Sunday, August 14, 2011

Molly's Five!

Well what do you know, our oldest baby is a whole hand old.

This has been quite the year for our Molly and I am positive that next year will be even more exciting with the adventures of big kid school, visits from the tooth fairy, navigating the lunch line (gulp!) and discovering how sharing a room changes when your baby sister is mobile. What a year to come.


This year we have laughed at all the silly phrases and insightful concepts you have about this world we live in. You are so perceptive to those around you and envelop those closest to your heart in love. You are shy in a crowd and loud in your home. Very loud. Molly, I just love how you see the world. You remind us both on a daily basis to challenge authority a bit, ask lots of questions and never underestimate all the awe to be had in a fancy moment of fun. You started our first great adventure as a family.

You are such a treasure, my love. Happy five years. We did it.


tiffanymiller said...

crying right now. we love you molly may--you were an answer to prayer.

Precious Hours said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Molly May!! :)