Tuesday, August 2, 2011


As I stumbled into the bathroom this morning all bleary-eyed and resistant to the household noise, I was greeted by this stubborn fool. My gato fabuloso.
Milo has an unhealthy obsession with drinking from the sink. EVERY day ALL day he could drink from the sink. Please keep in mind that he has own personal little igloo all nice and full about 10 feet from this sink.

And yet he waits here all day for you to return.

While his tactics are a bit intense and definitely have resulted in an unfortunate toothpaste hairball on his backside (yet another reason my husband should rinse his spit from the sink), I have to admire his persistence.  I can only hope that there are things in this world that I am as passionate about. So important that I am willing to sit in another's spit for the sake of the prize? Hmm. I'm not so sure.

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