Monday, August 1, 2011

Our backwards vacation

So yeeeeeeaaahhhh, I may not have posted a blog since mid-July.

I know, Lucy.

I'm shocked too.

At least it is for good reasons. You see we have been traveling of sorts. You know, minus the whole having to pack a suitcase part. We have been vacationing for the past month on what we are lovingly referring to as the backwards vacation. We are just ahead of this new and upcoming trend, right? Don't be jealous.

I have come to realize that July is just our busiest month. Hands down. Funny, because December sure feels action-packed but in truth, it has nothing on our Julys. Last year, we were out of town 23 out of 31 days of the month. It was busy. The one before that and even the one before that were equally busy too. This year was a lovely bit of new as we were the vacation destination for so many people that we love. This of course meant that we were able to cash in the luxury of vacation all in the comforts of our hometown. Worked great for a certain daddy that can't take time away right now. We are approaching week five of house guests and quite frankly, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Casi de Maggio--- one loud, summer-filled, adventuresome place to visit.

I mean, where else can you wake up to a psychedelic lion
brunch with a bride
and have a 75 lb beast sit in your lap all before coffee? Sounds glorious, I know.
We will provide entertainment at no additional cost. We even have a full slip n' slide dance routine for your enjoyment. Clothing optional.

And yes, it may be 108 outside. Don't worry--- you will have plenty of opportunities to cool off.
We promise to take some time and slloooooowwww down too.
And just soak up the surroundings. We sure aren't complaining.
Because with all this extra July love around...

Life has felt just about perfect.

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