Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher

I have come to notice that there are just those moments when you look at something so familiar and suddenly, in that instant it seems completely different. Changed somehow. Scanning bookshelves for a last minute grab at next week's bookclub selection (speed reading indeed...), balancing a fancy clad Lu and the week's library selections in my arms, I glance up at the perfect moment to this.

The legs. The length. The calmness. Who are these big kids and were did my tiny tots go? In a moment... it seemed changed.

Library time, has been one of my most favorite times with my littles. Especially with Molly. Man, does that kid  love books. And yet next week... well, her story time will take place in one big and exciting library sans one very teary and overly clingy Mommy. Alas, we are there.

And quite honestly, I couldn't be more excited for our little Sweet Pete.
Tonight hand-in-hand, we adventured to our local elementary school to open our new chapter of life with a schooler.
Just in the doorway we were quickly overloaded with friends, ice cream, booths and classroom assignments. I swear my pupils were the size of saucers... so I did as all out of sorts peeps do in moments like this... I bought shirts. Waaaaaayyyy too many shirts. Go Eagles.
My favorite moment of all was definitely the hanging-out-by-the-gerbil-new-buddy-whispering that took place between one very excited Molly May and her sweet freckled, glasses wearing new friend. Our gal's going to be just fine.

Gabey assigning his classroom chubby for Monday? Well, that one might need some work. And pancakes. Because nothing quite heals an empty heart like pancakes.

Aside from her classroom, Molly was quite smitten with the library. And the giant doghouse.
Because of one Daddy, our kids are suckers for "Doggie Caves". Which is where we spent the rest of the evening...

Feeling a bit more ready for Monday...


tiffanymiller said...

go eagles indeed. we are lions. i also bought shirts......
dying at this.

sarah said...

omg this made me cry Julie! seriously where did your tots go?! Abigail is still just 19 months but I feel the same way! I bought her some new PJ's yesterday, and standing in Target they looked so huge to me (denial) that I only bought one in the size she really needs and one in the size smaller that looked like it would fit her better (my tiny little girl in my eyes)....needless to say I have a return to make today. :( When did they get so big?! :) youre such a great mama!!!