Monday, February 21, 2011

Float like a cadillac- sting like a beamer

In case you didn't realize this, Gabriel is LIGHTENING MCQUEEN obsessed. In fact, our DVD is in serious need of some resurfacing because we went through a phase where we watched it about every day. We tried the Thomas thing. Great train table and super fun track from Santa... but alas, nothing can beat out Mr. McQueen. The theme for the party sure was easy to pick this year.

While a cloudy start, it definitely became a great day for some racing.
Kelly is the BEST.DAD.EVER. Look how great these turned out!
And while it was made for the smaller crew... the grown-ups sure enjoyed it too!

Off to the races!
Okay. So the races were definitely was my favorite part of the whole day. It was some high comedy drama. You had determination, competition (no matter how hard we tried to keep EVERYONE winners), victory and defeat. Throw in some tears, detouring off course and a good deal of laughter and you have our races.
*Turn music off on the right side...
The kids raced on the "track" and then followed up with some "Red light/Green light"

No way the adults were missing out on all the fun...
I am amazed at the difference a year can make. No tears during the birthday song this year... Gabriel sang right along.
I guess some things are still the same--- Gabe definitely maintained his love of cake this year.

Such a fun day with family and friends...

The new toys have made for a GREAT lazy Monday at home.
A party definitely worthy of the piston cup... especially because I didn't even have to clean my house for it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's get real

Do you like how I am making up for all my lack of blogging in just one evening? Just wait. Tomorrow there is even some video footage of the best race ever. That's right... I am steppin' up on this blog.

But don't go thinking how awesome I am... (haha.) Here is a little healthy dose of reality for you.

My friend, Ticia, captured the May family in probably the truest form EVER. What do you think? New blog photo header?

Kelly's oblivious, Molly looks photoshopped in, Gabe's being gross and I am disgusted. Yep. Sounds about right.

Girl Room--- Done!

As we near closer to baby day, I find myself getting so excited to cross things off my Lucy list. Biggest accomplishment this weekend was completion of the girls' room. I am so happy and Kelly--- well, he is ecstatic. His hammered fingertips and paint stained arms can finally heal and return as it they should be. No more random stares at his black index finger in his client meetings...

The lighting in the room was a little strange in the pictures but nevertheless it can give you an idea. I still can't believe we made all the furniture work with the little space we had...

View from the door

New and painted bunk beds. Gabriel loved sleeping on the bottom bunk this weekend and was rather sad to return to his room tonight. we promised he can "spend the night" with Molls again next weekend.
Incredible crib find on craigslist!!! Bedding came in yesterday...

I recovered the chair with this soft pink fabric. Turns out I can sew. Who knew?

Another view of the beds...
Changing table and Lucy's letters... Molly's are on the wall above the head of the bunk beds. I painted the knobs this week and I really think it added to the room perfectly!

While we still have quite a ways to go on the list, the room completion sure feels great. I think it has made the impending arrival of our littlest May that much more realistic and exciting for our duo. Stay tuned for other project updates!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gabey's Three!


It is hard to believe that my little boy is now a three-year-old. An underoo-wearing, Lightening-McQueen-loving, pony-island-playing big boy. I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had working on this video because it means I took the time to go back and look at the past two videos as well. What a gift to see our sweet and snuggly newborn transform into this independent, loving and passionate little boy. Looking back, I realize that even when I felt life was a bit too chaotic, we must have still been doing something right... because the evidence is there in that joyful and impish twinkle.

Gabriel, you will never know how much joy you have added to our past three years. And that says something because there were moments that I felt like we were doing all we could to just survive the twos. Look at you now, sweet boy. I really felt like when you entered the world, we became solidified as a family. Knowing that Molly has you as her always and forever brother resonates peace through every bone in my body. In your lifetime, you will always have love.

Built like a square (literally!), you are a dynamic burst of energy that always keeps us guessing. You have no concept of "not big enough yet" and I know that this will be further put to the test this year. You are fearless in motion yet calming when still. You are my Italian speaking, little bear squishing, food-all-over-your-face-while-you-kiss-me kind of love. You are such a light in my life. I just love you so much!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Gabriel! What a year we have had...

(*pause music on side!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little ducks

The freezing 22 degree weather seems like the perfect opportunity to address my springish realization that I had Monday... no? Perhaps this is my attempt to clutch to the promise of returning sunshine?

As we have been preparing for our new baby, I find myself in reflection of the various "chapters" of my life. I am in constant awe of this ever-evolving "life story". Without fail, the next chapter always continues to be so different than I had originally envisioned it to be. I love this. What a peaceful reminder to resist manipulation of my future and just live. It is a story of my life and yet, not an autobiography. Why do I forget this?

Monday, while out embracing the glimpse of spring, I realized that if my current chapter were to have a title it would be about ducks. Little ducks.

This is very much where I am right now. In fact, in case you didn't know it--- I even sport quite the waddle these days. I feel like everywhere we go---even when away from my gaggle--- I am in constant thought of their movements. Crossing a parking lot, hands are held and we waddle, in line to play in the sun. Occasionally, someone gets their feathers all ruffled and requires a nice break to sit, calm down, and munch on some goldfish. We get excited when we meet new friends and we snuggle close when it is cold. Everyday, my ducks are growing, eventually reaching a point where they will learn how to fly. For now though, we will just waddle...

and play in the sun...

and allow our feathers some more time to grow.


Monday, February 7, 2011

A glimpse

Have you ever had something that seemed so insignificant but somehow managed to CONSUME your every thought at random times in the middle of the night? If so... whew, good to know I am not alone. If not... then I want to be like you when I grow up.

My most recent obsession = girl room

We are currently living in a three bedroom home which means that two of my children will be sharing a room until we upgrade hopefully later this year. Even then, they still might share a room, who knows. The big conversation has been between which children to bunk together. Personally, I was really leaning towards Molly and Gabriel sharing a room because of their similar schedules, shared toys, constant playmates, etc. It made the most sense to me. My other half though quickly reminded me that they also benefit from having their own space from each other or quite honestly, we benefit from their occasional space from each other. They seem to choose to play together so much more when they aren't forced to by proximity.

At the end of the day, our decision had become to bunk the girls together. There was an added benefit of Molly in school 5 days a week in the fall which will allow Lucy a nice nap space so really, everyone wins. We hope.

Our only problem has been the furniture debacle. Molly is currently in a full-sized bed and Lucy has her massive changing table, glider and crib that we were adding to the bunch. The bedroom looked like a furniture store. No matter how we arranged the room (and by we of course I mean, Kelly) it still didn't look right.

Enter obsession.

So tonight, when I asked Kelly to move it all around one more time you can guess the joyful smile he sent my direction. When I told him I was really convinced this was going to be "it", he caved. Lucky for him... it was. FINALLY, everything is as it should be... for now. The bunk beds come in this weekend and have to be painted, the glider still needs to be recovered, the letters put back on the wall and the crib bedding set up (can you just envision the list?)...

So for now- a glimpse. From the doorway. I promise there are more pictures to come soon.

I am looking soooo forward to an obsession free night's sleep. Here's hoping!

Super Sunday

I really do think that this long weekend was exactly what we all needed. I definitely could have done without the bursts of illness from one Gabriel and boogery Molly but other than that-- it was just about perfect. As much as I love working the hospital, it was nice to be home all weekend (especially having Kelly home on Friday too!) I love it when life steps in and forces you to slow down a little. Sometimes that is exactly was this busy body needs.

Of our weekend, I think our most remarkable day was our super Sunday. I know what you're thinking--- our awesome superbowl halftime show, right? (eek!) Sorry, Fergie. You weren't the highlight of my weekend... and it was probably a good thing that Patrick Swayze is no longer here because your singing might have stopped his heart. I did, however, love the impromptu Superbowl party that Molly and Gabriel hosted...

*sorry you were left without a chair, Jude. It is on the Lucy list... promise.

I was not at the majority of the superbowl extravaganza (no tears here!) because I was one house over celebrating our little Lucy with some of my closest Austin friends! Can I please take a moment to tell you how much I love my neighbors?! I think one of the most important things in life is to surround yourself in community... and I couldn't have found a better community. I know these women help me to be a better mom, friend and neighbor--- how have I only known them for 7 months?

They are a quirky, crafty, SNEAKY bunch... soooo sneaky that I had no clue that the most amazing gift was in the works.

See for yourself (with my amazing photography skills---not.)

What this picture doesn't do a very good job of depicting are the individual tiles. Neighbors and friends all came together and hand stitched the individual patches with a good deal of Lucy love. First of all, the fact that they all knew how to do this just about rocks my world a little. (Um, did I mention that a 7 and 4-year-old made a tile?) Secondly, I keep finding myself just staring at it... and before I know it my eyes are welled to the brim. I hope that in my lifetime, I can make someone feel this way too.

And the best part about this blanket? In about 8 little weeks it will be holding one precious new addition to our family. I.CAN'T.WAIT.

Good weekend, indeed.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow in Austin!

Last week, I sat down and explained to Molly how Austin is south of Dallas and the snow typically doesn't like to come to Austin because it is warmer. She didn't believe me. And today, we woke up to snow. Perhaps my offspring will develop a zest for meteorology? She sure seems to know more than her Mommy.

This morning our house was filled with squeals, some bed jumping and a frantic search for mittens by one mostly naked butterball. Apparently, for Gabriel clothing in the snow is optional but mittens are essential. I think I might have jumped on the bed and squealed a bit too when Kelly discovered that his office too would be closed for the day. FAMILY SNOW DAY!

Now, we were supposed to go to Dallas this morning but due to illness and weather we had already cancelled the trip the day before. And while Austin had significantly less snow than Dallas, we still had a blast... (and at least we were able to experience last year...)

Having Kelly home all day meant we were able to tag team it and locate my camera's USB. So... as a way to celebrate, I am going to make up for lack of pictures recently in this one post. Consider yourself warned. Our garage is currently furniture painting city which means that both cars experienced a bit of snow this morning too...

Austin trees are really different than our ole' Lake Highland's live oaks---- many of them here have leaves on them still which kept the lawns less frosty than we are used too.
I believe we topped out at 1-2 in.The little inside/outside dance we had going was pretty crazy. Pretty much it went something like: layer the kids in an insane amount of clothing, play outside, come inside and strip the wet clothes, throw on dry ones and snuggle and then start the process all over again. With Molly, we just threw her clothes in the dryer each time... but Gabriel insisted on a wardrobe change each time. We did this 3 times.

ROUND ONE: snowman building with our two awesome neighbor families... all before 8 am.
Gabriel was making all the snowman builders a bit uncomfortable with his shovel of destruction.
We had to confiscate it. He didn't seem to mind.

This one though. Well, she was a hot mess this morning. She looks happy, no? Our drippy-chapped-nosed, fat-lipped, not-a-fan-of-mornings diva. She cut out early in favor of breakfast and a chair by the fireplace.

ROUND TWO: neighborhood walk in the snow with our SUPER snowdog.

Coffee in hand, of course.

It was a windy cold walk but I had some great company... especially with this little guy!

ROUND THREE: camping in the snow

Not going to lie. This was my favorite part of the day. The sun was shining, and the pony's were having quite a little campout all the time while rockin' out to some Disney tunes. By this point, we were snow clothes experts. (In that it only took about 7 minutes to don apparel)

Such a great day to all be home... and even more exciting is that tomorrow is just SATURDAY!

Darn you, sour skittles

Our Molly has had quite the week. She managed to come down with a wicked cold on Monday night and it literally took her a good 4 days to get it under control. She had one day of fever and several of lethargy---but a weeks worth of boogers. Ugh. We really did get lucky with it being such a cold week because it forced us to stay indoors and give her a little extra opportunity for some lazy at home healing.

By Thursday, she was ready for school.

Now, I have to first preface this and say that so far Molly is proving to have really strange allergies. When she was little, she had a skin reaction to the buttermilk ranch dip at Chick-fila. Just Chick-fila. Some spice in it maybe? When she was 18 months, we discovered that she had a beet allergy. Now, I don't just feed my children beets on a regular basis but many organic yogurts use beet extract for their red food coloring---- so unfortunately, no more red colored Stonyfield farms for Miss Molly. Yobaby is their only brand that doesn't use beet extract...but yokids does.

On Thursday, a stopped train in our neighborhood left me in a panic to get to the kids--- luckily, I wasn't the only parent a couple minutes late. Because I rushed in and rushed out to get the kids, it wasn't until I was home that I noticed that Molly had a fat little lip. An hour later... it looked like this.

And yes, while I know this is a freaky picture it was the best I could do to get a good shot of it. I had to text it to Dr. Nonnie and Aunt Katy in Dallas to see what it was. Can you believe it that her lip continued to grow? By bedtime it was really sadtown big. I had asked Molly if she ate anything new at school today (I pack her lunch) and she said she just had grapes for snack. In my gut, I just knew it was a food allergy though. As I was putting Molly to bed in her benedryl-induced-near-coma, she started talking about these spicy skittles from school.

Or... to everyone else in the world, sour skittles. BINGO.

If you were to google sour skittles and allergies about 15 different links and a few images would pop up. Most of them with swollen little lips like our Molly girl. Weird, right? Turns out we can now add sodium benzoate to Molly's list of weirdo allergies. Anyone ever heard of this? So for the time being we will stay away from lemonheads, sour patch kids, sour skittles and the like... which is probably a good thing because if you are what you eat... than we better just stick with the sweet stuff.