Monday, August 8, 2011

Molly's party was the S*%$

No. Literally.

Don't let our little Lu fool you---- there were exciting doings afoot.

This weekend we celebrated Molly's 5th Birthday Party with friends and family at Veteran's Memorial Pool. The entirety of this event completely reaffirms for me that there are just some things in life that you can't plan for. And that's okay. Because my Crazy Mays, well... we know how to laugh things off.

Molly has been planning her 5th birthday party since somewhere around August 15, 2010. Important work here, people. You can imagine our relief when we visited Veteran's Memorial Pool for the first time this summer and Molly immediately exclaimed that this was the chosen spot for her beloved gathering. Whew. Affordable, awesome and cool water. Yes.

In terms of May waterpark musts...this place just has it all.

While it was 105 outside the cool water sure did feel awesome.

For about 30 minutes.

You see, it seems that one little pool patron had an unfortunate accident that kicked us all in to CODE BROWN protocol. Whistles were blown, life guards swarmed and we immediately joined in the mass pool exodus. Party pooper, indeed.

We handled this as any sane party goer would...we ate cake and push pops. Rainbow ones.

The kids swarmed the presents

While we soaked up some time with a few of our favorites...

When were given the option to stay and wait the additional decontamination hour in the hot sun or head home to our neighborhood pool. We chose the latter.

Our party was a tad short, quite dramatic and marked with love. Yep, sounds like our Molly.

A party to remember for sure.

 We are gearing up for her official birthday this weekend. Stay tuned!

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