Friday, August 26, 2011


We started this weekend off just right with a nice ole' celebration at the DQ. While this week might not have been the prettiest and the evenings went beyond a little weepy... we survived. We ALL did. That was something to celebrate.

Hear that 110 degree weekend? We'll take your heat and raise you an extra scoop with sprinkles please.
Oh, week. The high comedy had to be Wednesday. I just might forever refer to it as weeping Wednesday from here on out. I always knew that if there was going to be a pisser of a day during this first week of school that it would have to be Wednesday. Adrenaline can only take you so far.

 See? We have a short fuse these days.
 Wednesday afternoon, Molly greeted me at pick up with an "um... I'm not going to go to this school anymore." Something about some little boy moving his clip to red and not having manners and it "not feeling terrific". You see, according to one curly girly I know, "kindergarten just has too many rules". She recited some poem about sticks and rocks on the playground which clued me in to the dismissed efforts to make rock/stick soup at school (playground favorite for this gal). The kicker of course was that all they use at school is "boring pencils and journals never glue and tissue paper." I mean really, what kind of life is there without glue and tissue paper?

I feel ya', my sleepy sister.
By Thursday, we were either a bit refueled or just more accepting of the sleep deprivation. By Friday we knew the promise of ice cream awaiting us at the finish line. It kept us going.

While this week was sometimes an utter mess... we gave full effort to clean it up and make it through.
Definitely something to celebrate.

Here's to a weekend without alarm clocks, packing lunches or kindergarten drama. Yes, please. Happy weekend to you!

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