Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lucy's 4 months!

Hard to believe that our little lady is now 4-months-old!

4 Month Stats:

Weight: 13 lbs - 40%
Height: 23 Inches- 25% 
Head- 16 in.- 45%

Life right now for Lucy sure is exciting. I have to say, that I love this age much better than tiny newborn. I am actually able to get some sleep now and no longer feel quite like the milk factory I did in the beginning. Lu has mastered trunk control, head control which now means she enjoys the sling, bumbo and tummy time that much more.

Meet Lucy's latest obsession.
Life is a mess of hand and toe sucking for her. Her favorite by far is her feet as at any given moment they are taking up residence in her mouth. We are just starting to see early stages of teething and increased drooling... fun stuff.
Did I mention how loud our child has become? She has found her voice and she will talk at you all day... even at 3 in the morning. Aren't we lucky? She is just trying to keep up with the household volume, I guess.
 Because, man... those siblings sure are busy. Having a baby sister is just so much fun for them.

Lucy, this month you are doing so many new things. You completely roll all ways, chatter incessantly, reach for all toys, laugh out loud, prop sit for a short time, bring toys, toes and the likes to your mouth and you are sleeping in your big girl bed all night! We love watching you learn all about the world.

 And we LOVE your facial expressions!
 Today was a vaccine day and let's face it... those are the worst. Even with sweet-ease. This is our little Lu today and probably tomorrow too. Extra cuddles though are more than welcomed by this Mommy.

 Happy 4 Months, Lucy Ellen.


Stewart Stuff said...

She is getting so big! Absolutely adorable!

Max said...

I am seriously seriously in love with everything that is this baby girl! I love you, Lu!