Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Five Little PUMPKINS  (standing on the driveway...)  sitting by a gate...

The First One Said...
 It sure is getting late...
Sugar crashing...

The second one said...
There are witches in the air...

The third one said...

BUT we don't care...

The fourth (mommy) one said...

Let's run (and jump!) and run and run...

The fifth (daddy) one said...
I'm ready for some fun!!!

"bobbing for donuts" returns

so does the cheater.

Ooooh oooooh went the wind and OUT went the light....

And the five little pumpkins rollled out of sight.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Entering candy coma in 3..2... no wait... already there.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Whoa, buddy. I am just coming off what I am sure is the best weekend I have had in a really really really long time. Did I say really? 'Cause I meant it. Pretty amazing considering last weekend was quite wonderful too. I haven't even had a chance to blog about it. I am digging this awesome weekend trend and really hope it is here to stay. I mean I haven't even been on facebook in two whole days. Whhhaaa...

Oh, this post is going to be such a little tease. Sorry, for that friends... but when you have a glass of wine, visit with the hubby and a vat of LOVE DIP waiting for you (seriously, my most favorite and if you weren't lazy like me you could even make it at home!!)... blogs get jilted.

What a week of change this is going to be! Starting a new job, the blog's all amovin' to a new domain (get ready to change those blogrolls!) annnnnnnd we get a holiday on a Monday. Fist pump. Ha. I'm lame.

Oh, I sooooo can't wait to catch you up on our past two weekends of fun with some big specials of mine...

Our Rapunzel

Crazy Pascal

And of course, our little golden flower (believe me, the costume is worth the wait! Come back tomorrow night!) 
 I know. Such a tease.

I'll leave you with perhaps the best little chuckle I had this evening all by my lonesome. I love stumbling upon a great candid moment. And this one, still makes me smile.

I mean, I couldn't have found a better representation for our phase of living if I tried.

Attractive grown men in silly costumes, beers in hands, manly man talkin' Rugby/Sales/Baseball kinda stuff all the while gathered around an empty pack n' play.

Catch you on the flip! Have a spppppooookkky start to your day, friends.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Our inbetween

Agitated from the concoction of baseball fury, kiddie transport and grown-up job balancing, my week was hungry and wild. Yet, as the hands gently approached closer to the sacred cusp of weekend, the beast was sated and the cool October air glided us all into the welcoming boundaries of home. And just like that, breathing was a little bit easier.

You see, my Mays like to move.

And while they do rock some sweet moves of our on-the-go lifestyle

there are some secrets to be found inbetween, wrapped up in the quieter moments of home. 

Our clubhouse of sorts, optional truffle shuffle, is the safehaven for our moments that stand in the shadows of a full week's schedule. The too often overlooked quiet. There's some real magic in this inbetween.

In a 7 series drive of the CRAZIEST World Series, on a holiday filled weekend, during the first chill of fall... we put it all aside and reached for the inbetween with open arms... all the while, giving thanks to the beauty of DVR. Because sometimes, we just need to turn it all off and give way to what really matters.

Like "washmallow roasting"

and snoopy sorts of laughter...

and a far-past-your-bedtime snuggle on the couch.

It is in the inbetween where our kids will come to know the comfort of uninterrupted attention from their parents. A clubhouse marked by tents in the living room and jammies all day. This place where our real conversations are equally balanced with a good deal of silly ones. And if we're lucky... a place our not-too-far-away teen children will continue to seek out time with their not-so-cool parents.

The inbetween is a secret kind of magic... and if planted and nourished juuuuust right, will only continue to grow.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Guinea baby

Test post from my iPhone. I haven't attempted this in about a year and a half and that long ago attempt didn't go so well. But the kids are kickin it with Annie and her hard knock life and Kelly secretly working and attempting to avoid a wifey judgy face (man's a work addict), I gots to pass the time on ole 135 north somehow.

So far the higlight of the trip was passing my dad on the southbound lanes. We were waving and wooing on the phone like crazyheads while Papa John and Mama Sue had arms all a flying' out the open windows on the highway. High comedy. And the kids? Totally unphased. They were sucked into miss hannagans big moment and missed it. Oh, pig droppings. At least we had a blast.

Want to know whatelse was a blast?

Submitting lucy to research. Oh, the life of a third child. She's just so smart, how could we not share her sweet self for the sake of science?

Lucy totally rocked the EEG leads. It just might be her best look yet.

Big weekend for our little guinea baby. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A light

Kids are funny. Truly, spontaneously, couldn't-do-it-if-I-tried-my-hardest kinds of funny. .. and sometimes it just gets me good when I am least expecting it. I love this.

Hormones coming off the building of a Lucy just haven't been the greatest. I don't know why it has been so different than with the others but it has... I'm not really going to implore much into it either. I don't need to. Just going to chalk this in to the my-body-caught-up-to-thirty-and-you've-had-three-children-fairly-close-together file of living and move on. A break from a glass half-full happy hour is never really too awful a thing. Allowing myself to just "be" whatever the day brings has actually been a healthy addition to my every living. Besides, I look quite good in blue. The added transparency of daily woes? Why, there is some rare beauty there, especially to those entrusted to share in it.

I have been extra attentive though to not let struggles of my day influence the moods my littles. They deserve to stand in the sunshine for as long as they want. I won't lie, this has proven really hard at times. Especially, when my cloudy mood is smooshed all PB&J style to a moment of full-on kid autonomy. The result is often sticky mess but the clean up is always there. At some point or other. I have a little rule I try to follow. Mommy hard days = at least 3 extra "I love you's" per child + one group belly laugh. Even if its forced because if you force a belly laugh long enough it actually turns into a real one. You should try it.

So when that least expecting kind of funny creeps across my face, I treasure that smile a little bit more. 

Molly thinks her school's official name is "Summitt Eagles" because every morning starts over the PA with, "Good Morning Summitt Eagles..." It's pretty darn cute. The fact that this led to Gabriel renaming his school "Tiger Robin" so it would have an animal in it too is even better. Every day, at least at one point he references "Tiger Robin" because he is so proud of the new name. And quite frankly... so am I.

I stifle that giggle a little bit less

Molly telling everyone at the playground that her name is really Molly May Porshay is silly. When I ask her about it and she drops Daddy's name to give her some credibility is even better.

 and let some lulu laughter...

just lighten my mood.

So thankful for my crack-ups.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Holy, Smokes! It's a zip jacket day. Whhaaaa??

Sitting here camped by the computer with a sleeping dog warming my toesies, I am battling with torturous efforts to stave off a nap. A handful of chocolate doves and the amazingness of open windows will just have to hold me over as Gabey is out of school in about 20 minutes. I know, my life is hard.

Today is the fall I had been waiting for. I have been pretending and celebrating that it was already here but let's get real... we were still rocking shorts and tanks most days. But today. Why, I had soup and wore long sleeves. I subbed out all the kids summer clothes and bought a pumpkin while out with Lu.

Lord knows we haven't bought ANY pumpkins, yet.

heehee. Go Rangers!

Ok. So we have a million. But, really... what's one more pumpkin?

While Molly's skeptical, I feel confident in my purchase.

Here's to a chicken pot pie, afternoon in the breeze sort of day. Man, is it needed. I have so much to catch up on the ole' bloggity blog. More to come soon.