Friday, October 21, 2011

Guinea baby

Test post from my iPhone. I haven't attempted this in about a year and a half and that long ago attempt didn't go so well. But the kids are kickin it with Annie and her hard knock life and Kelly secretly working and attempting to avoid a wifey judgy face (man's a work addict), I gots to pass the time on ole 135 north somehow.

So far the higlight of the trip was passing my dad on the southbound lanes. We were waving and wooing on the phone like crazyheads while Papa John and Mama Sue had arms all a flying' out the open windows on the highway. High comedy. And the kids? Totally unphased. They were sucked into miss hannagans big moment and missed it. Oh, pig droppings. At least we had a blast.

Want to know whatelse was a blast?

Submitting lucy to research. Oh, the life of a third child. She's just so smart, how could we not share her sweet self for the sake of science?

Lucy totally rocked the EEG leads. It just might be her best look yet.

Big weekend for our little guinea baby. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Hosler Family said...

Miss you guys already! Lucy looks like she's stylin a new hat style :)