Monday, February 21, 2011

Float like a cadillac- sting like a beamer

In case you didn't realize this, Gabriel is LIGHTENING MCQUEEN obsessed. In fact, our DVD is in serious need of some resurfacing because we went through a phase where we watched it about every day. We tried the Thomas thing. Great train table and super fun track from Santa... but alas, nothing can beat out Mr. McQueen. The theme for the party sure was easy to pick this year.

While a cloudy start, it definitely became a great day for some racing.
Kelly is the BEST.DAD.EVER. Look how great these turned out!
And while it was made for the smaller crew... the grown-ups sure enjoyed it too!

Off to the races!
Okay. So the races were definitely was my favorite part of the whole day. It was some high comedy drama. You had determination, competition (no matter how hard we tried to keep EVERYONE winners), victory and defeat. Throw in some tears, detouring off course and a good deal of laughter and you have our races.
*Turn music off on the right side...
The kids raced on the "track" and then followed up with some "Red light/Green light"

No way the adults were missing out on all the fun...
I am amazed at the difference a year can make. No tears during the birthday song this year... Gabriel sang right along.
I guess some things are still the same--- Gabe definitely maintained his love of cake this year.

Such a fun day with family and friends...

The new toys have made for a GREAT lazy Monday at home.
A party definitely worthy of the piston cup... especially because I didn't even have to clean my house for it.

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