going to be just fine.

Gabey assigning his classroom chubby for Monday? Well, that one might need some work. And pancakes. Because nothing quite heals an empty heart like pancakes.

Aside from her classroom, Molly was quite smitten with the library. And the giant doghouse.
Because of one Daddy, our kids are suckers for "Doggie Caves". Which is where we spent the rest of the evening...

Feeling a bit more ready for Monday...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Molly's Five!

Well what do you know, our oldest baby is a whole hand old.

This has been quite the year for our Molly and I am positive that next year will be even more exciting with the adventures of big kid school, visits from the tooth fairy, navigating the lunch line (gulp!) and discovering how sharing a room changes when your baby sister is mobile. What a year to come.


This year we have laughed at all the silly phrases and insightful concepts you have about this world we live in. You are so perceptive to those around you and envelop those closest to your heart in love. You are shy in a crowd and loud in your home. Very loud. Molly, I just love how you see the world. You remind us both on a daily basis to challenge authority a bit, ask lots of questions and never underestimate all the awe to be had in a fancy moment of fun. You started our first great adventure as a family.

You are such a treasure, my love. Happy five years. We did it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Breeze

We have been lying pretty low these past couple days for various reasons. Partially, Lucy's recovery from those yucky pokes which consequently leads to a couple days for me to recover from the sleepless nights that accompany them. Honestly, a big reason that we have been hiding out these past few days is because frankly... it is just so stinkin' hot. Remember a couple weeks ago when I referenced the escape to Canada? Yep. I'm there.

Unlike this hot, lamenting, bump-on-a-log that I have transformed into these days, my children manage to bottle up enviable amounts of energy that explode inside leaving us all a little crazed and Rosie George in a full body tail wag. Lack of sunshine does some crazy things to my little Mays.

Today was gradual. Like one toe dipped in the pool on a cool day kinda of gradual. I just wasn't in the mood to take the belly button plunge of outsideness today. Too much. Too grouchy-faced. And yet...

Outside around 11 this morning something exquisite happened. Molly felt it.
It ruffled Lucy's hair igniting a torrent of excited baby chatter...
A breeze. A shaded cool breeze that carried maybe just the tiniest whisper of respite from this intense heat... some day or another. Perhaps just a future promise. Thankfully, it was just enough to tweak my mood for the better.

An ipod streaming hour of beautimus chalk art on a ground that didn't burn our booties helped even more.

 Maybe I'll hold off on that ticket to Canada for just a bit longer.

Now, unfortunately this mystical breeze carried with it no droplets of rain. So tonight, I ordered some awesome rain boots for Gabey online. Sometimes, we just need to raise our own hopes a little. Well, that... and I am holding a lot of stake in the groovy rain dance/chant my children participated in this past weekend with friends at Ruta Maya. 

Perhaps some weather change soon? Well, if not... at least I made it outside.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lucy's 4 months!

Hard to believe that our little lady is now 4-months-old!

4 Month Stats:

Weight: 13 lbs - 40%
Height: 23 Inches- 25% 
Head- 16 in.- 45%

Life right now for Lucy sure is exciting. I have to say, that I love this age much better than tiny newborn. I am actually able to get some sleep now and no longer feel quite like the milk factory I did in the beginning. Lu has mastered trunk control, head control which now means she enjoys the sling, bumbo and tummy time that much more.

Meet Lucy's latest obsession.
Life is a mess of hand and toe sucking for her. Her favorite by far is her feet as at any given moment they are taking up residence in her mouth. We are just starting to see early stages of teething and increased drooling... fun stuff.
Did I mention how loud our child has become? She has found her voice and she will talk at you all day... even at 3 in the morning. Aren't we lucky? She is just trying to keep up with the household volume, I guess.
 Because, man... those siblings sure are busy. Having a baby sister is just so much fun for them.

Lucy, this month you are doing so many new things. You completely roll all ways, chatter incessantly, reach for all toys, laugh out loud, prop sit for a short time, bring toys, toes and the likes to your mouth and you are sleeping in your big girl bed all night! We love watching you learn all about the world.

 And we LOVE your facial expressions!
 Today was a vaccine day and let's face it... those are the worst. Even with sweet-ease. This is our little Lu today and probably tomorrow too. Extra cuddles though are more than welcomed by this Mommy.

 Happy 4 Months, Lucy Ellen.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Molly's party was the S*%$

No. Literally.

Don't let our little Lu fool you---- there were exciting doings afoot.

This weekend we celebrated Molly's 5th Birthday Party with friends and family at Veteran's Memorial Pool. The entirety of this event completely reaffirms for me that there are just some things in life that you can't plan for. And that's okay. Because my Crazy Mays, well... we know how to laugh things off.

Molly has been planning her 5th birthday party since somewhere around August 15, 2010. Important work here, people. You can imagine our relief when we visited Veteran's Memorial Pool for the first time this summer and Molly immediately exclaimed that this was the chosen spot for her beloved gathering. Whew. Affordable, awesome and cool water. Yes.

In terms of May waterpark musts...this place just has it all.

While it was 105 outside the cool water sure did feel awesome.

For about 30 minutes.

You see, it seems that one little pool patron had an unfortunate accident that kicked us all in to CODE BROWN protocol. Whistles were blown, life guards swarmed and we immediately joined in the mass pool exodus. Party pooper, indeed.

We handled this as any sane party goer would...we ate cake and push pops. Rainbow ones.

The kids swarmed the presents

While we soaked up some time with a few of our favorites...

When were given the option to stay and wait the additional decontamination hour in the hot sun or head home to our neighborhood pool. We chose the latter.

Our party was a tad short, quite dramatic and marked with love. Yep, sounds like our Molly.

A party to remember for sure.

 We are gearing up for her official birthday this weekend. Stay tuned!