Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A light

Kids are funny. Truly, spontaneously, couldn't-do-it-if-I-tried-my-hardest kinds of funny. .. and sometimes it just gets me good when I am least expecting it. I love this.

Hormones coming off the building of a Lucy just haven't been the greatest. I don't know why it has been so different than with the others but it has... I'm not really going to implore much into it either. I don't need to. Just going to chalk this in to the my-body-caught-up-to-thirty-and-you've-had-three-children-fairly-close-together file of living and move on. A break from a glass half-full happy hour is never really too awful a thing. Allowing myself to just "be" whatever the day brings has actually been a healthy addition to my every living. Besides, I look quite good in blue. The added transparency of daily woes? Why, there is some rare beauty there, especially to those entrusted to share in it.

I have been extra attentive though to not let struggles of my day influence the moods my littles. They deserve to stand in the sunshine for as long as they want. I won't lie, this has proven really hard at times. Especially, when my cloudy mood is smooshed all PB&J style to a moment of full-on kid autonomy. The result is often sticky mess but the clean up is always there. At some point or other. I have a little rule I try to follow. Mommy hard days = at least 3 extra "I love you's" per child + one group belly laugh. Even if its forced because if you force a belly laugh long enough it actually turns into a real one. You should try it.

So when that least expecting kind of funny creeps across my face, I treasure that smile a little bit more. 

Molly thinks her school's official name is "Summitt Eagles" because every morning starts over the PA with, "Good Morning Summitt Eagles..." It's pretty darn cute. The fact that this led to Gabriel renaming his school "Tiger Robin" so it would have an animal in it too is even better. Every day, at least at one point he references "Tiger Robin" because he is so proud of the new name. And quite frankly... so am I.

I stifle that giggle a little bit less

Molly telling everyone at the playground that her name is really Molly May Porshay is silly. When I ask her about it and she drops Daddy's name to give her some credibility is even better.

 and let some lulu laughter...

just lighten my mood.

So thankful for my crack-ups.


Joanna said...

OMG! Where did you find this amazing hat? Lola needs one right this instant!!

Crazy May Days said...

Hahaha! Etsy. Look up Beautiful Mess Crochet. You can choose the colors! I have LOVED working with her and I am definitely in talks with her about a giveaway on the ole' bloggity blog! Stay tuned.

Mary Anne said...

Lucy's eyes in that last picture are amazing!!! So blue!!